McCoy, Favre worked out together in offseason


With Browns quarterback Colt McCoy learning the West Coast offense and former Mike Holmgren protege Brett Favre having mastered it over more than a generation, McCoy reached out to Favre in the offseason.  And the two men got together for several days to work on McCoy’s preparation for his first season operating the tried-and-true system.

Word of the session first emerged, as best we can tell, on NFL Network prior to Saturday night’s game between the Packers and the Browns, via Steve Mariucci’s conversation with Rich Eisen.

“Since I couldn’t get coached, it was a great opportunity to pick the brains of a guy who’s played in this system for 20 years,” McCoy said Monday, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “It was a chance for me to get a lot of questions answered.  We worked on footwork, progressions, reads and things like that.  It was definitely a positive trip.”

(In light of the McCoy-Favre get-together, feel free to suggest in the comments a caption for the photo of McCoy and Aaron Rodgers.)

According to the Plain Dealer, McCoy also spoke via phone with former NFL coach Jon Gruden regarding the offense.

Hopefully, Gruden could understand him.

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  1. Maybe Holmgren reached out to Favre & asked him to take the playbook & teach the offense to the kid, wink,wink.

  2. Caption:

    -You went to Hattiesburg to see Brett?

    – Yup

    He showed you his Beanie Baby collection didn’t he?

    -He sure did.

  3. Say what you want about this kid and I don’t know if he’ll be successful or not, but it won’t be for a lack of trying. No one works harder than McCoy. Hope it all pays out for you and the Browns Colt.

  4. Everything I see hear and read about Colt McCoy makes me think he will be the man in Cleveland for a long time. He is doing all the right things to go along with having all the right stuff. Go Browns.

  5. Knock this kids arm strength all you want. His desire / motivation to win is
    immeasurable. Which is gonna put a couple more Ws in my Brownies win column.

  6. As a Texas Longhorn fan, I enjoyed watching Colt McCoy play. On top of being a good player, he also seems like a good person. I believe he’ll be a successful NFL quarterback. I’m impressed (but not surprised) that Colt took the initiative to improve himself during the lockout. I just wish the Browns would have gotten McCoy some better wide receivers!!

  7. McCoy looks like the real deal…

    He made every throw against the packers on Saturday…the question only remains about his durability – physical stature-wise – he’s an inch shorter and 10lbs. lighter than Rogers – but 2 inches taller and 10 lbs. heavier than Drew Brees…

  8. I came in thinking ‘Why was LeSean McCoy working out with Brett Favre, maybe thats where the Favre -> Eagles talk came from?’

  9. “We worked on footwork, progressions, reads and things like that. ”

    I’m not sure “Mr. Interception” is the right guy to work with on your reads. Not sure Brett ever really cared about where the right read took him. He went where he wanted to go with the ball, regardless sometimes.

  10. ” You still need to learn to throw in triple coverage and blame the receiver for running a bad route, otherwise you look great”

  11. I don’t know if working with Farve helped his game but he sure as hell played great during that 1st pre-season game..

    I think the Browns may very well have something special in that kid.

  12. BF: “So…those are my crocs…love em. Yeah, this whole backyard is ours for at least the next hour. What do you want to do, Colt? We could mow the lawn again…or maybe you want to dig? (running to the house) I’ll grab some shovels – I LOVE DIGGIN! Ha ha ha ha!”

    (from inside the house)

    BF: “Shut up, Deanna…he’s MY friend! Tell me where my shovels are!”

    (Colt begins to text his agent in a panic)

  13. thephantomstranger:

    “Brett has always been known as someone who likes tutoring young quarterbacks. Unless they’re BETTER THAN HIM.”


    Fixed that for you, Lee Harvey.

  14. Wouldn’t it have been a different story if so-called franchise quarterbacks like DeMarcus Russell (and all the other highly-touted QB’s who flamed out) had the brain and passion that Colt McCoy has?

    Stick Colt’s brain on Russell’s body, just as an example, and you’d have one monster quarterback!

  15. That speaks volumes about Colt’s determination to succeed in the NFL. And it was darn nice of Brett. Brady and Manning didn’t get where they are solely on their physical tools. They also work their butts off in prep. Colt’s already surprised me 10 times over. If he’s willing to put in the kind of work the top QBs do, he could be a real success in the league.


    “Son, it’s like you’ve been reading our playbook.”

  16. Colt will be fine. As for ‘durability’ as one commenter stated. 4 years with Texas and some of the toughest football around more than proved his durability. That coupled with his heart , determination and faith. Well , the sky is the limit. And as a sidenote, Gruden should try and brush up on his ‘language interpretation’ skills.

  17. @Deb
    That speaks volumes about Colt’s determination to succeed in the NFL. And it was darn nice of Brett. Brady and Manning didn’t get where they are solely on their physical tools. They also work their butts off in prep. Colt’s already surprised me 10 times over. If he’s willing to put in the kind of work the top QBs do, he could be a real success in the league.


    “Son, it’s like you’ve been reading our playbook.”

    Hey Deb. I really like your post and your willingness to call it for what it is. Last year we debated Colt if you remember and the “intangibles” I felt he had vs. your thoughts on him being soft and “not going to make it”. I applaud you for seeing things as they are rather than as you want them to be. Good debate then and I for one appreciate your commentary even when I disagree with it.

  18. I have a feeling this is going to happen again and again over time. Brett’s too beat up to play again, but you know he loves the game and this is as close as he’ll get. Bet we get a story every year about him mentoring some young kid.

    For the haters, why would Favre help Rodgers? Do you guys help people below you get in line for your positions? I’d never help someone take my job.

  19. @ Deb – i agree with you – and thought your caption was hilarious. i used to go by the handle of TexasStar back when your Tide rolled right over my Horns and caused a lot of people to question Colts toughness, integrity, and even his desire…maybe you remember me.

    anyhoo, i’m with Huddyk in saying that it’s nice to see someone on the boards who can accept reality even when it means the Steelers need to keep a’look over their shoulder 🙂

    i always enjoy reading your comments- even if i don’t always agree. keep on keepin’ on, Deb!

  20. Good for Colt. Favre didn’t survive this long in the league being average so he’ll have plenty to pass along. Although I am not a Browns fan, I am a McCoy fan……Hook’em!

  21. Yep the Browns are going to win the Super Bowl that preseason game means everything. Wait the Browns beat the Packers last year too in the preseason that worked out well for ya huh.
    If the Brown’s get to the playoffs and they are near the end of regulation or in OT don’t tell me they will think oh Goody Brint Favre was giving our QB advice. Nope they will watch the game through fingers covering their faces. As they flinch and mumble DON”T FAVRE IT

  22. A losing quarter back coaching a quarter back of a losing team?
    That does not equal a winning formula.

  23. @huddyk & luvyablue …

    Thank you so much! I was really impressed with Colt in his first start against the Steelers last season. He took a beating that day but stood his ground, maintained his poise, and showed a lot of leadership in a losing effort. I’m happy to have been wrong about him and look forward to seeing how his career progresses. I hope it means a return to the great Steelers/Browns rivalry of years past–as long as we win 😉

    And luvyablue, I definitely remember debating TexasStar 🙂

  24. packmanfan,

    Nobody has more wins than Brett and very few have a better winning percentage. Yeah, your downvotes pretty much sums up the failure of your post.

  25. @phantomstranger

    Thanks. But I don’t remember commenting on anything you had to say or not say which means mind your own business.

    Oh and I have a few rooms. I might even have an extra one over the garage at my guest house you can have for mowing my lawn and picking up the neighbors cat Shi$ in my garden. Then you can move out of your mom’s crib. I will even throw some Scooby snacks out for you if you do a good job. Until then speak only when spoken to if you are gonna be a prick.

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