What we learned: Texans 20, Jets 16


We’ve already recapped what we learned from all the preseason games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Let’s wrap up the first week of the preseason with a look at Monday Night’s action.

1. The transition to outside linebacker could take some time for former No. 1 overall pick Mario Williams.  The Texans pass rusher did not look comfortable when he played in space.

2. The Jets’ offensive line depth looks shaky.  Backup center Rob Turner went down to injury, and Vladimir Ducasse struggled badly as a reserve tackle during the game.

New York will get Nick Mangold and Brandon Moore back from injury, but they had higher hopes for Ducasse, a second round pick from a year ago.  Turner is a key reserve.

3. Texans running back Derrick Ward also left with an injury. Houston’s top four running backs are now all hurt.  None of them have serious injuries, but this has become a troubling camp issue for Houston.

4. It was a brief appearance, but Texans first round pick defensive end J.J. Watt looked like a guy ready to start right away.

5. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t show up to the game in this outfit. He did look sharp completing 6-of-7 passes for 43 yards.

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  1. Wade Phillips is a really good D coordinator and will make this team competitive. Also, did I see stone hands Greene catch a pass? I guess they might try to gradually expand his role with LT taking less snaps.

  2. what i learned. greg mcelroy is better than mark sanchez, rex ryan gets way too excited, oh and yea I almost forgot J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK

  3. What I’ve learned:

    Gregg Rosenthal rarely reads his work before hitting enter. I must say though, I’m still a fan. Even though he’s a filthy f*cking Pats fan. 🙂

  4. In NO way am I a Patriots or Jets fan, but what is the point of a Rex Ryan “guarantee” to the Super Bowl if there are no consequences? How is it a guarantee if you’re wrong, and all you say is “well next year, I guarantee it!” again?

    Some New England charity should call Ryan out and have him donate half a mil or so if doesn’t come through on his guarantee. That way, either Rex is finally right, or there’s some punishment for running his mouth and being wrong, and a good cause would reap the benefits.

  5. Ryan made a fool of himself before half time ripping his head set off while standing in the middle of the field trying to call time out because his “best in the league” special teams led by demi-god Mike Westhoff couldn’t count to 11.

    Cue all the slobbering Jet homers telling me how they love his enthusiasm.

    He looked like a drunken construction worker at happy hour with his shirt hanging open and his hat and headset laying on the ground while he clumsily tried to pick everything up as his belly prevented him from actually being able to reach the ground.

    Anyone who thinks this trailer trash reject actually represents New York has never been there.

  6. What we learned was Larry Fitzgerald is coming home.

    Trade Adrian Peterson to the Cowboys tomorrow. Save that money and pay Larry Fitzgerald.

    Bring the hometown boy… home.

    When we open that new billion dollar stadium… that young man should be the crown jewel!

    Fitz>>>>>>> A.P.

  7. McElroy looked good for a rookie, it’ll be interesting to see him progress. Wasn’t he a 7th rounder? Powell and Turner also looked good and Kerley looked electrifying. Ducasse is a waste, all jelly.

  8. what i learned: despite rex and woody’s best efforts, the giants are still the football kings of NY, as they always will be. is anyone actually surprised?

  9. Between the ridiculous body weight and the blood pressure that’s higher than the Burj al Arab, I’m sure Rex is trying to win his ring now because it’s hard to coach a football team when you lose your feet from diabetes.

  10. The transition to outside linebacker could take some time for former No. 1 overall pick Mario Williams. The Texans pass rusher did not look comfortable when he played in space.


    Taking a 6’6″, 290-pound DE and changing him to OLB will definitely result in some “growing pains.” I think the guy could play a 3-4 DE, he’s not much smaller than the average 3-4 DE.

  11. This Mario Williams playing OLB kinda reminds me of the Aaron Kampann situaion in GB. I think Houston made their best pass rusher less effective.

  12. Trbowman so what is he not allowed to curse now…

    Rex Ryan is a great coach and players like to play for him, you can’t say that about too many coaches out there

  13. I learned that Rex is still quite obese. That’s the trouble with Lap Bands, you can’t magically keep the weight off if you talk a good game but fail to deliver the results in the end. Jets are doomed!

  14. Schaub had absolutely no rhythm. Sanchez looked good. But, he didn’t really attempt many difficult throws. I know the Jets offense loves those slants, but I would have liked to see if he could throw deep once or twice. Mario Williams looked completely lost as a linebacker.

  15. I thought Greg McElroy looked ok. I think he will make a great Back up to develop. Even If he is probably going to be a 3rd stringer. I would rather have him than Colin Kaepernick or Andy Dalton. He comes from winning schools Southlake Carroll and Alabama. You could tell he was well coached before he got there. As the 208th overall pick, I think they got there moneys worth.

  16. I learned the Jets would have been better off drafting Moe or Larry. Kerly looked like a bum against 2nd and 3rd string.

  17. “The Jets’ offensive line depth looks shaky.”

    Sanchez realized this when New England picked up Haynesworth. With Wilfork and Haynesworth in the middle.. they are going to make quarterbacks with interior o-line issues pay.

    The Jets better fix this if they want to keep Sanchez in one piece.

  18. From a future post-game Jets-Patriots column:

    “Mark Sanchez, born November 11, 1986, died yesterday as a result of repeated sackings by the entire Patriots defence, culminating in his being stomped upon and eaten by Albert Haynesworth. Police are currently investigating the members of the Jets offensive line as none of them can account for their whereabouts or activities during the death of their quarterback.”

  19. Why is 6’6 285 Mario Williams playing linebacker?? Here Shaq you play point guard this season.

  20. What we really learned: Sanchez 6 for 7, but in order to get his completions above 60%, he had only 6 yards per attempt against a subpar defense. that won’t get it done. strictly dumpoffs don’t win games here.

  21. The Jets if at all possible should continue developing Patrick Turner. He might just turn out to be a reliable guy for some years to come. Its only preseason but he has improved alot from when the Dolphins drafted and cut him.

  22. Whoa boy! Sanchez 6-7 and his only incompletion hit the TE between the numbers.

    Stop the press if our pal Sanchez begins to actually resemble an NFL QB in the regular season. Then the Jets could actually HOST the AFC championship this year wow.

  23. Moving Mario to LB was a terrible idea, you take your most effective powerhouse defensive end who was your only source of getting sacks and pressure on the QB and you move him to LB? Put him opposite of Watt and stop this dumb LB experiment

  24. “What we learned: the jets can talk a big game, but they can’t back it up.”

    The Jets lost their first practice game after playing their starters for a quarter and not having two of their OLineman including their Pro Bowl center. OMG, the season is lost!!! Are you kidding me?

  25. What we learned: ESPN treated this game like they were a New York affiliate. They barely recognized that the Texans were even playing. Except for (of course) their pet backup quarterback from USC.

  26. No way should Mario Williams be playing OLB in Wade’s defense. With his size and speed, he’s going to have to be double teamed and that will free up someone on the outside. Put Mario at DE with JJ Watt on the other side and you’ve got the makings of a pretty lethal combination. Brooks Reed is exactly what I thought he was when he declared, and they got a BARGAIN when the Texans drafted him with the 42nd pick. He should have gone somewhere between 20 and 26.

    Strong draft, good FA signings…the Texans could be a force this season. Good luck to them. Not a Houston fan, but I like seeing different teams emerge from the shadows.

  27. What I’ve learned:

    50% of the responses on any Jets related blog are from ignorant, post 2001 Patriots fans that truly have no clue what they are talking about.

    “Tainted Lombardis: The Legacy of Bill Bellichick’s Patriots”

    New York Metropolitan Area > Boston

  28. Thought Leinert looked much better. He’s lost weight clearly and moves better, and no longer waits 20 minutes to make a decision to throw. Seattle would be wise to make a move for him.

  29. What we learned: The Jets are 1 key injury away from 8-8. They are due for step backwards anyway.

  30. Playoffs are a serious stretch for the jets this year. They could easily go 8-8, 7-9.

    And the Texans gotta put mario back on the DL…with that kind of production, how can you take him out of his mold!??

  31. We’re not going to learn a whole lot from the first preseason game especially after only two weeks of practice. But what I did learn is that Ducasse has not improved over last year and should be released immediately. I know he is a backup but he is going to get someone killed if they keep playing him in preseason games, and keeping players healthy is the only stat that matters in the preseason. For those of you making projections off of one preseason game…. get a life…. 2008 Detroit Lions, 4-0 in the preseason…..0-16 in the regular season. Sanchez looked decent and got out before Ducasse turnstiled again.

  32. spharrgcs says:

    “What we learned: The Jets are 1 key injury away from 8-8. They are due for step backwards anyway.”

    Thanks Capt Obvious. You can pretty much insert any key player from any contender and say the same thing. Let’s try it…

    The Eagles (Vick) are 1 key injury away from 8-8.
    The Colts (Manning)
    The Patriots (Brady)
    The Steelers (Big Ben)
    The Ravens (Flacco)
    The Falcons (Ryan)
    The Saints (Brees)
    The Bucs (Freeman)

    Are you one of those people who thinks its brilliant analysis when the announcer says that the team who scores the most points will probably win?

  33. Guys, don’t see this game as a total bust for the Jets. I’m a Texans fan and the Texans are going to be greatly improved this year. Their offense will be Top 5 again, and Wade Phillips will improve their defense greatly. They had 8 sacks in 4 preseason games last year, and they had 7 sacks yesterday. The difference? Last year even with the Jets OL troubles the Texans wouldn’t have had any pressure and the secondary would have been tore up. This year the emphasis on pressure, the scheme changes, and the improved secondary makes for a difference overall. I think the Jets will be just fine this year, but give the Texans credit (unlike the rest of the media) on their improved play.

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