Ty Warren may have a serious triceps injury

The Broncos entered the post-lockout world with a massive hole at defensive tackle.

They mostly filled it with veterans other teams didn’t want, with former Patriot Ty Warren being the centerpiece.  And now they may have a big hole again.

Warren suffered a triceps injury on Monday that is believed to be serious, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  Fellow starter Marcus Thomas also left practice with a strained pectoral muscle and had to undergo an MRI Monday night.

The 1-2 punch could be devastating for a shaky Broncos defense. Warren, 30, was available in large part because he missed all of last season with a hip injury.  Denver owes Warren $4 million for 2011, which made him the team’s biggest free agent signing.

The team’s next in line at defensive tackle: former Eagle Brodrick Bunkley and former Redskin Jeremy Jarmon.

Broncos fans must be having flashbacks.  Last year, the team spent good money on former Patriots defensive lineman Jarvis Green. He didn’t make the team and is now out of the league.

UPDATE: He tore his triceps. The team hasn’t totally given up on Warren being available at some point during the season.

23 responses to “Ty Warren may have a serious triceps injury

  1. Move Tebow to tackle. A complete lack of skills for the position hasn’t stopped them from lining him up behind center. Why should it stop them from lining him up in front of one.

  2. If true, tough break for Ty Warren. He’s one of the good guys, does his job.

    Good thing he completed his degree at A&M and has prepared for life after football because after 30, hips/triceps are not good injuries to have

    Best of luck to a former Pat and good guy

  3. Former Redskin Jeremy Jarmon is a 4-3 defensive end. He couldn’t hold the point as a 3-4 end, and looked to be having difficulty moving up towards the 300lbs range.

    You could use him in the middle on 3rd an long, but he just doesn’t have the size to be defensive tackle on running downs. He is a 4-3 DE. His frame is too big to convert to OLB and too small to be a DT. He is plum in the middle of the 4-3 DE prototype, with the body type to be an all-rounder at left end. I really hope the Broncos give him a shot. He is not going to be a star but he could be a decent player for the Broncos, just not as a tackle.

  4. I feel for him but I want the broncos(remember those ugly orange crush jerseys?) to fail. 4 SB loses then they win 2 in a row in 98-99! damn, the vikes haven’t been that close since that beautiful but bummer day back on jan 9th, 1977 day in cali. 50 years of frustration. uh.

  5. Hey, they could have had Dareus or Fairly but they picked the OLB. Big, athletic interior men are a lot harder to find than OLBs.

  6. This is a classic situation where a guy has got his money and the game is no longer that important to him. Last offseason he was more concerned with his college degree than staying in shape and he ended up missing the entire season. He showed up at Patriots camp out of shape and was promptly cut.

    I dont necessarily blame him, he is set for life carried a few injuries and clearly the game no longer motivates him, he is done!

  7. Denver needs to start from scratch and rebuild. Looking back, that Shanny dumpage and Cutler trade was really bad for them. They went from a young .500 team with a few defensive holes, to having a whole lot of nothing!

  8. I think this is why Belichick dumped him. He’s been one injury after another. He got in hot water with Belichick last season because he blew off OTA’s to get his college degree. That’s all nice and fuzzy, but he can go back and get his college degree at any time. I think Belichick realized Warren wasn’t committed to football like he needs to be and his lack of conditioning was leading to a revolving door of injuries. I think he was right. Warren will likely be out of football entirely because he doesn’t have a fire in his belly for it anymore. It’s a shame, I remember one year he was a beast. If he was motivated he could probably played several more years and made several more millions or dollars. I guess he can now start using that college degree in agriculture.

  9. what backindasaddle says is generally accurate

    That being said, no one wants to see players go out like that

    Heck, I don’t even like to see members of the Jets injured.

    I’d prefer to watch other teams whoop them at full strength – these injuries just allow New York fans to make excuses why Rex’s 2nd straight year of promising a Super Bowl didn’t come to pass.

    Denver fans have enough class to know that injuries are part of the game, and would never make excuses.

  10. I don’t understand how you never heard of triceps tears even 5 years ago. Now you hear about ten of these injuries every year.

  11. This is the classic example as to why you don’t go signing veteran free agents. More times than not their former team had a good reason for not trying to sign them. Instead bring in a bunch of rookie free agents and make them compete for the job. You would be very surprised what good coaching and competition can do for an athlete and it comes at a fraction of the cost.

    @49erssuck4luck, this has always been a common injury for football players. From High School to the pros. I can remember Bryce Paup going down and several others.

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