49ers sign UFL quarterback, but it’s not Daunte Culpepper


Josh McCown is San Francisco’s new No. 3 quarterback, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

Last a member of the UFL’s Hartford Colonials, McCown has started 31 games in eight seasons in the NFL with four different teams.  He was last with the Panthers in the NFL from 2008-2009.

The 49ers kicked the tires on Daunte Culpepper, but never came to an agreement.  McCown is likely to make the team over a pair of undrafted quarterbacks.  He isn’t likely to play for San Francisco, barring injuries to Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

39 responses to “49ers sign UFL quarterback, but it’s not Daunte Culpepper

  1. I guess Culpepper’s price was a little too steep.
    All in all, I think I’d rather have Culpepper hanging around on the sideline.

  2. Good for him. As much as I hate the 49ers this is a good pick up. I don’t think Josh McCown ever really got a fair chance. He certainly fared better than Culpepper and Jamarcus in Oakland behind that poor excuse for an offensive line in 2007, and he’s been taking his lumps ever since. Hopefully he can get a flash and become a good option for a backup.

  3. Did you see the offensive line against the Saints? Sadly…he has a chance to play. They should carry 4 QBs if that is the type of line play they are getting…

    Don’t let the Kap (the rookie QB) start, let other guys take that abuse until the o-line gets figured out. Brady couldn’t stand in there behind that o-line…

  4. rickthefactor says: Aug 17, 2011 6:43 PM

    SF needs to trade for Josh Johnson damnit!!!
    I have been saying it for 2 years! Get’er done already Trent…

  5. Well, it’s better to sign him than Daunte Culpepper!!!

    In 8 games during the 2010 UFL season he threw 10 TD and 8 INT. That’s better than Culpepper’s 10 TD and 12 INT!!!

  6. Alex Smith is gonna be one of those guys that leaves the 9ers…..then in 4 or 5 years, be a backup on a contender….the starter will go down and he will make or win a Super Bowl

  7. Wait! Nate Davis was available to return ‘home’ and they took Bozo McClown? I get it, they’re making over the team in the image of the front office.

  8. Name any QB in FA that is better than Josh Mc? I always hated this dude but now I will embrace him and hope he actually never plays for the 49ers. 2 years younger than Daunte and better knees, for sure!

  9. I really gave Harbaugh some credit but I guess he just took SF back a few steps. J McCown has not done anything. That is why he is in the UFL. Gd Luck 49ers fan….Another dismal year, they could not do anything with the Saints defense. Gd Luck A Smith because you will be out like Cutler did in the playoff’s.

  10. The problem on this Offense is called “joe staley, Anthony Davis and Chilo Rachal. Put any serviceable QB infront of a good line and he will do a decent job and maybe put probowl numbers here and then.

  11. ampats says:
    Aug 17, 2011 6:27 PM

    1) Rams
    2) Cardinals
    3/4 Seahawks/9ers

    Remains to be seen. Though more likely the Cards are not No 2. They have lost a lot of key players and a new QB will not fix everything.

  12. I didn’t think the 49ers QB situation could get worse, but there it is…

    Every day I feel more and more that Harbaugh is going to tank the season to get his boy Luck.

  13. I think the 49ers should make a moderate trade offer for Tim Tebow. He is the same thing as Kaepernick only he weights 80 lbs more and looks like a linebacker. He could handle the beatings and would still have the ability to make plays. And who knows maybe he sparks that college fire he had and can win that division.

    If not Tebow then another Broncos QB in Brady Quinn. This guy still has never had a fair shot IMO and perhaps he can play if in the right situation. At the same time if he is a bust who cares let him take the beating that will happen this season and let Kaepernick play next year.

    Just don’t let what happened to David Carr to happen to Kaepernick.

  14. WoW! My niners keep digging themselves deeper into a hole instead of covering it!! This signing doesnt make any sense whatsoever!! Why sign a guy that you know will NOT COMPETE for the starting job?!? Its just sheer stupidity & a waste of money! As somebody said he was in the UFL for a reason! Come on Niners big shots wake up! Who’s making the calls up there!? Are they trying to compete in the NFL or get demoted to the UFL!? Im true Niners fan but having these three QB’s that will prob be back ups or maybe not even make sum of the other teams.. its like bringing a butter knife to a gunfight!! Alex Smith will prob be a future UFL qb or maybe back up! Hope Im wrong! Go Niners!

  15. Got this from Matt Borrow’s of the Sac Bee: (makes sense)

    “Why McCown? He played twice for 49ers quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst, who was an assistant in Arizona and Carolina when McCown was on those squads. Like Culpepper, McCown has played for Dennis Green, a coaching disciple of Bill Walsh. Green didn’t run a pure West Coast offense in Arizona like Harbaugh is running with the 49ers. But Green said Monday that the systems are close enough that an incoming quarterback should have little problem stepping in right away.”

  16. Better McCown then Culpepper. And you can’t trade for Johnson if the Bucs don’t want to trade him.

  17. 3rd QBs rarely ever see the field so how is this signing going to effect the team in any way? The other two QBs behind Smith and Kaepernick are basically UDFA camp arms so they needed to get a vet backup somewhere.

  18. The bumbling 49ers are just a disgrace these days. Does anyone in this entire pathetic organization have a clue? Been a Niner fan my whole life but I can honestly say I don’t even care anymore. I expect nothing but more losses from the San Francisco Bengals.

  19. the Niners hilariously bad collection of QB’s are the worst in all of football. The fact this 3 ring dog and pony show that is the Niners thought they could enter the season with nothing more than Alex the Awful and a 2nd rookie project player at the QB position pretty much tell you all you need to know about how well this pitiful organization thinks through its decisions. This will be a 3-13 season for the York Niners.

  20. You’ve heard of conspiracy theories, well how about “Nemisis theory?!” Daunte Culpepper, Pro Bowl QB who set many records in NFL must be scratching his head about SF’s decision to name Josh McCown who has been his nemesis in several ways:
    Years ago, McCown throws winnning TD for Arizona to knock Vikings out of final contention for playoffs. Heart-breaking Viking’s loss;
    Fast-forward to Raiders: media and fans can clearly see that Culpepper out-plays McCown in pre-season and should be named Raider’s starter but McCown is named starter and subsequently can’t play much because of many injuries;
    Fast-forward to UFL: Daunte’s first game as QB is against Hartford, with McCown as QB. Daunte has a very bad UFL start while McCown shines;
    Fast-forward/STOP: both Culpepper and McCown work out for 49’ers and YES, again McCown bests Culpepper.
    Head scratching how this one guy can be such a thorn in CPep’s side?!!
    Good luck, Pep and may you land on another NLC as back-up or to mentor. There’s still gas in the tank for you. But just make sure McCown isn’t anywhere in sight!!

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