Niners won’t be signing Culpepper, yet

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Despite indications that the San Francisco 49ers are prepared to sign quarterback Daunte Culpepper to a one-year deal, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the move won’t be made immediately.

Per the source, it could happen within the next week or so.

Until then, Culpepper remains available.  Looking at the depth charts in some NFL cities, it’s only a matter of time before his phone rings again.

34 responses to “Niners won’t be signing Culpepper, yet

  1. I guess the workout showed them what Lions, Dolphins and UFL fans already knew… he’s got nothing left. Hell the Redskins have 3 QB’s on their depth chart better than Culpepper and that is really saying something.

  2. Culpepper used to be one of my favorites in the NFL, ever since that knee surgery dude has never been the same….and thats a damn shame because he was a beast….id give him a shot to be the Ravens backup QB if he doesnt weigh 270 lbs…..goodluck Daunte

  3. its obvious the front office in SF is clueless. Them sticking with smith all these years is proof of that. They would be better off w/ just about anyone, especially Culpepper. Smith – just another 1st round BUST

  4. I would take Dante to replace Sanchez in a heartbeat.


    I can’t believe how many people hate my Jets. I love it. Better to be hated than ignored. Keep it coming fellas!

    Go Jets!

  5. It’s hard to believe this once proud and excellent organization did not address the QB situation at all during the off season and now are considering this relic.

  6. As a person I always liked Culpepper, the only player who can make a deal without an agent. Plus his get your roll on td dance is funny

  7. How about NEVER!!!

    If you want a guy who threw 20 TD & 32 INT since 2005 you can go 3-13 and we know how stellar that is.

  8. sj39 says: Aug 16, 2011 8:52 AM

    It’s hard to believe this once proud and excellent organization did not address the QB situation at all during the off season and now are considering this relic.


    did you not see them draft Colin Kaepernick HIGH in the second round? agree or disagree with his prospects as an NFL QB, the point is they did address the position with a high draft pick.

  9. The York Niner organization is a 3 ring dog and pony show right now. Anybody still think Baalke was a good choice for GM? My god. ANY experienced GM would have put his foot down and not let a rookie coach bring back the awful Alex Smith for another round of embarrassment. These idiots figured once they signed Harbaugh the myriad of problems this team had would just magically fix themselves. Talk about a miscalculation. Nobody knows what they’re doing in this pathetic organization and it shows.

  10. If you’re an NFL team, and you’re picking up a phone to call Culpepper to solve your QB needs for this season…. you’re in bigger trouble than you think.

    How San Fran drafted the kid Kaepernick and didn’t have a talented,competent mentor for the next year or so, is beyond me. There were several choices they could have picked up to fill this spot of being semi-competitive for 2011 and teaching his replacement along the way.

  11. Culpeppers a bum..always has been..Moss made him look good for years in minnesota and what happened after Moss left? So did Culpeppers career. He hadn’t had a good year since

  12. give him a descent offensive line and he can hit the receivers. The guy is talented! with Gore in the backfield alot of playaction could open up Crabtree and Braylon Edwards and V Davis! Culpepper was a stud at CFU with no namers! Smith who???

  13. Luck will go to the Bengals. I’m sure of it. Or Panthers.

    The Niners would have to go 3-13 or worse to nab Luck. Their Front Office and coaching staff would all be dead men if they had a record that bad in the NFC WEST.

  14. Really they just need someone to mentor Kaepernick. He isn’t ready to start yet. Niners don’t want to make the mistake they did with Alex and start him ASAP. Culpepper could mentor him but so could Mark Bulger. It just pisses me off that year after year, the Niners never start the pre-season knowing who their number one QB is. Get it together people!

  15. Maybe the workout wasn’t that great? They must still be looking.
    Or waiting is part of their grand strategy that makes sense to no one but them.

    Like signing Alex Smith to be the starter was….

  16. Mentor Kaepernick?? So they throw away another season in hopes that a “mentor” will be able to turn a rookie 2nd round project player in an NFL QB someday? Kaepernick has a very poor release and a slow, labored delivery. He is light years away from being an NFL ready QB and that IF he ever becomes one. And thats a big IF. This team is hopeless.

  17. this just proves that the niners are tanking this season on purpose so that they can draft andrew luck with the number 1 overall pick next year. either way niners suck.

    go raiders!!

  18. Any GM that commits money to Culpepper needs to be hauled off to the glue factory.

    If Culpepper is the answer, what was the question? “How can we be even more unproductive at QB this year”??

  19. so many idiots!!!

    how does the signing of a veteran QB to be your 2nd or 3rd stringer point to the team tanking the season? it actually points to the contrary, retards.

    how many of you have an IQ over 75?

  20. If they would focus as much of their efforts on shoring up the O-line to protect our QB’s, as they did on defense in recent weeks, the QB situation may be a moot point.
    A solid O-line can make any QB look good.

  21. Smith will surprise more than a few this year.. the first 6 years in the league were grooming years…

  22. BTW: Culpepper DOES have an agent now. I hope SF does a deal to get him…as QB mentor or back-up. I saw him play in Sacramento for UFL and he looked awesome — return to 2004!

  23. I’ve been a 49er fan for life. I read these post and think to myself, ” Where do we go from here?” We’ve made some good decisions in recent years, and A LOT of BAD ones. I just hope we can be the elite franchise we once were. ASmith was one of the dumbest re-signs I’ve seen us make tho. He hasn’t and won’t prove anything yet again so good Luck…

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