Osi Umenyiora is officially back, as a starter


Osi Umenyiora’s meandering time away from the football field has officially ended.

The Giants defensive end was back on the field for practice Monday, as expected.  The Giants coaching staff  immediately installed Umenyiora as a starter.  (Which is good, since a demotion would have really pissed him off.)

New York figures to rotate Jason Pierre-Paul with the starters, especially after his big start to the preseason.

We’d like to think this ends the Osi drama, but teammate Justin Tuck doubts it.

“You know, just because he’s back on the football field doesn’t mean this whole saga is over,” Tuck said via the New York Daily News. “You know, just because he’s back on the football field. I mean he’s not happy with his contract. Everyone knows that. . . . I don’t think he’s going to let that affect his play or affect how this football team prepares for the game. But it ain’t necessarily over.”

Sweet. We wouldn’t know what to do without this story.

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  1. this aint right. i just hope he can provide for his family on the couple million he got as a signing bonus when he signed the 7 year 41 million dollar contract and couple mill he has been making each year.

    oh wait he still will make 7 mill over the next 2 years

    damn brothas is broke these days

  2. No one forced him to sign his contract, so I don’t necessarily agree with his complaining, but he is still a premier DE in the game. You can never have too much talent, especially when it comes to applying pressure on the QB. Giants line is scary…That’s a FACT.

  3. cletus vandamm 5200 says:
    Aug 15, 2011 2:40 PM
    darryl tapp had 2 sacks and a couple pressures. why is nobody talking about his “big start to the preseason”?


    Because this is JPP’s 2nd year in the league, not his 6th like Tapp. And because JPP is considered by most to be Osi’s eventual replacement.

  4. Not a good sign when your teamate is showing skepticism. With the emergence of JPP it wouldn’t be a horrible thing if they parted ways IMO

  5. Why don’t these guys ever complain about their agents when they sign contracts that they complain about almost immediately after signing?

    I’ve never heard of a player giving back a portion of his signing bonus because he didn’t live up to the expectations attached to it, but whenever their play is representative of a higher F/A contract, they start holding out and/or pouting.

  6. cletus vandamm 5200 says:
    Aug 15, 2011 2:40 PM
    darryl tapp had 2 sacks and a couple pressures. why is nobody talking about his “big start to the preseason”?

    Because he did it one on one, against one of the best LTs in the league, Pro Bowler, Jordan Gross.

    His sacks were beastly as well, Suh throws QBs around like rag dolls with his sacks but JPPs sacks are like a predator having lunch on unsuspecting prey.

    You can have you’re ‘six wins’ in a row and Brandon Graham, while we’ll have our 3 Superbowls and JPP.

  7. @benh999

    How often have teams dumped a player during his contract with limited penalties? It’s a messed up business, but that’s what it ultimately is; a business. Osi needs to get paid big soon b/c he is getting too old to request long term big money deals – in fact I think he has waited too long, and he doesn’t have much leverage esp. since the team can replace him with several other capable pass rushers (JPP, and Kiwanuka is undoubtedly better at DE than OLB). But still…that’s the main reason.

  8. @hus10188

    I hate the Eagles more than any NFL team in the world, but you’re ignorant. Who cares how many SB’s you have? The only one you can even point to that holds some credence is the latest, and it was a big one. But your team is not even remotely close to repeating that…is that why you keep talking about it like it happened last season? It didn’t. And tbh, it was one of the luckiest runs in the NFL, but that doesn’t matter…the point is, talking about how many SB you have doesn’t mean a damn thing at THIS point. I’m a Cowboys fan, we have a handful, does it really matter? Are those rings going to make our secondary all of a sudden be able to cover those guys that run down the field and catch the ball, otherwise known as WR’s, TE’s, and/or RB’s? No, they still are God awful in that dept and it’s the biggest reason we will flat out suck again. Isn’t it refreshing to be more realistic about your team RIGHT NOW and not keep talking about your SB rings, most of which were won when passer ratings were in the 60’s and that was considered good?

  9. @sieg1234,
    He did sign his “long term big money” and almost immediately started complaining about it. My point is that why doesn’t he take it up with his agent. Has he at least hired a new one? No one forced him to sign a six-year extension.

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there are more holdouts now than before the NFL had free agency.

  10. WOW!!! Could not have said it better myself, no REALLY I could not have said it better myself. I have nothing but respect for the Cowboys fan (sieg1234) that wrote the previous 2 comments.

  11. @sieg1234……
    I think the opinion you just stated was to not to pick holes in my statement, it was to just clearly an opportunity to spew negative BS about the NY Giants, a team that has clearly had the better of you for the best part of half a decade. We’re like the ultimate party poopers for the Cowboys. Everytime there’s hope and optimism for Cowboys fan here come the Big Blue Wrecking Crew everytime to just crap all over it LOL!

    Of course our 07 run was …..’lucky’, Eli’s post season performances was as good as any for any QB under the circumstances. But no he was ‘lucky’, I guess.

    Lol and Simm’s performance in our 1st superbowl win was by far one of the greatest QB performances in SB history. I’m sure his QB rating was probably just under double your 60 rating, I would check but I can’t be bothered. You’re obviously a Giant hater, a very uneducated one at that who clearly has no role in a butting his big nose into a debate between an iggles and giants fan.

    Oh BTW, I’d rather win a SB by being lucky as opposed to paying off a certain steelers QB to throw a game for you.

    And you’re absolutely right….you’re secondary is beyond bad, and you will flat out suck again this year.


  12. He’s already signed two deals with us and now wants a 3rd, that’s what bothers me. I can understand players who outplayed their rookie contract, i.e. CJ, DeSean but not Osi.

    Regardless, I’m glad he’s back at practice.

  13. sieg1234 says:
    Aug 15, 2011 3:33 PM
    How often have teams dumped a player during his contract with limited penalties? It’s a messed up business, but that’s what it ultimately is; a business. Osi needs to get paid big soon b/c he is getting too old to request long term big money deals – in fact I think he has waited too long, and he doesn’t have much leverage

    What are you talking about? Osi DID sign his big contract already and will get $41 million. He’s been hurt and and has underperformed for someone with such a big contract. The guy has to be broke already, otherwise he wouldn’t be so “unhappy” with his huge contract.

    He makes a mockery of players with legitimate beefs with their contracts like DeSean Jackson and Chris Johnson. Osi does NOT deserve a new contract unless it’s for a reduction in pay.

  14. Hey, the Giants stood strong. They showed him who’s boss right? Wrong. You can win the battle and lose the war. FACT: All the NY players know what Osi was told and that the front office lied to him. FACT: Osi is now a cancer in the locker room. If they don’t trade him, they’re doomed. FACT: Other players on that team have to wonder what happens to them when it’s time to re-up. FACT: The NY front office gets the rep of being disloyal liars throughout the league and scares away future free agents.

    FINAL FACT: The Giants are in trouble for this year.

  15. qdog112 says:
    Everything you said was almost spot on, I almost couldn’t agree with you anymore…..apart from one thing.

    If you replace every time you used the word FACT, with BS, then you’re comments are bang on the money. Very close though, very close.

  16. You cant be thrilled to be playing against the Giants D if you are a QB. A lot of QB kills last year for the G-Men and Pierre Paul will add to the assault this season. Granted they also give up their share of yards and points but they still can reek havoc and inflict pain. GO GIANTS!

  17. @hus10188 you just tried going on Eagles fans about talking about our 6 straight wins against you and then you try going right @sieg 1234 by saying how the giants constantly own the cowboys.
    So since your a typing contridiction I will happily bring up the truth. Philadelphia is the champion in the East, Philly had a GREAT off-season and New York had a garbage off-season , and Philly has beat the giants for 3 straight seasons. Your super bowl days (while great for your franchise) mean nothing about your team now. You have to go through Philly for the division and you couldn’t beat us the past 3years , but after what the Eagles have done this free agency your going to all of a sudden beat us? ? Haha, keep dreaming! PS thanks for Steve Smith, Coughlin said Smith wouldn’t be ready to go for awhile, I’m at lehigh and he’s already running and cutting and looks really good. Another dagger. !!

  18. @hus10188

    A Giants hater? LoL, do i like them? Well obviously not…but I’m obviously not too bias if I can sit here and tell you that I KNOW the Cowboys will suck, I’m more realistic than you could ever be. The Giants SB run was lucky, idc if you don’t want to admit it. That’s why Eli has reverted back to his old self and well continued sucking. But hey, you all won, congrats…just stating facts here.

  19. The way the Giants were manhandled on Saturday, they need all the help they can get. The Giants front office is a pathetic group of placaters. Caving to Osi is a great precedent for anybody else wanting a bigger contract. There’s a reason the Eagles never cave to player demands like that. It’s called having a set of balls. Apparently, the Giants have none. Well if they do…. Osi has them in his pocket.

  20. hey jacksaysfu…preseason dont mean squat, enjoy your signings and preseason glories because you wont make the post season.The E girls reminds me of when Steinbrenner first bouight the Yankees, a star at every position and couldnt win cowpie.

  21. Nobody is talking about Tapp and his two sacks because they came against scrubs. Not against one of the premier left tackles in the game. Clear enough?

  22. If a teammate is bold enough to make that kind of comment, there are others in the locker room who feel the same way.

    Usually other players keep their feelings on these kind of matters to themselves. Why rock the boat? Makes you go “Hmmm . . .”

  23. Tuck talks to Osi every day. He knows that Osi isn’t happy. He knows that Osi is coming back with his tail between his legs and is likely even angrier because of it. That is pretty much it. I still think there is a good chance he gets traded. Maybe he can go put on a nice audition against the Bears. I don’t think you need to practice to get sacks against the Bears.

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