Jets offer one-year deal to Aaron Maybin

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In 2008, the Jets used a first-round pick on linebacker Vernon Gholston, who became a colossal bust.  He’s now a member of the Bears.

The following year, the Bills used a first-round pick on linebacker Aaron Maybin.  They cut the cord after only two seasons.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have offered Maybin, who cleared waivers earlier today, a one-year deal.  Per Mehta, five or six other teams have made a similar offer.

Maybin, like Gholston, has no career sacks.

89 responses to “Jets offer one-year deal to Aaron Maybin

  1. These Jets are fools. They trade a 1 million Braylon Edwards for a 3 million Plaxico Burress who won’t even make it onto the field, they have no backup offensive lineman, no pass rusher, no backup quarterback and they now want this guy?? Rex wants to talk about winning the Super Bowl. Not really do it.

  2. Did you guys read the part where it says five or six other teams have made a similar offer?

  3. The story admits that “five or six” teams have put in offers, but of course MF leads with “Jets Offer Maybin X.”

    Anything to publish another Jets story. Anything.

  4. Believe it or Maybin actually has a lot of work ethic but I think he is terrified of fat. He should have played soccer although I think 220 is huge for that sport.

  5. By the time they got “AJM” shaved into the side of his head, there was no room for “FLOP”.

  6. The Jets offer a 1 year deal. Why are the people posting on this board acting like they just offered Maybin a 5 yr 60 million deal? If it doesn’t work out, he comes off their books next season.

  7. hope its not to gleen info from him. they never let aaron play with the big boys. he stayed in the kiddie pool. 260lbs at the combine-228lbs at training camp….hmmmmmmmm, i wonder how that could happen?

  8. I don’t get it. Maybe Rex want’s some insight on the Bills defense and then he will be cut? I don’t think any decent team will need that to beat the Bills though. Doesn’t make sense.

  9. He isnt a Jet he was supposedly offered a contract from the Jets along with 6 other teams. So everyone needs to hold off until we see where he ends up.

    I personally think in the right system he might be able to flourish . Kinda like a wide 9 where its all about speed and less about power off the edge, maybe with the best assistant coach in the league who has been known for turning nobodies and former 1st round busts who couldnt catch on anywhere else into pretty elite pass rushers.

  10. Maybin should come with a copy of the Bills defensive playbook. The Patriots have been doing it to teams in the AFC East for years.

    Jets have had success against Bills in recent years, but you still have to win your division first.

  11. Well If he thinks Mason is going to catch 100 passes, I bet Rex thinks this guy will have 70 sacks at least.

  12. Typical jets move.

    The pressure is on and this year the yets will be exposed as just another middle of the road team.

    Even with a weak schedule this year the yets will be a 8-8 team.

    Same Old Jets!!!

  13. Rex’s ego has gone to his head. Either that or he’s got too much toe jam I on the brain

  14. He played for the Bills? Hey, I played for the Weston Bears 135lbs team back in the day. Can I have a shot?

  15. i dont mind this hes only been in the league for 2 years,and u pay him near nothing. You never know with a change of a team maybe a miracle might happen..

  16. gbfanforever,

    Easy on the limberger, bro. This guy will play for close to the league minimum in salary, and he could turn out to be an solid contributor in a different system. Playing for a perennial losing team like the Bills is a severe downer. Being on a winning team is contagious, and he could buy into the system and play well given his opportunities. This is a depth move, is costing them next to nothing to “kick the tires”, and the Jets know what they are doing.

  17. I am so glad my Bears didn’t pick up another bust!

    I guess Rex is thinking if anyone can get a guy to fatten up… it’s him! One month at the Ryan household and this guy will be 265… and he will give great foot rubs!

  18. if he could hover around 235 240 he could be a decent weak side backer on a 4-3 team. similar to thomas davis…don’t know why the jets want him in the 3-4 where he’s proven he can’t play. another mistake by my bills

  19. ROFLOL!

    I guess the Jets couldn’t wait to waste a first rounder, so they’d just sign someone ELSE’S bust! Couldn’t they find JaMarcus’ phone number?

  20. Replace Golston with Maybin, on paper looks like it wont work, but i say, why not, maybe he surprises and if he doesnt, it’s a one year deal

  21. If he does go to the Jets they will prolly only use him on 3rd down pass rushing situations given how small he is and the Jets are hurting pass rush wise. Even tho Maybin doesn’t have any sacks maybe the Jets can utilize that speed and have him make a few situational plays in the backfield.

  22. Wow. This isn’t just the bottom of the barrel, it’s the mold soaked between the planks. Can’t be a good sign of depth for the Jets….

  23. I moved him to DE in Madden, and he turned out to be really good at it. Maybe his new team should try that. What could go wrong? Not like they’d be losing anything.

  24. That is so ridiculous……I think I should throw my name in the hat. I’m a built 5’10” individual at 190 lbs. It can’t be THAT much worse than being 6’4″ at 224, can it? It’s like having a punter or a kicker rush the QB……or at least attempt to…….and that experiment ends when a RB get in front of you, because then you’re knocked off your feet, and on your ass like he did vs Chicago.

  25. Cheap gamble could pay-off……. They can dump
    Him before preseason ends if he proves to be as and as the bills think he is, something tells me, jets could get him to perform!

  26. too bad there’s no hard knock jets this year, we’d probably hear rex say
    “wow they’re dropping right in front of our very eyes!”

  27. I knew something was up when I saw him and Rex gettin’ pedicures in a S.Orange nail salon.

  28. Rex brought in a rap star ringer to fight Sanchez, you know how tough those guys can be.

  29. Amazing, how you can get cut from the worst team in the division and be picked up by the supposed best in the division. Do they think they might get some kind of advantage here?

    When the Jets cut him will the Dolphins and Patriots be in the waiting room to pick his brain too?

  30. No worries Jets fans. Sexy Rexy says Maybin will get at least 30 sacks in his defense. Plus he is going to catch 50 to 75 passes, run back kicks, score 10 TDs or more, throw a few passes out of the Wildcat, lead the Macy’s parade, be in a GQ and an Esquire photoshoot, jump a tall building in a single bound, win a Pulitzer, end the debt crisis in America, assassinate Kim Il Jong, be the next man to land on the moon and cure cancer.

  31. matbin is a bum amd was a bum @ Penn State and a bum in high school. look at his college numbera and asl how many big games he had against top big ten competition. Rex lived in his school district when Maybin was in high school..
    this is a courtesy contract. the jets clearly lile charity

  32. You idiots do realize that this is an extremely low risk situation right? The guy is what, 23? He is going to sign a 1 year, veteran minimum deal probably based mostly on incentives. Maybe they change him to a SS or something and turn his career around all for a measly incentive based contract. I swear if the people who commented on this site had control of a football team they would fail in a year.

  33. By 3 years old if a thoroughbred horse can’t seem to catch on racing, the owner usually sells the horse right away. Sometimes the horse is used as a track horse, but most of the time they are kept as stall mates, to calm the real racing horse down.

    Maybe Ryan is going to give Maybin another shot to race and if he doesn’t succeed, he’ll keep him in the Jets stall to bolster the other players self-esteem.

  34. As bad as Maybin is / was, he would be improvement over the last player on the Jets roster.

    The contract would not be guaranteed.

    No risk whatsoever, and there is always a 20% chance that a change in venue / coaches / scheme can wake a player up.

    Good work Mike and Rex.

  35. Sometimes all a guy needs is a change of scenery. The Jets are risking very little here, anyone who is jumping on the Jets should really channel all the insults to the team that gave him all that money. The Bills.

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