Tuesday morning one-liners


If LB Nick Barnett is healthy, he will be an upgrade for the Bills defense.

Matt Moore said that he’s not really thinking about competing for the starting quarterback job with the Dolphins.

Said Patriots WR Wes Welker, “I feel like I’ve gained a step from two years ago. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time, and I just want to continue to play well and continue to get better and do the things that help the team win.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan wasn’t happy with his offensive line’s performance on Monday.

S Mana Silva has benefited from other injuries in the Ravens secondary.

There’s a lot of doom and gloom around the Bengals right now.

Said Browns coach Pat Shurmur of WR Mohamed Massaquoi, “The next move is for him to be in a shoe moving around.  However long it takes for him to then say ‘okay,’ he’s in there.  We’re hopeful soon.”

Steelers WR Hines Ward is looking forward to playing the Ravens.

QB Matt Leinart had some positive moments in the Texans’ win over the Jets.

The Colts might use P Pat McAfee on long field goals this season.

The injury history of new Jaguars linebackers Paul Posluszny and Clint Session is a bit alarming.

Titans DT Karl Klug plays bigger than his size.

Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd and S Rahim Moore had a brief scuffle on Monday.

The Chiefs have brought several former Ravens aboard this offseason.

Catching up with Raiders rookie WR Denarius Moore about his impressive training camp.

It will be a running back committee for the Chargers again this season.

DL Marcus Spears wasn’t sure he’d be back with the Cowboys, but is glad he got a new contract from the team.

An MRI on Giants K Lawrence Tynes’ thigh revealed no serious injury.

DT Derek Landri has fit in well with the Eagles.

Nathan Enderle is pushing Caleb Hanie for the backup quarterback spot with the Bears.

The Lions are downplaying concerns about their running game.

A new study finds that the Vikings and other Twin Cities teams play in an overextended market.

Mike Johnson is back at Falcons practice and back in the competition to start at right guard.

Panthers RB Mike Goodson hasn’t solved his fumbling issues.

The Saints offensive line doesn’t follow established salary trends.

The Buccaneers signed former Bills CB Ashton Youboty to a two-year contract.

There’s no salary cap concern to the Cardinals signing WR Larry Fitzgerald to an extension.

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo thinks WR Mardy Gilyard has shown improvement from last year.

The orthopedic boot has been removed from 49ers WR Michael Crabtree’s left foot.

Tom Cable is pushing the Seahawks offensive line as fast as he can.

9 responses to “Tuesday morning one-liners

  1. “A new study finds that the Vikings and other Twin Cities teams play in an overextended market.”

    Someone please do the world a favor and contract the T-wolves.

  2. Neurotic Football League solution: Vikes to LA, which has already proven twice that it doesn’t have what it takes to support one pro football team.

  3. The Bengal article should’ve been titled “CNNSI gives Peter King a break from being designated staffer to write an article pooping on the Bengals without any substance”.


  4. blackqbwhiterb says:
    Aug 16, 2011 9:29 AM

    On multiple occasions you have left the WASHINGTON REDSKINS off the one liners…..
    That’s becau— Never mind. Too easy.

  5. Hell here in the Twin Cities our fans for all sports are bandwaggoners. The Vikings had to have special deals to sell playoff tickets.The fans are like LA fans only uglier and fatter
    God I hate the my fellow fans. They aren’t fans and the ones that claim they are are morons.
    Speaking of which where is Pervy Harvin or did he change his name to Hobartbaker?

  6. @scudbot

    LA fans soured on Undead Al’s Raiders when gangbangers were the only ones who attended Raider games and he stopped using any kind of common sense in fielding a team, yet still charged a premium to watch the crap that was the Raiders.

    Likewise, LA stopped supporting the Rams after their seahag bitch owner spent more on her yearly facelifts than annual player salary for the football team she inherited from her husband (why couldn’t she have died first).

    I believe any of you, in similar circumstances, would have done the same. Bad ownership decisions kill a team, and fan loyalty, pretty fast. Most fans, when faced with bad teams and unsafe stadium environments, cease supporting said team.

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