Shanahan on AWOL James Davis: “I think he’s retired”


Redskins running back James Davis, who walked out of training camp because he was upset with a lack of playing time, apparently won’t be back with the team.

The Redskins haven’t released Davis, but coach Mike Shanahan said he thinks Davis is done with football, period.

I think he’s retired from football. That’s my guess,” Shanahan said.

Shanahan added that the Redskins won’t fine Davis for walking out on them because he doesn’t have any money to take.

“I think maybe he’s made $1,500,” Shanahan said. “Add that up, that’s not good.”

Davis’s only public comment was a message on Twitter in which he told people not to believe what they hear, and added that the truth will come out eventually.

73 responses to “Shanahan on AWOL James Davis: “I think he’s retired”

  1. There’s no truth to come out in the future. It’s simple… 7 running backs and you’re the 7th on the depth chart and can’t even get playing time in the preseason for your team, then you aren’t wanted and maybe should consider moving on.

  2. hahahha must be a bored news day with each football camp…the 5th running back on the depth chart whos nobody really anyway…i like the 4 running backs ahead of him completely…

  3. james davis was completely wrong to walk out of camp. I would never want to play for mike shanahan – what a jerk

  4. shanny has to be the biggest douch in pro football.. i cant imagine why anyone would want to play for him..

    if he was as good at winning games as he is at making his players look like idiots he would have 10 super bowls

  5. Shanahan: “Yeah I think Clinton retired. He was here and then he left. Oh wait, you’re not talking about Clinton Portis? Who? James Davis? Who the hell is that?”

  6. “I think he’s retired. Or living in Spain or something. Finally writing that book he’s been meaning to all these years. That’s what I heard, anyway.”.

  7. who knows what is goin on when shanahan is involved in things. he seems crazier and crazier as time goes on.

  8. “I think maybe he’s made $1,500,” Shanahan said. “Add that up, that’s not good.”

    Way to be the bigger person, Coach. Does he just say anything that comes to mind?! Just cut the kid and move on. Why even entertain this?! This is why the Redskins are a complete joke! What a shame!

  9. At one point I really liked and respected Shanahan but the way he has handled players the last few years really makes him look like a fool. People can praise him for being funny or sticking to his guns but the result is bad Redskins football.

  10. I don’t blame Shanahan for clowning on this. He’s got a season to get ready for and reporters are asking him about a running back that had a 0% chance to make the team.

  11. James Davis just walked away from an opportunity that millions of people would love to have. Even if it is Shanarat or the Redskins, it’s still an NFL job and Davis is a scrub. He should be on his knees thanking his god for this opportunity. What’s he going to do now for a living?

  12. “Davis’s only public comment was a message on Twitter in which he told people not to believe what they hear, and added that the truth will come out eventually.”

    Translation: “I did something rash and really stupid and now I need time to concoct a story to make myself seem justified in my knee-jerk actions.”

    That all said, Shanahan probably drove him to it 🙂

  13. Well, If Shanny is taking a jab at James Davis, we won’t have to hear all the James Davis apologist come to his rescue like one lazy Donovan McNabb!!!

  14. some NFC East team will pick him up- if only for some playbook knowledge. loser we can do without. wish fat albert had walked away.

  15. Shanahan is such a d-bag. Why does he feel the need to bash the dude’s financial situation?? The guy saw he was not going to get an opportunity there, had a falling out with a coach, and left. Wow, just a classless move talking about how much money an employee made.

  16. Davis’s only public comment was a message on Twitter in which he told people not to believe what they hear, and added that the truth will come out eventually.
    Same as Jeremy Maclin I guess.

  17. Shanahan is a colosal failure in DC, what a idiot this guy is, redskins waisting their money on this guy.. Now i know elway really got denver their rings, this idiot had nothing to do with that? What a laughing stock these redskins are…

  18. “HERE” and “FEETWORK”…No wonder these idiots need 5 months of OTAs and mini camps just to remember the snap count.

  19. breeshasasprole says:
    Aug 16, 2011 4:34 PM
    Is Shanahan really that awful to play for??
    Yes, it’s starting to look like he is. Part of me wants to Haynesworth to dominate this year just so Shannahan looks like an even bigger tool.

  20. i pray that shanahan didnt make “advances” towards JD. “…the truth will come out eventually” has a very foreboding sound to it. by any chance, are shanahan and rex ryan friends?

  21. Man, remember when Shanahan was supposed to restore order and discipline and pride to the ‘Skins?

  22. rambo08 says:
    Aug 16, 2011 4:26 PM
    Some players just don’t appreciate the opportunities

    I don’t think that making $500.00/week is really something to be excited about when most fans make more than that.

  23. “Please do not believe everything you here people. The story will be released soon. The real truth of the story.” – James Davis Twitter….

    I get it, he’s writing a book. But he needs help with his spelling first.

  24. You look at that picture and tell me Shanny isn’t slowly morphing into Al “I’ve been a corpse for 5 years but if you won’t tell anyone I won’t” Davis. I dare you.

  25. Good job Shanny. Why broadcast how much money the kid had made. Classy move. It’s gonna be fun to watch this team win three games this year.

  26. Davis had signed a 1.4 million contract. You don’t walk away from that. If he can just make the special teams he is financially set for life. He is probably just too young and immature to understand what he just walked away from. In 10 to 20 years he will understand and regret what he did.

  27. The only mistake Davis made in walking out of camp was not stopping by to kick Shanahan in the balls first. What an egotistical little man.

  28. He flashed in a preseason game against the Lions a couple years ago. It was against their scrubs but after that he acted like he was a pro-bowler. He was really happy when the Browns cut his ass last year. Congrats on a stellar career James!

  29. James Davis will get the last laugh in this. He will be waived by the Skins, picked up by the Jets, and will run for nearly 1100 yards this season. You wait and see.

    Then again maybe I’ve just been smokin too much crack.

  30. They can fine him up to 20k per day for being absent, but he’s only made $1500 total? $1500 to get blasted by Orakpo during blitz pick-up drills? I’d walk out too!!

  31. @jsrdc

    Honestly, that was the dumbest thing I think I have ever read. U really should not comment at all.

  32. I liked James Davis @ Clemson, but why is anything a 5th string running back does news? Other than an outlet for needless Redskins trashing I cannot think of one. Ok, the “i think he retired” and “$1500” parts were humorous, but is this really necessary?

  33. I’m beginning to think congress is only the second most dysfunctional organization in Washington, DC.

  34. I betting some of you here were the type that went and cried to your mommy when a coach yelled at you, or you took drama or band and never played a sport at all.
    I had coaches that would say or do way worse things to me if I would of up and quit on them. let alone complain about playing time.

  35. They still dont know where he is? He could have made it to Buffalo for sure by now. He will need another 40 though.

    Watch out CJ Spiller, your job is not safe

  36. What a clown theres a million guys who would love to be in his situation and he walks away let him get a regular 9 to 5 and he will have regrets for his whole life

  37. Say what you want about the Redskins and Shanahan’s coaching style.. Here’s how I look at it, he took over a jacked up team made by Cerrato.. He took 2 probowl players Mcnabb, Haynesworth benched them then booted them to the curb… Now it seems that even the vets are playing for roster spots, but the key word PLAYING.. These Redskins are a bunch of guys who work hard and want a roster spot for this team and want to PLAY football.. You think stupid.. While I think good coaching, the coach runs the team that’s how it should be.

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