Jets lineman Rob Turner out 8-10 weeks


The shaky depth of the Jets offensive line took a big hit Monday night when backup Rob Turner went down to injury.

Turner will miss 8-10 weeks with a broken leg after he undergoes surgery, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Turner is one of those glue guys you don’t hear about much, but he’s very valuable to a Jets team already looking thinner on the line.  Turner can play multiple spots, including backing up Nick Mangold at center.

Vladimir Ducasse, who doesn’t seem to be developing very quickly, is the primary backup guard and tackle.  Mehta wonder if the Jets could reach out to center Shaun O’Hara.

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  2. Granted we have one of – if not – the best Center in the League, Turner did so much more. We definitely need to get a replacement, and O’Hara would work at this.

    Ready for the haters saying the Jets are done hahaha.

  3. That’s too bad – Rex Ryan must really be depressed with all these injuries, given the fact that he once again promised New York Sports fans a Super Bowl victory.

    Don’t despair Rex.

    Keep your chins up!

  4. Bad depth news. Ducasse was absolutely awful. I thought Watt was just coming along well, but when the Houston second string was mauling him then I got scared. I’m terrified he’s going to get someone else hurt, seeing as he got Turner hurt. God help us if he ever has to come out in a real game situation.

  5. “We’re going to find a new back-up center who can kick the ass of every other back-up center in the league!!! This is just moar proof we’re headed to the SB!!!” – Soon-to-come Rex commentary

  6. id like to see the jets get a veteran here that can swing multiple possibles

    Mawae comeback? Always liked that dude

  7. This is a pretty big loss. He’s the number 6 lineman plus he comes in on goal line packages as an eligible receiver.

    Get well soon. Oh, and from what my amateur eyes can see, Ducase sucks.

  8. Jets year was last year.. they missed their shot. The league moves forward.. They will not make the Playoffs this year with that squad.

  9. saw this with the giants o-line all last year…..blows for the jets. o-lineman are never appreciated until they get injured.

  10. Injuries like this really suck. It almost feels like they lose nothing but when you go below the surface it really hurts. That said it doesn’t change the fact that Rex Ryan believes “Derrick Mason is huge”. Wow Rex, didn’t know you knew him like that.

  11. Nobody cares about the jets outside of new jersey. I mean seriously, I cant wait till Rex gets fired. I would pay money to watch him walk his cardboard box out to his car when it finally happens.

    Big Mouth, never done anything. Slob.

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