Eli’s remarks were out of character, perhaps not inaccurate


Giants quarterback Eli Manning has given himself a spot among the NFL’s elite, a surprising declaration from a guy who has a track record for being low-key and humble.

With Eli scheduled to join PFT Live on Friday, it was a topic of discussion on today’s PFT Live, both when I was talking alone — and when I was joined by NBC’s Tony Dungy.

Put simply, there’s a chance that another guy in the New York market with a knack for talking big may have rubbed off on Eli.

For more on why Eli said it, and whether there’s any merit to his contention (and, actually, there may be), check out the clip from today’s show.

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49 responses to “Eli’s remarks were out of character, perhaps not inaccurate

  1. Tom Brady Stats First 7 years
    Games Started: 94
    Completions: 1,896
    Attempts: 3,064
    Percentage comp.: 57.87%
    Yds: 21,564
    Avg: 6.36 yds/att
    TD: 147
    Int: 78
    Sacks: 182
    Fumbles: 59
    Fumbles lost: 25
    Rushing yds: 435
    Rushing TDs: 3

    Eli Manning stats First 7 years
    Games Started: 103
    Completions: 1,932
    Attempts: 3,332
    Percentage comp.: 57.2%
    Yds: 22,646
    Avg: 6.8 yds/att
    TD: 156
    Int: 113
    Sacks: 166
    Fumbles: 59
    Fumbles lost: 27
    Rushing yds: 350
    Rushing TDs 3

  2. Not that I think Eli is an elite QB, but the guy’s career numbers in the postseason are just as good if not better than the media darling Philip Rivers who everyone wants to crown as elite.

  3. I guess by your logic Trent Dilfer was an elite quarterback. Manning is like Tony Romo: great at times but makes too many mistakes. Not just last year either. Manning is better than average but not elite!

  4. The one thing this guy did right was keep his mouth shut, which is very important in NYC.

    Whoops….. I guess he can always fall back on his acting career

  5. This is what I said earlier on a previous post this morning:

    “Aug 17, 2011 9:12 AM
    To all you saying Manning would be a backup quarterback in this league, I really must ask if you watch the same league as I do.

    This year, teams will be starting quarterbacks by names of Tavaris Jackson, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, Chad Henne, Colt McCoy, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Fitzpatrick, John Beck/Rex Grossman, and possibly Jimmy Clausen. I’m sorry but if you told me these teams would pass on Eli, or sit him behind the likes of these players, I think you may have been dropped on the head a few too many times (or played against James Harrison).

    Is Eli elite? That depends on your definition. If we’re talking about the top third of the league being elite, yes. Top 4, then no. The only players who are outright better than Eli who I cannot argue against are Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, Roethlisberger.

    The only current starting QBs in the league with a SB ring are: Brady (3), Roethlisberger (2), Brees (1), Rodgers (1), P. Manning (1), and Eli (1). I don’t know about you, but that’s my definition of Elite. Sure, 25 interceptions are a lot, but it seems only Eli gets crucified whereas Brees and Favre get anointed. But I get it. Eli plays for NY, so you inherently hate him. His big brother probably eliminated your team a few times as well, so you hate him more. And he looks like your brother-in-law, so you hate him even more.

    Oh yeah, two more points:

    Eli has not missed a start since taking over as the Giants’ quarterback.

    And out of all of the “elite” quarterbacks listed above, Eli has the highest Wonderlic Test score.

    (yes, I am at work, and yes, I am bored)”


    Mike touched on all my points. So Mike and PFT Crew, if you’re looking for a new writer, this could be my application.

    But thank you for not being one-sided like the majority of the commenters here (like the guy above—have you ever watched football?).

  6. Keep it simple: How many NFL teams would rather have Eli as their starter versus the one they have on opening day? 15? 20?
    Personally, I think Eli would have a better chance to be considered an elite QB if he were the best one among his own siblings.

  7. I dont know man. Im a big chargers fan which means i hate eli manning BUT that last drive to win the superbowl was awesome

  8. Brady’s TD / INT ratio is the best ever.

    Brady’s Yards per Attempt is significantly higher. (7.4 vs 6.8).

    Brady makes fewer mistakes and piles up more yards than Eli.

  9. pigskinswag says:Aug 17, 2011 3:23 PM

    Elite QBs (in alphabetical order): Brady, Brees, Manning, Rivers, Rodgers, Roethlisberger


    Response: Delete Rivers from that list and add Eli, and you have active Superbowl-winning QB’s.


    medtxpack says:Aug 17, 2011 3:25 PM

    hell be the new Favre, one SB and countless INTs. 25 just last year.


    Response: How insulting to compare him to a first ballot hall of fame QB.


    polishrod says:Aug 17, 2011 3:33 PM

    There’s definitely about 20 QBs in the league better then Eli

    Including Vince Young


    Response: Way to quickly destroy your credibility with that VY statement. Won’t get alot of support for that here.

  10. I also have to ask who gave my post with a comparison of Eli and Brady’s numbers through their first 7 seasons a thumb’s down? Is posting statistics that prove an unpopular, controversial point to, in fact, be true the sort of thing that is frowned upon around here?

    Wake up! Some of you have simply made up your mind about Eli, and no amount of evidence to that might contradict your uneducated-opinions will alter your perception. At least admit it so that we can see you for what you are–an ignorant hater– and ignore you.

  11. Sorry, but Eli Manning is not an elite QB. He may have won a SB, and got the MVP of that game…but c’mon, what’s he done since then? Has he even come close to winning a league MVP?

    When one talks about an elite QB, you don’t talk about one season, but the entire body of work. One season does NOT a career make. Eli doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Brady, or Peyton, or Favre, or Marino, or Montana……he is inconsistent and just doesn’t belong in that class of QB.

  12. “Personally, I think Eli would have a better chance to be considered an elite QB if he were the best one among his own siblings.”

    You’re too kind. He needs to be best in his whole nuclear family and he’s mired in 3rd place.

    Cheers, BostonTim

  13. For all of you who think eli is in the same class as Brady ponder this. If both of them cease playing right this moment:

    1. Who is a first ballot HOF qb?
    2. Number of best all time regular + postseason
    3. Number of league MVP won
    4. Number of pro-bowl selections

    I have never heard a defensive player or a team worry about eli and have to game plan for him.

  14. rascalmanny says:
    Aug 17, 2011 3:05 PM
    I have no problem with what he said. I’d pick him over Vick any day. I think Eli is underrated anyway.


    That’s because you’re a dolt.

  15. @polishrod

    I’m guessing you:

    A) are and never will be an NFL GM or Scout
    B) have never one a fantasy football

    You go ahead and take Vince Young and while you’re at it why don’t you pick up Willie Parker for your starting running back.

  16. Eli is a crybaby punk, daddy tell san diego i wont play for them waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! As bad as elway

  17. @kujonicus

    The reason for the thumbs down are becuase ur numbers are completely incorrect. They are for the following reasons:

    1) Your Brady completion % is completely wrong. Do the math. I checked and it is almost 62%…nearly 5% higher than Eli’s
    2) You are comparing Brady’s first 7 yrs vs Eli’s but Brady sat for a year and only threw 3 passes in that first year yet Manning was the starter almost from the get go playing in 10 games his first year. Not fair to Brady. So let’s exclude Brady’s first year but take the next season that you took out so we are comparing 7 yrs to 7 yrs. Brady’s yds go up to over 26,000, completion % goes up to about 64%.
    3) Your yds per completion is also way off for Brady. Redo your math and you will that you will get 11.3 yds per completion or even 7.03 per attempt…well above ur claim of 6. Your yds per attempt for Eli is spot on though. It would go up to just over 11 yd per completion if you used that.

    Please check your math before spouting off stats please.

  18. “kujonicus says: Aug 17, 2011 3:09 PM

    Tom Brady Stats First 7 years”

    I see what you did here. Very Clever, Compare Brady’s first year with o starts, 1 game played with just a few snaps and 3 balls thrown to Eli’s first year where he came in annointed as a starter. so Eli starts out a whole years worth of stats ahead of Brady. And yet the stats you inadvertantly leave out for Brady’s first 6 years (actually 5 and 7/8ths) and Eli’s first 7 were wins/losses. Even though the years you are comparing has Brady not playing in one of them:

    Brady 70-24; Manning 60-43. But give Brady the 7th year he started and its 86-24 60-43. So after 7 years each as a starter, Brady is 62 games over 500 and manning is 17. ‘

    Cheers, BostonTim

    JOKE manning is.

    Cheers, BostonTim

  19. Can’t wait until you interview Tony Romo and bring up some of the wacky stuff you’ve said about him. Or are you too scared? Or is he above being interviewed by you? haha

  20. The ultimate point is that Manning was asked a question by a reporter of whether he is in the same class as Brady as a QB (a top 5 guy). He answered yes. If you are a fan of a team whose QB would answer no to that question, your team needs to go find another QB because he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in the NFL. All of these guys should think that they are the best mf-er on the field every time they step on it.

    Manning has that mental makeup. For that reason alone, Giants fans should feel a little happier.

  21. Tom Brady Stats First 7 years
    Games Started: 94
    Completions: 1,896
    Attempts: 3,064
    Percentage comp.: 57.87%
    Yds: 21,564
    Avg: 6.36 yds/att
    TD: 147
    Int: 78
    Sacks: 182
    Fumbles: 59
    Fumbles lost: 25
    Rushing yds: 435
    Rushing TDs: 3

    Eli Manning stats First 7 years
    Games Started: 103
    Completions: 1,932
    Attempts: 3,332
    Percentage comp.: 57.2%
    Yds: 22,646
    Avg: 6.8 yds/att
    TD: 156
    Int: 113
    Sacks: 166
    Fumbles: 59
    Fumbles lost: 27
    Rushing yds: 350
    Rushing TDs 3


    Tony Romo:
    Games started: 61
    completions: 1326
    Attempts: 2070
    Comp %: 64.1%
    Yds: 16,650
    Avg: 8.0 Y/A
    TD: 118
    INT: 62
    Sacks: 106
    Fumbles: 35
    Fumbles lost: 16
    Rushing yds: 413
    Rushing TDs: 3


    Passing yards per game:
    Brady 229.4
    Manning 219.86
    Romo 272.95

    Attempts per TD:
    Brady 20.8
    Manning 21.35
    Romo 17.54

    Attempts per INT:
    Brady 39.28
    Manning 29.48
    Romo 33.38

    TDs per INT:
    Brady 1.88
    Manning 1.38
    Romo 1.90

    Attempts per sack:
    Brady 16.83
    Manning 20.07
    Romo 19.52

  22. Eli is a mediocre quarterback. There are at least 10 NFL QB’s better than he is. Best thing that happened to San Diego was him refusing to play there.

  23. “Please check your math before spouting off stats please.”

    @BostonTim, Good catch. To make matters worse for kujonicus, he started whining about the thumbs down. Fail.

    What the stats do show is the Eli has had a pretty good career and is in the upper tier of QBs in the league. Elite? Eh, not really, but I’d certainly put him in the next round of top QBs.

    It’s hard to put Superbowl wins/non wins for or against a QB because he doesn’t play defense.

  24. @melonhead

    You are using his stats…they are incorrect

    Brady’s yds per attempt is actually over 7 and his completion percentage is actually 62% and if you take his first complete 7 years it is actually over 64%.

    Romo and Brady have similar completion % etc but Brady also throws less picks than Romo.

    But in all fairness why are we considering the careers of the players? Let’s just look at the percentages? Feel like we are just trying to single out a time period where one might eek out another for some obscur reason.

    Completion Percentage
    Brady: 63.6
    Eli: 58.0
    Romo: 64.1

    TDs to INT
    Brady: 2.53
    Eli: 1.38
    Romo: 1.90

    Yds per Attempt
    Brady: 7.4
    Eli: 6.8
    Romo: 8.0

    Eli is not in the same category as the other two. I would leave Romo out as elite based on the fact he does not have that leadership quality that a Brady or a Peyton Manning has and nor has he been able to lead his team to a championship. I mean Romo is only 1-3 in the playoffs. Plus he really has only had 5 season as a starter and two of those he has missed a number of starts. Just my opinion

  25. ps. I also love the guys that put their hometowns in front of their names……Boston-tim, are you sure you werent born in BitterSprings, AZ? At least you have a good baseball team.

  26. @arlington

    Don’t think it’s fair to just single out rings alone…one man can only do so much…it’s a combo of a QB being a leader as they should be, his performance and that of the defense and other parts of the offense.

    I think a lot of people will agree that Eli really rode the shoulders of his defense and run gun in his title run as he has since he has played. Not saying he is garbage but still would not put him in the elite. The elite to me is the top 3 Qbs or so, the guys like Brady, Peyton Manning and I think Brees may start sneaking in if he doesn’t throw the kind of picks he did last year. Elite are guys that should be the unquestioned leaders, high percentage and proven. Eli does not show a great completion %, I question his overall leadership etc…now that is not to say he is not a decent QB in the NFL.

    I would put Brady, Peyton and Brees in the elite (almost left him out becuase of all those picks but he has great leadership, completes a high rate of his passes etc). Next I would put guys like Romo, Rivers and Rodgers (was going to put him up there in elite but only has 3 yrs starting…one more yr needed to prove it). Guys that have a lot of talent and could push into elite over the next few years but I feel they either need another couple years to prove they can sustain, or maybe they are lacking in one thing or another. Eli is in the next category with good solid QBs but do not see pushing elite any time soon unless a major jump or progress is made.

    Jsut my humble opinion.

  27. Eli is not in the same category as the other two. I would leave Romo out as elite based on the fact he does not have that leadership quality that a Brady or a Peyton Manning has and nor has he been able to lead his team to a championship.


    You know what you’ve read about Romo’s leadership ability. Matter of fact the same could be said of Brady’s and Manning’s. Trent Dilfer has as many championships as Peyton Manning. They both have more than Dan Marino.

  28. @anthony20031

    I don’t totally disagree with your sentiments. But what Eli doesn’t get credit for is his intangibles. If you’re not an avid Giants fan it may be hard to convey whT it takes to play in the NY market, and play well. He’s humble, level headed and is extremely self deprecating. He plays through pain ( remember him bleeding all over the place last year?) his teammates love him and battle for him an with him. He never puts himself first, isn’t. “me” guy. You see Rivers yelling at opposing fans and being an all around dink. All the able posters spout stats stats and more stats….but how about Eli making huge plays on the biggest stage under the most intense pressure a human could imagine ( 4 billion tv viewers or something ridiculous). I bet Rivers folds like book…and that’s why he’s elite. At least in my eyes. Being a great player isn’t just about numbers.

  29. If you define elite by using the SB and/or SB MVP argument then your entire opinion should be tossed immediately. Football is the ultimate team sport. The MVP is usually the QB, mainly b/c they get soooo much credit when the team wins, and soooo much blame when the team loses.

    If you watch the games, and you know the stats (the right ones people), then you know with ease that Eli Manning not only IS NOT elite, he is not even close. He BARELY cracks the top 15, hell that might be a gift.

    Drew Brees did throw just 3 less INT’s, but he also threw the ball about 120+ more times than Eli…so why don’t we look at a little thing called INT% (number of INT’s/number of PA) – Eli’s was 4.6% (which is BRUTAL) and Brees’ was 3.3% (which isn’t good either). That’s a much more telling stat, it’s about efficiency.

    Yes, most QB’s have that rough season…but mentioning Peyton had 4.9 and 4.3 INT% seasons – in his rookie and 4th year. Since then it’s been 2.3%. Eli has been under 3% just two times…two…last year was his 7th season. Cmon…that’s not a comparison.

    I could go on forever, but here is a list of the QB’s better than Eli. If you want to know why, I’ll def school you on that…

    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning
    Drew Brees
    Aaron Rodgers
    Philip Rivers
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Tony Romo
    Matt Schaub
    Joe Flacco
    Matt Ryan
    Michael Vick

    This list is QB’s who are probably better, it could DEFINITELY be argued (again, ask and be schooled):

    Josh Freeman
    Sam Bradford
    Matthew Stafford (if healthy)
    Jay Cutler
    Kyle Orton
    Matt Cassel

    The best Eli Manning ranks is 12th, the worst is 18th…fact is, he is a very very very average QB that is extremely inconsistent (his biggest flaw).

    Since Eli’s rookie season (2004) his total QBRtg+ is 97 (100 is average, above is better, below is worse) – this stat is his QBRtg vs. the avg QBRtg during the same time frame. Meaning that Eli Manning is BELOW AVERAGE for his career against his peers. His 97 ranks 33rd in football during the same time frame…behind guys like: behind Delhomme, Leftwich, Plummer, Kitna…should I continue b/c it’s embarrassing…

    His QBRtg+ ranks just 11th since 2008 (his best 3 years by far)…and its well, well, welllllll behind the elite (106 for Eli, Rivers is 124, Brady’s is 122, Rodgers is 119, Peyton and Romo’s are 114).

    End. Of. Story.

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