Bryan Cox doesn’t get why people think he’s crazy


Bryan Cox spent 12 years as an NFL player, and it’s surprising to some people who followed his playing career that he’s now a Dolphins assistant coach because, frankly, Cox came across as too nuts to be a coach.

Cox doesn’t get why people feel that way.

“Some people, when they show passion, it’s ‘passion,’ and others, he’s a ‘crazy person,’ “Cox said. “I don’t understand that.”

One of the players Cox coaches, however, knows all too well. Jason Taylor remembers Cox as the crazy guy who cursed up a blue streak on the field, challenged an entire sideline of Bengals players to a fight and gave the finger to fans.

“Just Google Bryan Cox, and they’ll see him calling people No. 1,” Taylor said.

Cox promises there will be none of that now that he’s in coaching, and that he’s going to be a quiet guy on the sidelines.

“Very quiet,” Cox said. “I believe that the game is for the players. It’s not about the coaches, so I kind of keep my mouth shut.”

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  1. Crazy, huh. Yeah…crazy like a fox.

    A bi-polar, schizophrenic, borderline personality disorder afflicted fox.

  2. Why don’t you provide a little bit more background on the two examples that makes Cox “crazy?”

    Cox challenged those Bengals because of the dirty hit they had on Miami’s kicker at the time, Pete Stoyanovich.

    Cox’s double finger salute came from him reacting to all if the racist slurs being directed at him as well as getting death threats from some fans from Buffalo.

  3. Bryan Cox played LB for the Dolphins with another LB named Beavers, while at the same time there was a guy named Butts playing RB for some other team.

    If only Butts had been a Dolphin, it would’ve been the all-star team of last names. I looked it up, Butts played for the Pats and Chargers, so at one time an announcer actually could’ve made the call that Butts was just hit by Cox with Beavers finishing up the play.

  4. @someguyiniowa

    Hmm racial slurs he says, I guess Brian Cox was the only African American athlete playing for the Dolphins at the time. Please, it’s the typical scapegoat for athletes who just make absolute fools of themselves, embarrass the league, and their fans. But rather than apologizing like a man and admitting the wrong they caused lets pull the race card and make everything ok, let’s not be so naïve. If there were trashy fans who were screaming racial slurs then the athlete has a responsibility to be a role model for the kids and tune it out like every other great player does when walking into an opposing rivals stadium, rather than spitting and saluting the fans with the bird…no class.

  5. Cox may be crazy – but he always played hard.

    Many Patriots fans credit him (and Belichick for bringing him in) for teaching his teammates a sense of toughness as well as camaraderie – that the defense is only as strong as its weakest link, and that everyone’s role is just as important as each others.

    That played no small part in the improbable 2001 Super Bowl season that started the dynasty and a defensive mindset that’s never left.

    If he can pass that attitude, as well as passing along some of his pass rushing technique, he’s well worth what Miami is paying him.

  6. @blledgreen80

    Maybe the truth hurts..and it’s very easy to say that from yours as well tough guy..what exactly did I say to hurt your feelings?

  7. Crazy people seldom understand why others think they are crazy. Part of the whole “being crazy” experience.

  8. “Cox promises there will be none of that now that he’s in coaching, and that he’s going to be a quiet guy on the sidelines.”

    And getting off the ‘roids doesn’t hurt either.

  9. Racial slurs? If I remember, Bryan Cox liked to spit on opposing teams fans, especially when the fish were losing. Thats why the guy caught a couple of snowballs to his big head.

    You don’t walk into someone else’s house(75,000+fans) spitting and throwing the bird, and not expect people to call you crazy.

    Go Bills!!!!

  10. Please allow me to clarify this a bit more, I’m sure that Cox was called racial slurs and it is by no means accepted and those horrible fans should’ve been ejected from the game. Being called racial slurs is still no excuse to spit on fans and give the bird to all of those people present at the game. As an athlete you have a responsibility that’s why they get paid all of that money, you need to represent the league your team and yourself in a classy, gallant fashion. Like I said, I am sure that Cox was not the only African American playing for the Dolphins at the time, so if all those players can realize the accountability they walk with when they put on that uniform why couldn’t he? That’s not a race issue that’s a moral issue. I’m not trying to cause offense to anybody here, and as a matter of fact my best man at my upcoming wedding is African American so don’t start getting any ludicrous ideas about my personal views of racism. I am 130% in favor of full punishment of the law for such crimes but that’s not my issue and neither here nor there, my issue with Cox is simple, he made a wrong. You can’t always get out of actions because race is an excuse. Maybe he should’ve carried himself after the game in the post game press conference with “this was a tough game for me emotionally with racial slurs from the fans, but I kept my calm because it’s never worth stooping to someone’s level, and for the kids watching at home never allow yourself to fall into temptation for some else horrible actions”. That looks a lot better than spitting on fans and giving the bird, and there are no excuses for such actions race or not.

  11. He had not been a Dolphin long when he challenged that Bengals sideline. He became one of my favorites that day. Any guy willing to defend a teammate against a cheap shot is OK with me. Loved his passion for the game. Glad to have him back. Best wishes Bryan!

  12. Someone PLEASE find the video of Bryan Cox standing with his helmet off during and PAT attempt. He was playing with the Chi. Bears. dave wannstedt was the coach. That was when I knew B. Cow was loco.

  13. I’m a Pats fan and I have a soft spot for the guy. But he’s always said he considers himself a Dolphin, so I wasn’t surprised he ended up in Mia. Would have loved him in NE as a LB coach a some point.

  14. Was my favorite player growing up. GREAT to have him back as a coach. I miss watching him go up to snowy buffalo. It was the us against the world mentality. Ahhhh those were the days. You know…the days when the Jets were 1-15 4-12 etc every year and the fans would come watch the Jets get beat 52 -10 and they would still run their mouth like rex ryan until the Dolphins fan couldn’t take it anymore and beat them within an inch of their lives. I can’t wait to see the Dolphins beat the Jets twice this year. I can only hope we eventually go to 49 states and make it Lake New Jersey.

    The End. (of Rex Ryan and New Jersey)

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