Atari Bigby to visit the Seahawks

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The condensed free agent period has left a lot of recognizable names searching for jobs deep into August.

Florio has confirmed that one of those names, former Packers safety Atari Bigby, will visit the Seahawks on Tuesday.

Seahawks G.M. John Schneider was in Green Bay when Bigby was with the Packers.

It’s a safe bet Schneider won’t say the Packers organization s— all over Bigby.

31 responses to “Atari Bigby to visit the Seahawks

  1. If he could stay healthy for once he’d be a good player. Not great but good. Probably better than what they have. Go Pack Go!

  2. i think the Chargers should give him a look, because they need depth at SS with Bob Sanders there.

    Sanders could tear his bicep by tying his shoe.

  3. Atari Bigby was born in Jamaica and moved to the U.S. at age 4. He was named by his grandmother, who liked the name Atari. “Atari” is a Japanese word meaning “hit a target”, akin to an English speaker exclaiming “bullseye!”. During his time at UCF, he insisted he was not named after the video game console of the same name.
    He is married to Jill and has 2 daughters, Michelle, born in 2001, and Leenah, born in 2004 and a son, Atari Kente Bigby, who was born February 10, 2008.[6] Atari Bigby is a Rastafarian who chose not to attend the University of Miami (Fla.), because the school would have required him to cut his hair in conflict with his beliefs.[7]

  4. I guess his grandmother was locked in a cave for the 1980’s. Atari really means “outdated technology that is prone to overheat and have broken joysticks…”

  5. drgfri says: “I guess his grandmother was locked in a cave for the 1980′s.” Atari was born in 1981 and was probably named that same year. You could have looked that up with your iPhone Wikipedia app.

  6. I don’t think he does anything other than try to murder people in the secondary… which, I have to admit, he’s pretty good at.

  7. flyboy123456 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 12:12 PM
    He may get signed. His cousin Xbox is one of the locker room attendants there.


    His cousin is Neo-Geo…

  8. I remember him playing for the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe. Was supposed to be the best safety in that league then, but was pretty underwhelming.
    Had a decent season or two with GB though. But a good scouting team should be able to find an undrafted FA with better abilities.

  9. Bigby worked his way up the ladder from undrafted free agent to practice squad to NFL Europe to starter!

    Way to go Atari!

    Good luck with the Seahawks!

    Stay Healthy!

  10. When hes 100% he is fun to watch. Back in ’07 he was probably the first safety that Packers had that could light people up since Chuck Cecil.

    Wish him the best.

  11. atari bigby is a hard hitter, who is not good in coverage. Morgan Burnett, the packers 2nd round pick out of georgia is a much better option. I’m not sad to see bigby leave

  12. hunst009 says:Aug 16, 2011 10:09 AM

    If he could stay healthy for once he’d be a good player. Not great but good. Probably better than what they have. Go Pack Go!

    Better than Earl Thomas? No.

    Better than Kam Chancellor? Well, Chancellor didn’t play a lot his first year, he mostly studied under Lawyer Milloy before being promoted into a starting role this year. So far, he’s been impressing with his ability to deliver the big hit.

    This is a backup/depth move at best, and there’s some homegrown talent on the roster ahead of him. Sorry, couldn’t resist saying “homegrown” in the comment section about a player who is a Rastafarian.

  13. Atari was amazing in his prime but with the way things are today, nobody really wants him to play unless it’s for nostalgic purposes. If the Seagulls do intend to pick up Atari, they should really be working more on their offensive strategy to prepare for that massive onslaught of space invaders at the end. Seriously! Those things start coming FAST!

  14. Bigby would make a decent reserve and ST player. I’m thankful for having him in GB, in prior years we were stuck with Mark Roman and Marquand Manuel who were both terrible while they were here.

  15. kraigk1 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 1:32 PM
    It’s not a real off-season until a jettisoned Packer is picked up by the Vikings or Seahawks.

    It’s not a real offseason until a turd of a packer fan makes fun of a team for picking up a guy in free agency. What teams do that? Idiot.

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