Lions fans won’t get to welcome back Matt Millen

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When the 2011 regular-season schedule came out, one of the first games I circled on the schedule lands on Monday, October 10.

Chicago at Detroit.

It marks the return of the long-suffering Lions to Monday Night Football.  And it also entailed (or so we thought at the time) the return of Matt Millen to Motown.

Millen has been part of ESPN’s on-site Monday Night Football coverage for the last two years, sitting at a field-level desk with Stuart Scott and Steve Young.

It would have been loud.  It would have been memorable.  It would have been great.

But, alas, it won’t be.

Trent Dilfer is taking Millen’s spot, as Millen focuses exclusively on college football for 2011.

And so Millen, who had three jobs last season (ESPN college football, Monday Night Football, and NFLN Thursday Night Football) is down to one.

Lions fans would say that’s still one too many.

37 responses to “Lions fans won’t get to welcome back Matt Millen

  1. That’s disappointing — I was hoping that Detroit could welcome him back in style. Martin Mayhew has done a great job at the Lions GM and only now is the team moving back toward the point of respectability — that’s how much damage Millen caused during his time managing the team.

  2. It is one too many. Especially considering I still have to listen to him broadcast my Alma Mater.

  3. As bad as Millen was as GM in Detroit, Lion Fans will find out that their ‘losing ways’ are a franchise problem & can’t be attributed to just one person ……. Ten years from now Lion Fans will still be blaming Millen for all their ineptness on the field ……. 2011 …. Lions …… 5-11 ….. Take it to the bank …….

  4. Good! The last thing this team needs is any reminder of the guy who sent us into the NFL wilderness for a decade.

    How he manages to parley his demonstrated talent-evaluation incompetence into jobs commenting on players is a mystery. He must have quite a collection of incriminating photos.

  5. oh god, get over it already. He is not the only reason the Lions have stunk the last 15 years.

  6. Millen may not have been a very good GM but he is a very good analyst. Insightful, quick and informative. While I can understand the dislike from Lions fans he is a pleasure to listen to during a game.

  7. The boos at Ford Field would have been epic.

    Now if we can just get him out of that seat as the lead color analyst for ABC’s Big Ten football coverage…

  8. blaz0037 says: Aug 17, 2011 5:28 PM

    oh god, get over it already. He is not the only reason the Lions have stunk the last 15 years.

    Guess someone needs to brush up on their history or math…or both

  9. If this is all the Lions fans have to look forward to then they are bigger losers than I thought.

    And I did not think that highly of them to begin with.

  10. i’ll bet dollars to donuts that this game is terrible. why would they allow the lions to be


    yes, that’s what i meant

  11. Millen probably won’t come back because he’s afraid WCF filed a theft complaint against him for all the $$ he paid him over the decade. What a waste of ten years.

    For those of you saying he wasn’t the cause of it, I give you Charles Rogers. And Joey Harrington. And Michael Williams. And Ernie Sims. And Kevin Smith. And Jordan Dizon. And Marty Morninwheg. And Rod Marinelli. And….. Sorry, I’m sure you don’t have the time.

  12. They would to have put every security person around that announce area. The game would have taken a back seat

  13. There are a lot of stupid posts to this article from people saying to get over it or that the Lions always suck.

    We may have gone 0-16 but we’re the only ones who can say we went through it. We’re the only ones who know what that feels like.

    In the end when the Lions are playing well again we’ll remain humble and not let our success misguide us. Like so many people posting right now.

    Don’t tell us to get over it, if you can relate to it.

    Imagine the #1 team in your heart being gutted for 10 years and being the laughing stock of the league. It’s not something I would wish upon anyone.

    One job for Millen…. IS to many!

  14. beastofeden says:
    Aug 17, 2011 5:44 PM
    Rodney Marinelli is the true perpetrator against the Lions faithful


    and who may I ask hired him and allowed him to sign every Bucs reject available?

  15. It isn’t like Millen killed the Lions on purpose, he just wasn’t very good at his job. No, wait… he completely stunk at his job.

    Any way it goes, his damage is just about done with. The Lions will likely finish second in the NFC North this year, if not a close 3rd behind the Bears (the debacle known as the Vikings are a lock to finish last).

  16. I remember last season when he was praising DeMarcus Ware and how amazing it must be to have a guy like that on the team. Well Matt, you could have. Instead you chose your twelfth straight wide receiver. At least Mike Williams is producing now…….for another team

  17. oh my gosh whatever will we do without matt millen’s awesome insight?
    matt millen=solid LB, terrible GM, terrible broadcaster

  18. Not only did Matt Millen destroy the Lions for a decade but he continues to inflict damage on downtrodden NFL franchises as he remains the one good argument Mike Brown has for not hiring a GM in Cincinnati.

  19. I went to all the trouble of registering on this thing just to say Matt Millen as a GM and NFL analyst, is a disgrace to the NFL and not just Detroit

  20. When the Lions hired Matt Millen, he was instantly my favorite NFL team executive. And because of the Ford’s loyalty to him, I was able to appreciate him for a long time, his total incompetence not withstanding. Why? As a tv analyst, he is an insufferable gas bag who affects a ludicrously authorative tone for his game long inane chatter. Please, somebody, get him back to the front office!

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