Raiders’ coin-toss procedures are in preseason form

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Several of you asked us on Friday why the Raiders kicked off to start each half of their preseason opener on Thursday.  Peter King of has the details in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

King writes that the Raiders won the toss to start the game.  One captain said that the Raiders wanted to defer the option to the second half, a college-style tweak that the NFL added to the game in 2008 (has it been that long?).  Another captain said that the Raiders want to kick.

The referee (Phil Luckett has an alibi) heard only “we want to kick,” and Ron Winter interpreted that to mean the Raiders were opting not to defer the option but affirmatively exercising the option to kick.  This gave the Cardinals the option in the second half, and they opted to receive.

Moving forward, it won’t be out of the question for a team to choose to kick, especially with the kickoff point now at the 35.  If a team has a great defense and a strong-legged kicker, why not put the opponent on its own 20 to start the game?  A three-and-out and a modest punt return could put the ball near the 50 for the kicking team’s first drive.

36 responses to “Raiders’ coin-toss procedures are in preseason form

  1. Wel…. Maybe they should practice it a little. According to Hue Jackson, they’ve been practicing everything else. INCLUDING introductions and lining up for the National Anthem.

  2. Phil Luckett is a complete tool.

    Either he has some serious dirt on Goodell, or he’s related to someone way up the ladder.

    He’s sucked for a hell of a long time now.

  3. whether or not one raider said “defer” is besides the point. One said “kick” and that should be embarrasing enough to that organization. These guys were elected (or appointed) captains. You would think they ALL would know the correct options. If a 16-18yr old highschool kids could do this with out screwin up, these NFL guys should do it without any errors.

  4. One unfortunate side effect to this mishap is that Hiram Eugene suffered a hip injury on the 2nd half kickoff and is now out for the year.

    And the ref should have clarified if he wasn’t sure what the choice was and should have assumed that no team would ever choose to kick instead of defer. Even if you think you might want to kick in the 2nd half, you’d still say defer to give yourself the option to choose at that time. Glad this happened in the preseason and not the regular season.

  5. The Oakland Tribune has reported the referee who tossed coined was later murdered for by a Crip, or was it a Blood, for said coin,…these days in East Oakand that gets you a nice rock….(Rock is crack, for those of you who dont live in the ghetto)

  6. i can’t see any team giving any team two possesions at all….time will tell,but i doubt it….sounds more like the refs are “in season” form when it comes to the raiders and the calls , or what is heard and not heard.

  7. Jezzzz…….Hue Jackson is talking about winning the Super Bowl and they can’t get the coin toss right? Its hard to stay optimistic when two of the best players are gone, you’re still getting 10 penalties a game and you can’t correctly call the coin toss. Wake me up when the season’s over.

  8. I don’t get it. When you elect to kickoff at the beginning, doesn’t that automatically mean you recieve in the 2nd half? That’s how it is in Madden…

  9. The only time the Raiders ever make headlines is because of sometype of blunder.

    DHB is their best reciever now that they let Miller walk, this season is going to be great comedy in the bay area. I can’t wait.

    Dont worry though Oakland you can talk about all those titles you won more than 30 years ago., but they arnt gonna win you crap this year. I think it will be a great fight for the cellar with your donkey pals.

  10. Man… Hue’s a great cheerleader but I’m not seeing it. I’m suspecting there will be a regression from last season.
    It’s reminding me of all the optimism when Art Shell 2.0 came to town.

  11. At least it was in Preseason where such stupid errors are expected. Still, it makes the Raiders look rather incompetent. At least the field isn’t terrible like a certain midwest team.

  12. n2thaizzo says: that how they do it madden
    Madden is wrong – they have a had a few rules screwed up on that game for years – They dont put much work into the game when it comes to details like that. They just make minor changes and ask fro another $60 each year.

  13. @ zerored78

    “This type of thing is what preseason is for.”

    Do what??? It’s a coin toss. That’s a skill that is pretty much mastered at the pee-wee level. By the time you need to shave, you should have basically figured out all of the multiple variables of the coin toss. You want the ball. You want the wind. You want to defer. Such a myriad of possibilities. How does anyone ever decide?

  14. The rule is, you get to choose if you win the coin toss. The Raiders chose poorly. In the second half the Cardinals got to choose. They chose wisely. That is just Raiders football. “Just try and eke out a victory, maybe!”

  15. Ron Winter is the only ref i dislike in the it’s hard for me to make fun of the raiders right now..i’ve felt the wrath of Ron Winter plenty !

  16. @joetoronto says:
    Aug 15, 2011 1:33 PM
    Oh look, 1bigtex is in a Raider thread.

    That’s something you….see everyday.


    and dumbolt got his hate in for the day as well….at least here they get read…just waiting on sourdough, and ninerdynasty to add their love hate as well.

  17. Wait a minute. You mean, you are crediting Peter King’s 8-14 story today (8-15), about a game that was played on 8-10? Did you not watch the post game interview with Hue Jackson explaining the same thing that happened? So, how is this news if it happened 6 days ago and was already asked, answered, and explained? And didn’t the Raiders play at home? Weren’t they wearing the black home jerseys? Shouldn’t that caption picture be changed? Oh, I forgot. You guys don’t actually cover NFL games and take your own photos.

  18. This doesn’t make sense. n2thaizzo has it correct. If the Raiders won the toss and elected to kick, the Cards are not given the option in the 2nd half. The Raiders would receive automatically. The coin toss winner does not always receive. Reds made 2 errors.

  19. This is why we have a pre season to figure out what we need to work on and fix. Have no fear, we will get this fixed before season starts.

  20. @ joetoronto

    Actually joe, I haven’t posted on a Raider thread since the 11th, but thanks for caring. I’ll try to do better. I guess you must be counting on me. You sure seem to be monitoring my posts. I started to comment about Chaz getting hurt, but that’s kind of like saying the sun came up in the East this morning. Tell me what else is new.

    As I’ve said before, I just can’t resist a good train wreck. And you have to admit that blowing the coin toss (I mean who screws up the coin toss?) takes a special kind of dysfunction. Blowing the coin toss and losing a player for the year as a result, Train wreck with a big “T”.

  21. Yeah… we were planning to stonewall ’em at their twenty and then get good field position after they had to punt. Yeah, that’s right… glad someone was smart enough to catch on to that… yeah.

  22. Moving forward, it won’t be out of the question for a team to choose to kick, especially with the kickoff point now at the 35.  If a team has a great defense and a strong-legged kicker, why not put the opponent on its own 20 to start the game?  A three-and-out and a modest punt return could put the ball near the 50 for the kicking team’s first drive.

    Is that you, Marty Mornhinweg?

    Man, you’d *really* have to think your offense was inept to voluntarily give up a sure possession for this.

  23. mypuppyfarted says: Aug 15, 2011 1:41 PM

    As usual stunnedbolt shows his ignorance. How is it the Raiders fault the ref is a senile, old retard? Probably much like stunnedbolt himself.

    You need to get off humb0lt. He knows the most interesting thing about San Diego is Oakland. If he didn’t have the Raiders to kick around, he would have to pay attention to the Chiefs and Broncos, or maybe even the Chargers.

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