Leonard Davis could land with the Lions

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Former Cardinals and Cowboys offensive lineman Leonard Davis, the second overall pick in the 2001 draft, could be the latest addition to a Lions team that is trying its best to become a contender in the NFC.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Davis is visiting the Lions tonight and tomorrow.

Davis, 32, started every game in Dallas for the last four seasons, and he made it to the Pro Bowl from 2007 through 2009.  Currently weighing in at 350 pounds, we’re told that Davis is open to the possibility of signing a one-year deal.

Primarily a right guard in Dallas, Davis has played both tackle positions and left guard during his career.

27 responses to “Leonard Davis could land with the Lions

  1. i was at the bills training camp today and saw the o-line do a great impression of either a turnstile or wet newspaper and any given time. that being said, if anyone in the front office does not think that even a guy like l.davis who is past his prime, would be an upgrade somewhere, they are insane. however thats my point. the bills front office (for a change) is NOT insane. they are fully aware that any number of these o-linemen available would be a plus for the team, however they are thinking long term and don`t want to artificially inflate the won/loss record with stop gap players. so please bills fans, simmer down with the “sign this guy, sign that guy!” the bills will do the best they can with what they have then get a player that can help for more than one year. think about it.

  2. @talkintrashallday

    Yeah since the lions had a top 5 pick this year, right? I would rather have a QB willing to try and win a game with a separated than someone like Cutler who takes himself out of a playoff game because his knee is sore. Eat It!

  3. Help at the Lions biggest weakness right now. This would be a great addition until they can draft some young talent and bring the young guys we have up to speed

  4. The Lions need any upgrade they can get on that OL, as well as more depth, but jeez, 350 lbs? Agile tackles (hello Kevin Williams, B.J. Raji) could make mincemeat of him.

  5. talkintrashallday says:
    Aug 16, 2011 10:18 PM
    Should have signed a QB who isn’t made out of aluminum. The lions will ALWAYS have a top 5 pick. FOREVER.


    sounds just like the typical loser who sleeps on his mom’s basement couch!! “The lions will ALWAYS have a top 5 pick. FOREVER”…..errrrrrrrrr except they picked 13th this year you one eyed imbreed!!

  6. @talkintrashallday

    “Should have signed a QB who isn’t made out of aluminum. The lions will ALWAYS have a top 5 pick. FOREVER.”

    Sure I won’t be the last to point this out to you, nor would you actually care to let facts get in the way of your position, but the Lions didn’t pick top 5 last year, they were 13th.

    That aside, always find it funny people who don’t say who they cheer for when commenting like that. Most likely a Vikings or Bears fan, easily laughed at very soon.

    You see, it’s a great move to at least try this signing. He’s a former ProBowler and could be worth a one year contract, if he even gets signed at all.

    That’s the difference between the Bears, Vikings and Lions now. The Lions sign players to help their team. For example, they needed a CB and they signed one. They needed a LB and they signed two. They needed a RB after LeShoure went down and they instantly signed two.

    The Vikings needed WR help….nothing. The Vikings need to replace Edwards and at least one of the Williams wall….Nothing. They need a CB….Nothing…They need to replace Leber…Nothing

    The Bears needed Oline….They let go Kreutz and signed a terrible replacement as well as the move completely fragmenting the locker room towards the management….Fail. Then they let go their two best TE’s for nothing and replace them with chopped liver also fragmenting the locker room….Fail. Then they don’t give their best offensive weapon, Forte, a new contract…Fail. Then certain players talk about being the best team in the NFC, despite the Packers winning the Superbowl, and do nothing to get better aside from bringing in Roy Williams and Barber….Fail…. I actually feel sorry for Cutler…. By the end of week 5 he’s going to be lucky to play again this year if they gave up 9 sacks against the Bills.

    See…. People can talk all they want. The reasons I just gave are some of the reasons the Lions are picked to do well this year by nearly every analyst (not just Lions fans) and the reason why many are now seeing the Vikings and Bears playing for the toilet in the NFC north.

  7. Why not? With the injuries they have, they need all the help they can get. Davis is a versatile vet that can’t hurt, even if he’s passed his prime and a big tub of goo. He’ll just have to lose a little of that goo.

  8. TALKINTRASHALLDAY must have missed the draft this year, the Lions did not pick in the top 5 ya knobhead. Get your facts together, put your keyboard down and get back in your trailer, I am sure your neighbors don’t appreciate you using their wireless signal.

  9. Motown for BIGG – you belong Bro

    3 year ProBowler – the man will stand them up without rocking back.

    Sign him and get him on the line quickly.

  10. Maybe he’s still got something, maybe not. Doesn’t matter right now, since there’s 90 guys on the roster and 37 of them will be cut by week one. Everyone Mayhew brings in now is just being granted a tryout. If they’re not better than whoever else is trying out, they’ll be put to the curb come decision time, regardless of how many Pro Bowls they’ve been to.

  11. “than someone like Cutler who takes himself out of a playoff game because his knee is sore. Eat It!”

    Yup. Still factually incorrect. But keep trying.

  12. Which one of these teams had the more recent winning record to end a season the Pittsburg pirates or the Detroit lions? I’ll give you a hint you have to go all the way back tothe ice age to find your answer

  13. comeonnowguys says: Aug 17, 2011 9:24 AM

    “than someone like Cutler who takes himself out of a playoff game because his knee is sore. Eat It!”

    Yup. Still factually incorrect. But keep trying.

    Tell ya what, I didn’t see Stafford slinging footballs on the sideline, saw Cutler on the bike, NEVER saw as much as a limp NOR did I see exactly where he got hurt either. YOU keep trying…you prolly shop with the panzy since his woman left him, bet he buys you all the mascara you want

  14. Good luck Lion’s. Davis was solid on the Cowboy’s line for quite some time, but he has since falling victim to the penalty bug. Not something the Lion’s need, but he would provide depth which is something they really need.

  15. Leonard Davis was a beast for two years but somehow became a crap run blocker AND pass protector.

    Dallas needed to get younger.

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