Jacksonville mayor tries to help move 5,000 season tickets

Last year, folks in Jacksonville mobilized to sell enough tickets to permit all regular-season games to be televised locally.

This year, they need to work even harder.

With less than four weeks to go until the start of the regular season, the team needs to sell 5,000 season tickets in order to avoid blackouts in 2011.

And so Jacksonville mayor Alvin Brown has gotten personally involved, via a letter sent to the team’s e-mailing list.

“With the new National Football League season about to get underway, it’s time for everyone to get back to football,” the letter states.  “Here in Jacksonville that means it’s time for all of us to step up and show our support of our home town Jaguars.”

In other words, “Buy more tickets!”

“With the NFL lockout, it has been a difficult off-season for many NFL teams.  Jaguars’ ticket sales were slowed by the lockout and now the team faces a Herculean task in trying to sell over 5,000 season tickets in the next few weeks in order to have a chance to avoid the dreaded blackouts for home games this season,” Brown writes.
In other words, “Buy more tickets!”
And if there was any doubt, Brown eventually makes a plea to . . . “Buy more tickets!”
“It’s Go Time!” Brown says, channeling his inner Izzy Mandelbaum.  “That means for everyone here in Jacksonville, it’s time to step up and go purchase Jaguars tickets now.”  He then provides the phone number and web address for doing so, and he points that, even if folks can personally go to the games, tickets can be purchased and donated to the USO.
Brown’s plea does nothing to lessen the perception that Jacksonville will continue to face the threat of losing the Jaguars unless and until the task of selling the non-premium seats ceases to be an annual exercise in community pride, honor, and/or sacrifice.  We support the efforts to help the team succeed in Jacksonville, and we hope that they can pull it off.  Eventually, however, folks in Jacksonville will grow weary of the annual sky-is-falling routine.  Indeed, at some point, a fallen sky is better than constantly being made to fear the possibility of it.

69 responses to “Jacksonville mayor tries to help move 5,000 season tickets

  1. Great fans in Jax that the mayor has to get people to go to the games. They should be ashamed and they dont deserve an NFL. There are teams worse than them that the fans still show up. Move to L.A. cuase you worthless fans in Jax dont deserve a team. Shameful.

  2. LOL they’re almost as bad as the Raiders! The Raiders had 11 straight blackouts that was finally ended last year. Rest assured, a new streak has started.

  3. Free Aaron Kampman from that mess of a franchise. Got to be alot different from playing in a full crowd every sunday at Lambeau no matter what, and now playing in front of a average crowd of like 15000 people. The vikes even got better attendence then the jags do now you know sometin is wrong!

  4. I’m beginning to see the point of the Jaguars fans who flood the comments section of every subtle “Jaguars are moving to LA” article on PFT. There’s lots of teams that don’t sell out every game and deal with blackouts, but somehow the Jags are always in the spotlight.

  5. 10.6% state unemployment, 10.3% in the JAX metro area. Sure…everyone has disposable income for season tickets down here!

  6. So we get bashed when we had blackouts in 2009 and now get bashed for trying to rally support after the blackout killed all our momentum. Since when is the mayor trying to rally support for a hometown team “the sky is falling” routine?

    Meanwhile Tampa, Oakland, San Diego, and Miami are all struggling with ticket sales, yet it’s always the Jaguars.

  7. I heard the Bucs have only sold 35,000 seats. Where is that story? You guys can make the Jaguars an easy target all you want, but the fans here are unwavering.

  8. The problem started when you gave a NFL franchise to Jacksonville. The NFL should fire those marketing analysts

  9. If he can sell more tickets, he can use that for a run for governor. CYA, before the Jags bolt for a better market.

  10. Whats funny about the ‘Jaguars to LA’ crap people keep posting, is LA had a chance for a franchise…TWICE. They failed both times cause they couldn’t sell as many tickets as the Jaguars.
    All your doing is moving one empty stadium to another more expensive empty stadium.

    Oh, and for tramonwilliams38
    Average attendance in 2010:
    Jacksonville: 63032
    Minnesota: 58751

    if you want to move a franchise, get rid of the disgrace thats Oakland, they can’t sell out a single game period and only get 46k people out each week as it is.

  11. How many games where blacked out last year? None. But, I guess the Jags are Pft’s scapegoat when they want to put an article out. Why not talk about the other teams struggling to sell tickets because of the lockout? The Bucs have only sold 35k season tickets but, I guess the Jags are more fun to diss.

  12. Jacksonville had no blackouts last year while a bunch of others were but i dont hear about them(san diego, oakland, tampa bay, st. loius)

  13. 2nd largest stadium in one of the 5 smallest markets. I don’t care who pitches in or how we sell ’em. Get ’em sold!

    The one thing that sucks about Jags tickets, however, is that the stadium is really expensive to attend a game for if you want to sit between the 20’s in the lowers…they’re all “club” seats. So there’s tons of $225 tickets out there for you, but if you’re a middle class guy like me you can have the $60-$90 ones. How many Jacksonville family men can swing that? Pretty tough.

    And why don’t we constantly have the “Bucs are moving” and “Chargers are moving” stories, Darth, when the Bucs didn’t show A SINGLE GAME on local TV last year and the Chargers always struggle to sell out?

    And offsideburns? We’ll move to Heinz Field and beat the Steelers again in October.

  14. Jacksonville continues to be an embarrassment to the NFL. “Tagliabue’s Sunbelt Strategy” was a disaster. The excuses provided by Jaguar fans for the traps over seats are lame. This franchise should move to LA, now.

    There were good reasons why Jacksonville was initially eliminated from contention by the NFL’s expansion committee, only to be brought back in by under-the-table deals with Tagliabue, Weaver, Cooke, Modell, and Lerner.

  15. and btw… it was a FREAKING EMAIL… Mayor Brown didn’t spend more than 10 minutes writing that thing, or more likely, someone just wrote it for him… it wasn’t like he spent 5 hours at a Jaguars rally…

  16. I can see where the city’s residents are coming from. I’ve tailgated and attended an NFL game in Jacksonville, myself, I wouldn’t want to repeat that experience either. Let’s just say Jaguar Fan isn’t the city’s brightest and best.

  17. The best price for just an average season ticket in JAX is about $620. You want people to buy season tickets? Make them so an average person can actually AFFORD THEM. I sure as hell can’t afford $1240 (plus parking, food, gas, etc.) for two season tickets.

  18. I was waiting for the token comment about Jacksonville drawing more fans last year per game than the Vikings…you would have an argument, if the Jags weren’t selling tickets for a fraction of the price for a vikings ticket…if the Vikes sold their nosebleeds for 10 bucks (looking at you, Jacksonville), they’d get scooped up pretty quickly. Also, the Vikes haven’t had a black out since the Clinton administration, while the jags last had a blackout the year before last, and would have had more last year save tarps and two bit ticket prices.

  19. ACHAP39:

    Actually the lowest price for season tickets is $300, so for 2, it’s only $600, still cheaper than your “estimated” price. Enough with your excuses.

  20. johnnyjagfan-“And offsideburns? We’ll move to Heinz Field and beat the Steelers again in October.”

    i’ll bet you season tickets you wont

  21. @jrtaft. I wish our tickets were ten bucks dont know where your getting your info from. I payed 1200 for 2 season tickets this year and last

  22. marshb13 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 5:54 PM
    Does LA really deserve a team? They have already had a couple shots.


    We’ve been dealing with this ignorant attitude about the NFL in L.A. for 17 years. L.A. was robbed of two franchises in 1994 by

    Al Davis (who left L.A. thanks to the ineptitude of the L.A. city council to build a new stadium that they foolishly promised Davis. Nothing to do with fans support, since there are few teams, if any that could sell out a 90,000 seat stadium every sunday)

    and Georgia Frontierre (who purposely ran the Rams who had been in L.A. for 48 years in order to move the team to her home town, St. Louis)

    If you don’t believe me you should check out the Raiders and Rams Wikipedia articles and give yourself a crash course on the history of the NFL in L.A.

    Fan support is not the issue. There are over 10,000,000 people in the Los Angeles area, many of whom have grown up without a home team to root for, and having to watch random games like the Bucs Vs. Bengals on Sunday. There is an entire generation of diehard NFL fans in L.A. that have never known what it’s like to go out to the stadium and cheer for your team. We live in a completely different world in terms of sports culture than we did in 1994. Any team that comes back to L.A. is going to thrive and receive tremendous fan support.

  23. Lets see, the jags have

    1. 0 blackouts last year, and will easily sell the remainder needed this year

    2. An owner from the region who has repeatedly voiced his desire to stay in jax

    3. A lease and a stadium that effectively lock the team in town for the next 20 years. (This is the big one, precedence has shown that teams move due to stadium issues)

    I think most jags fans have realized that all this criticism is simply coming from other insecure fans who might lose their team. I genuinely feel sorry for whatever city it is, but bashing Jacksonville doesn’t change the facts.

  24. feldman9000 says: “I think the LA Cougars would be better than the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s time for Fred Durst to step up.”

    Los Angeles Leopards, please. L.A. Loves aLLiteration . . .

  25. @offsideburns: just remember what happened the last time we went to Heinz Field. I just hope that you’re not on suicide watch when Rashean Mathis returns yet another INT for at touchdown.

  26. Fire Del Rio right now and that would be good for at least 2500 more ticket sales. Then trade Garrard to Miami for Brandon Marshall so the fans have a REAL #1 receiver on the roster to go watch crush DB’s………………and there is the other 2500 tickets you need right there….too easy right Wayne??

  27. or you could have just drafted Tebow last year and you wouldnt have to worry about ticket sales for few years…….too easy right Wayne?

  28. meatloaf025 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 5:43 PM
    The problem started when you gave a NFL franchise to Jacksonville. The NFL should fire those marketing analysts

    Exactly. Paul Taglabooboo insisted on Jacksonville and Carolina over Cities that had a far better deal on the table than either one of those two.
    They deserve what they reap. Jax. covered most of their upper deck to be able to say they sold out games last year. Shouldnt be long before they move to L.A. or Canada.
    Just one last blunder from the Tagalabo era.

  29. highspirits1 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 5:46 PM
    Whats funny about the ‘Jaguars to LA’ crap people keep posting, is LA had a chance for a franchise…TWICE. They failed both times cause they couldn’t sell as many tickets as the Jaguars.
    All your doing is moving one empty stadium to another more expensive empty stadium.

    Oh, and for tramonwilliams38
    Average attendance in 2010:
    Jacksonville: 63032
    Minnesota: 58751

    Does that attendance figure include covering the seats in the upper deck with tarps ???

  30. “Indeed, at some point, a fallen sky is better than constantly being made to fear the possibility of it.”

    That is indeed the dumbest statement I have ever read. So your telling me that a guy with weight problems that has been told constantly if he doesnt lose weight he is gonna die is going to eventually think screw it, its better to die now then to have to keep worrying about if hes going to die.

  31. I love when people throw out attendance and the fact Jax has covered seats. Still has more seats (even with the covered ones) then many NFL cities. Also, the attendance is right there with the Steelers, among others.

    Again, to avoid looking like a buffoon, do some research before simply tossing out there what some clueless media members post, or put into papers.

  32. Too many glass half empty people – when the lockout was lifted, Jacksonville had 10,000 season tickets to sell to avoid blackouts. Two weeks later, that number is cut in half. Sounds like the city is headed in the right direction…

  33. DON’T talk about unemployment as if it’s an excuse. WHAT NFL city has been hit harder economically than Detroit? YET, they sold out 7 of 8 home games last year MIND YOU, most of those were with 2 wins [remember finished 6-10, won final 4 games 6-4= ???] If Detroit can do it so can Jacksonville and if not, sux to be you

  34. How about put an ownership group in Jax that actually knows how to draft, stops trusting the team with Del Rio, and finally gets the team the tools it takes to win! Del Rio is at best a DC. His tenure has been one big failure.

    I truly think the fan base Is there, they just need to put a real team on the field. Can anyone name a splash signing they have ever had?

  35. @lordstanleystan

    Don’t you see its bigger than that?

    Who cares about the current coach or ‘splash signings’. All those things will pass. I buy tickets because I want to be able to share the jaguars with my son, and have him experience the same excitement I had when I heard the jags were coming to Jacksonville, or went to my first home game, or watched Scobbe kick a 59′ yard winning field goal.

    The jags aren’t perfect, but they find a way to be competitive every year, the ‘fans’ who are trying to hold this team hostage into only drafting gators and singing big name FA’s are what is the problem. Its bigger than any one season, and its bigger than any one coach. Its about loving your home team.

  36. Lets see. We want to sell tickets…..

    Try to get the city to back the team in 2010. Check

    Pass on Tebow despite obvious ticket sales. Check

    Go all out and promise the playoffs in 2010. Check

    Manage to somehow sell out all games in 2010. Check

    Underperform in 2010. Check

    Have the city call for Del Rio to be fired. Check
    Keep Del Rio. Check

    Have the city call for Garrard to be cut. Check
    Keep Garrard. Check

    Wear out your only star player by having him carry 99% of the offense until he is injured…Check.

    Wonder why the fans are not excited about another year of Del Rio, Garrard, and a broken down Mojo…and a crappy defense…and a crappy economy…Check.

  37. highspirits1 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 5:46 PM
    Whats funny about the ‘Jaguars to LA’ crap people keep posting, is LA had a chance for a franchise…TWICE. They failed both times cause they couldn’t sell as many tickets as the Jaguars.
    All your doing is moving one empty stadium to another more expensive empty stadium.

    False. Again, I’ll refer you to the Raiders and Rams wikipedia pages to discover why both teams left. It had nothing to do with selling tickets, and anyone who knows anything about this issue wouldn’t make such a pointless and uninformed argument.

  38. This is the same idiot mayor who just recently proposed spending $71 million on a rail trolley system for downtown Jax (let’s jump in our way-back machine to the early 1900’s).
    The city already runs a worthless monorail system that brings in $150k/yr but costs $500k/yr to operate.
    If the city has that kind of money to piss away, buy 1 to 2 thousand season tickets and take that many underpriveleged kids to each home game. Even with the cost of transportation and concessions it’d cost less than $1 million.
    Or how ’bout this: each player that makes the 53 man roster buys 100 season tickets and donates them to charity groups?

  39. @jaxdolfan

    You summed it up perfectly! Why would people spend their hard earned money to support a team that quite frankly refuses to support the fans? For those of you that are not aware, Wayne Weaver strait up lied to Jaguar fans last year and I think that has a lot to do with the reversal of support for his franchise from 2010!
    We promised to buy tickets if he promised to not except mediocrity from his head Coach and QB…we fulfilled our end of the bargain last year, but Wayne reneged on his promise to the fans….(8-8 losing your last four for the third year in a row??) Del Rio should have been fired!

  40. “therillest says:
    Aug 17, 2011 7:37 AM
    For those of you that are not aware, Wayne Weaver strait up lied to Jaguar fans last year..”

    That is such a load of crap. He didn’t lie about anything. As for the QB, I’m pretty sure they took one in the first round of the draft. What the hell else do you want them to do?

    “jaxdolfan says:
    Aug 16, 2011 10:09 PM

    Pass on Tebow despite obvious ticket sales. Check”

    One of the biggest falsehoods in football history. Who would have bought tickets to watch a QB ride the bench?

    And since when does it make sense for a team to draft a player to appease the fans and not to make their team better? With that logic, the Texans should have taken Reggie Bush or Vince Young instead of Mario Williams. Or the Eagles should have taken Ricky Williams instead of McNabb.

  41. “tennesseeoilers says:
    Aug 16, 2011 5:56 PM
    I can see where the city’s residents are coming from. I’ve tailgated and attended an NFL game in Jacksonville, myself, I wouldn’t want to repeat that experience either. Let’s just say Jaguar Fan isn’t the city’s brightest and best.”

    Don’t worry. We wouldn’t want you back anyway.

  42. @Jeepino8

    League Attendance from 2010:
    Pittsburgh 63,083
    Jacksonville 63,032.

    With the tarps, Everbank’s capacity hovers around 67,000.

    Without the tarps, the capacity skyrockets to 76,867.

    Only FOUR teams in the NFL had attendance at or over that number: Dallas, Washington, New York Jets, and Giants.

    If you’re going to crucify the Jaguars for not selling 76,000+ season tickets, you need to get on 28 other teams as well.

  43. I have to say, I started to not comment, but then I kept reading all of the dumb comments about the seat coverings. One person said they covered most of the upper deck. FALSE! One guy said they only sold the tickets last year to avoid blackouts because they covered seats. FALSE! There are a little less than 10,000 seats covered. It was done in 2004! The seats are in 400 sections on both sides of the field in the upper deck on both the north and south ends. They are also covered in the middle 200 section in the north end. Oh and since SO MANY teams are having problems selling tickets, the league is actually considering allowing OTHER TEAMS to cover seats. One last fact for the uneducated among you. Here is a listing of the seating capacity of the AFC South stadiums. Yes I am including Everbank’s PRESENT NFL configuration.

    Houston – 71,054
    Indianapolis – 63,000
    Nashville – 69,143
    Jacksonville – 67,164 (76,867 pre seat coverings)

    Looks like all the Jaguars did was resize the stadium to reality. Now tell me again, why is that a bad idea?

  44. The team could spend some of the $28 Million they didn’t spend on players ont he seats….

  45. @jaxdolfan

    You have got to be the dumbest person left on the planet if you don’t think that drafting Tebow last year would not have sold that Stadium out for at least a few years and ultimately strengthen the overall Jaguar fan base….hope you are not in sales!! That Tebow side show would have been better than what we have now, NO show at all….I just sayin….

  46. News flash “therillest” the team did market research on the possible amount of tickets sold if they drafted Tebow and it only amounted to an additional 2,000-2,500. Winning is what fills the seats in Jax not one person. The fans were spoiled by early good years and thats what its going to take to fill it nowadays and Tebow isn’t a winner in the NFL.

  47. Also, I really wish fans outside of Jax would do THEIR own research instead of listening to the BS the media puts out there. Maybe then these ignorant comments from people who do not have a clue would stop. Thats the problem with our country in general these days… just a bunch of LEMMINGS who do as their told or believe everything they hear from CNN/FOXNews because they’re too lazy to do the research themselves…

  48. Why is it “the fan’s” fault? I am a holder of 2 season tickets but I still feel the team is far from showing a respooectable product on the field. The Gabbert pick was good. Keeping Del Rio was very bad. This is an organizational issue, not a fan issue. No one buys food that tastes bad or cars that aren’t reliable. The organization is not listening to the fans and putting out a good product at a good price. Should people really be required because “It’s the NFL?” Get real and get over that small minded mentality.

  49. @ kabar01: They had to keep Del Rio due to the amount they owed him and because of the lockout. Im not his biggest fan either but it was a smart decision to keep him this offseason. The organization has done nothing but listen to the fans. How many other teams offer “teal deals” and payment plans? I’m glad you’re a season ticket holder but cmon… They were one(1) win away from the division last season. Get over your “respectable” product and “listen to the fan” arguments.

  50. Some of you people are total m0r0ns. First of all the Jaguars did not have one blackout last year. The Bucs and several other teams were blacked out for the entire season last year and will have the same problem again this year.

    And for any of you genius’s who want to mention the tarp for the millionth time. The stadium’s capacity was 74k, at the time, the third largest stadium in the league. It is now 64k, still larger then a third of the stadiums in the league.

    The Chargers (who make the playoffs every year) have no stadium, the Raiders (one of the most storied franchises) haven’t had a sell out in 15 years and need a new stadium, the 49ers are leaving without a new stadium, the Bills are leaving Buffalo if they don’t get a new stadium, and the Vikings, who also can’t get a new stadium, are all ahead of the Jags regarding a move to L.A. The Jags have an owner who loves Jacksonville and said the team is going no where. The team has a lease for 29 more years in Jax and the only way out is to have three seasons in a row where they lose money or the stadium is falling apart (don’t worry, we had the Super Bowl four years ago, our stadium is in great shape). For some reason, all you losers would love nothing more then to take some type of sick joy out of the heartbreak that Jags fans would suffer from losing their team. Why don’t you look yourselves in the mirror and try and figure why you would take joy in another’s misfortune!

  51. @suuupahstah. The fact they were 1 win away means nothing. It is the performance trend of the team and Del Rio’s inability to motivate. I know he was kept for financial reasons and this may be the biggest reason to be concerned. If Wayne Weaver can not aford to run an NFL team like an NFL, the team will fail and move/get acquired. This happens all the time in the business world. The reality is that it is not “the fan’s” job to make sure they have enough money to make these moves. They need to make the moves to draw the demand for tix, just like any other business. I don’t by products that come with a promise to work if enough people buy them. Why is this any different?

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