Maclin had lymphoma scare

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After weeks of ambiguity regarding the health of Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin, there finally is some clarity, both for him and his family.

Maclin tells Jay Glazer of that the third-year receiver has been cleared after undergoing tests for lymphoma.

News of the possible diagnosis came on Maclin’s birthday, May 11.  Lymph nodes were removed and tested last week, and he has received word that he does not have cancer.

Maclin told Glazer that the problem was determined to be a virus.

In April, Maclin said he had lost 15 pounds due to a “mono-like” illness.

The Eagles reportedly will be making a statement tonight regarding Maclin’s situation.

It’s now clear why Maclin’s status was so sketchy, and why so little information was available.  Though he’s going to be fine, Maclin had some nervous moments.  We’re glad that he can now relax and focus on getting himself ready to play.

82 responses to “Maclin had lymphoma scare

  1. Good News! Glad to have you back Mac. Time to work on staying ahead of Steve Smith on the depth chart.

    P.S. Thanks for always running straight into the end zone.

  2. This is always good to hear, cancer is a real bitch.

  3. So glad to hear he has a clean bill of health. the big “C” is scary no matter what your age is.


  4. So much for everyone saying he had AIDS, huh? Im glad that he’s healthy and looking forward to seeing him step his game up even more and make a run at the Super Bowl. Congrats to the Eagles FO for keeping Maclins personal business under wraps until finding out the real problem. Thats rare in the NFL or ANY pro sports team.

  5. Ok… fine… So what is/was it? The dude has been sick for 3 or 4 months & test are negative… so let’s go back to work? Seems like there is still something missing.

  6. As long as he’s fine… I’m sure a huge weight is off his shoulders. I can’t even imagine what waiting for those tests may have been like.

  7. Awesome news. He’s a very good, consistent receiver with a great attitude and a bright future in the NFL. It would have been a shame for something so serious to happen to him, especially in such an early stage in his career.

    Hope you come back strong, J-mac.

  8. Glad to hear he is ok. Hopefully this ends a strange and probably scary several weeks for maclin.

  9. I thought it was lymphoma

    My sister had Hodgkins lymphoma and she passed away in June due to the chemotherapy treatments. It’s a good thing its just a virus because although lymphoma is a very beatable cancer there is q high risk of bleomycyn toxicity.

    Glad the kid is ok

  10. Sooooo, they really didn’t find out what was wrong with him then? If he never had cancer, why did he drop weight so quick? A long weekend of eating bad mexican food? I hope it doesn’t pop up again at some random point. I think 80% of the time doctors don’t even know what they are doing and the other 20% they are just guessing.

  11. skinsrock says:
    Aug 17, 2011 5:36 PM
    Ok… fine… So what is/was it? The dude has been sick for 3 or 4 months & test are negative… so let’s go back to work? Seems like there is still something missing.

    It was a virus. Not sure we need to know more.

  12. I expected mostly %*#@$%$* the Eagles posts here, but sometimes the posters at PFT exceed my expectations.

    I mean this completely non-sarcastically when I say congratulations on keeping it classy.

  13. That is great news for him and his team. Congrats. I’d heard everything from Lyme Disease, HIV, mono, buttsexxer stuff, STDs, clown shoe syndrome, concussions, etc…
    I hope he hits the field soon and steady on.

  14. That’s great to hear, things were sounding pretty bleak for the kid there for awhile with the way people were talking, it’s nice to know he’s gonna be ok

  15. tecmobowl34 says:
    Aug 17, 2011 5:35 PM
    He seems like a good guy. Rare on the Eagles. Glad he’ll be okay.

    And who on the Eagles is a “bad guy” ???

    I mean i guess you could say Vick, But since Vick has been on the Eagles he may well have been the “Best guy” in the NFL. But i’ll even give you Vick because of the past. And i will give you T.O. But other than those two who is a “bad guy”.

    No one on the Eagles ever has off the field stuff going on. I can’t remember even 1 suspension for an Eagle for off the field stuff. Heck other than Hanson i can’t even remember a substance abuse suspension.

    Because in reality. The Eagles have a team full of really “good guys” The Eagles are always one of the better teams in the league in gettin gout in the community. A lot of the players on this team have their own charities. And even players who have had bad pasts who come here tend to turn it around. A guy like Vick who was doing some of the worst, has doen a complete 180 and become one of the more humble and chartiable players in the NFL. No one in the NFL does more speaking with kids than Vick. Look at VY, the guy has been the first guy in and the last guy out. He is working like never before.

    The truth is the Eagles are one of the more classy franchises in the NFL from top to the bottom. Lurie is a GREAT owner who expects a lot from his coaches and players, and not just on the field.

  16. Glad to hear he will be ok. What really gets me is the people on here who give thumbs down to all the well wishes. What a bunch of turds!

  17. Yet another playmaker joins the Dream Team, if Maclin can get healthy and contribute, depth at most skill positions is strong. But, who will play on the offensive line???

  18. skinsrock says: Aug 17, 2011 5:36 PM

    Ok… fine… So what is/was it? Seems like there is still something missing.


    Your brain?

  19. Great news for Maclin. I hope he has a long, productive, successful career of losing to the Cowboys twice a year.

  20. What GREAT news!! You never want to hear of someone getting cancer, especially such a young, classy kid like Maclin.

    Here’s to hoping he can be fully recovered and back to his normal playing weight soon!

  21. PFT kept it classy.

    All I need is melonhead to say something nice and you all made my day.

    When it comes down to it, it’s just a game. Most players will play their hearts out regardless of who they play for. We are all fans. We all love to hate the other color/team/side. If not… the game would be boring.

    now let’s all get back to business. Cryboys and GiNts still suck. GB… we’re gunning for you.

  22. this is the best news possible.,. i love this kid he is a superstar.. and i like him more than D JAX he is a more complete reciever .. and if i had to decide which one to give a boatload of money to and watch the other one walk away id say…

    See ya d-JAX… your speed is amazing but it wont last

  23. Great news for Maclin. I hope he has a long, productive, successful career of losing to the Cowboys twice a year.


    cause that happens all the time right? the cowboys are doing really well for themselves lately. JJ is on something serious if he thinks Nnamdi wanted to be a cowboy. He chose the Eagles for a reason. He wants to WIN. Anyways, this is about Maclin’s good health not the Eagles Cowboys feud.

  24. Great news… I watched a close family member die from that, and it’s not pretty.

  25. andyreidisfat says: Aug 17, 2011 6:01 PM

    And who on the Eagles is a “bad guy” ???

    I mean i guess you could say Vick, But since Vick has been on the Eagles he may well have been the “Best guy” in the NFL.


    No doubt that Vick has been a model citizen since being released from prison (with the notable blip of that birthday party in which an ex-member of his entourage was shot. Not his fault, but still too close for comfort).

    However, given the heinous nature of his crimes, I highly doubt he’ll ever be regarded as a “good guy.” — and this is coming from someone who loves watching Vick on Sundays.

    However, the rest of your post is spot-on. The Eagles draft high-character guys. Vick is the exception, and everyone gets in wrong on DeSean because they incorrectly equate showboating with being a turd.

    Even amongst the high-character Eagles, however, Maclin is one of the “good guys.” Dude doesn’t yap, doesn’t get into trouble, he just plays ball.

  26. Football aside, GREAT NEWS!!! Glad it was just a scare and not anything more. Now let’s go get us that Superbowl we’ve been waiting our whole lives for!!! Welcome home Maclin! FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!

  27. To those illiterate and asking what it was if not Cancer: He said quite clearly in the interview that the Dr.s determined it was a virus.

  28. Really sad that people feel the need to thumbs down people expressing their relief that Maclin doesn’t have cancer. My only hope is most are fourteen year old retards, but, sadly I know most aren’t. Most are likely bitter twenty to thirty somethings stuck at dead end jobs and hating their lives.

  29. Alright this group of recievers has got to be the best WR’s in the league . If im wrong tell me what team does and why . I know the Packers are deep but i have Desean Jackson even with Jennings . Ill even make a stretch and say Jones is almost as dangerous as Smith , but theres no way Driver comes close to Maclin , not anymore . I dont know their #4 or #5 but ill go out on a limb and rock with Avant and Cooper . Im not hating on GB(i want what they have) , they just got good WR’s . Who else does ?

  30. I had a cancer scare once and, man, that is sheer mental torture. All sorts of things go through your mind. You start wondering everything from how fast it will begin to spread throughout your body to when will be your last day on earth to wondering/hoping/praying : Will they find a cure in time? And suddenly, preparation takes on a new urgency. Things you’ve been procrastinating on are suddenly priority number one. Wills. Insurance. Burial selection and arrangements, etc. And your loved ones. my God, you’ve done EVERYTHING for them. How will they manage without you. On and on. Thank God it was negative for me as well as for Maclin.

  31. J Mac, this town has mad love for you and me and the whole city is so happy that you are big C free. Now it’s time to go get some jewelry and that Super Bowl trophy!

  32. This is great news (obviously)…

    I love the promise J-Mac has on the football field, and believe he’ll be the Iggs best reciever for years to come..

    D-Jax is just a big-play guy….

    I can see 100+ catches in J-Mac’s future…

    All that being said, this is great news ’cause he is healthy, and by ALL accounts an very bright, humble human being.

    Fly, Eagles Fly!

  33. For all the people who clicked thumbs down when people posted glad to see he’s ok shame on you! Who wishes cancer or any serious illness on anyone. Me personally am truely happy that Jmac is healthy. It would be very sad for such a young, talented, stand up guy to end up with a life threatening illness. Story similar to Brians Song. Go Eagles!

  34. Wow, he’s a young guy, glad he is alright. But I still hate the Eagles and hope he drops every pass this year. But I’m very happy he’s not sick.

  35. Glad he’s okay. Wish all the bible thumping George Bush voters would keep all their religious crap out of it though. It’s football and he’s a lucky man. Want to talk god, go to church

  36. Good news that it wasn’t cancer, but I wouldn’t say it’s just, “Allgood now.” For a common virus to keep you immuno-compromised for seven months, force the removal of several lymph nodes, and remain a mystery that long strongly points to a highly compromised immune system that I wouldn’t count on holding up.

  37. Pennsylvania has some of the toughest HIPAA laws in the country, that is why details were so scarce. Any info released has to be done by the patient, ( see President of UFC, Dana White and the incident with Nate Marquardt being pulled from his bout in June that was in Pittsburgh, Marquardt had elevated testosterone due to what he says his DR prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therepy), which makes me wonder which other athletes are getting doctors to put them on this treatment, it is still performance enhancing, no matter if doctor approved or not. Sorry to digress

    Glad to see Maclin is not in serious trouble healtth wise, I lost my grandmother to lymphoma, and glad he can put this scare behind him and move on to securing his spot at Vicks #2 option down the field. Even has a Cowboys fan, I’m still a fan of the NFL and life in general, so ill be secretly rooting for Mac to have a productive season 14 outta 16 games this year, plus it helps out fantasy wise

  38. THANK YOU JESUS. So glad to hear he will be okay, not just as a football player but as a person also. Extremely bright future ahead of him and can’t wait to see his production continue to rise in the coming years. GO BIRDS!

  39. Hope the kid bounces back, he is easily the most likable athlete on the Eagle’s roster. Right now is going to be a shaky time for him, I went through this exact same thing. Swollen lymph nodes, had them removed, numerous tests ran for everything dark you could imagine (cancer, HIV, etc) only to find out it was caused by some virus that they couldn’t even name specifically. During the process I became a nervous wreck and thought I was dying. The stress broke my body down over the months and it took time to get all that back in shape. After it was all over it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest and I was finally able to enjoy life again, it really put things in perspective. Wish all the best to Maclin, hopefully he returns to top form….I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want the Eagle’s to have any excuses why they lose the division to my Boys.

    Man, I am glad that football is back. Now, sound off like you’ve got a pair Eagle’s fans…..keep it classy.

  40. I think the thumbs down on some of the well wishers comes from the fact that they arent just wishing him well. They are saying lets hope u can get back in shape or help out this year or bring up what he might do on the field. Like that stuff is just as important. None of that matters right now all that matters is he’s healthy.

    Some of the commenters went from questioning what the mystery illness might be, to finding out and then couldnt wait 5 minutes before they started talking about how it might effect his performance. It showed the real reason why they were concerned about Maclin’s health and is why the ones who brought those things up got a thumbs down from me.

  41. “It’s now clear why Maclin’s status was so sketchy”

    What you call “sketchy” other consider “private matter”.

    Having cancer is a big concern and distractions/distractors are not part of the plan.

    I am glad Maclin is going to be Ok. And that his career also seems intact.

    You, journalists, sometimes act like children. Not having the capacity to just wait for the answer. An answer that everyone of us Eagles’ fans, knew it will come. And it came. And it’s great-.

    Now go moan and speculate about T.O., Grossman or whom ever you choose.

    Just like a new born, we know it’s beyond your control.

  42. aaaaand the Eagles just paid Steve Smith to hold Maclin’s virus pills. Sell-out is going to see for himself very soon that a payday today often-times will kill you long term. See how many teams will pay him after he catches 25 balls all season… if hes lucky… on his cracked leg. Greed never gets repaid Steve and karma is a…..

    Nice move Philly. Ill man Andy Reid’s burger bus for 1.5million.

  43. who are the a-holes who are giving thumbs down to comments like “glad to hear”?? Really???

  44. southridge23 says: Aug 17, 2011 8:34 PM

    “who are the a-holes who are giving thumbs down to comments like “glad to hear”?? Really???”

    No doubt, the same imbecile(s) who does the same thing on every R.I.P. thread…

  45. While I am not a fan of the Eagles, I am a big fan of God’s grace. Anyone with a negative comment is heartless. Bless you Mac, & your family!

  46. Great news for Maclin…happy to hear it. eagles fans you’ll need to be patient. I believe he has been sick since February. It is going to take a while for him to get back, the WRs in general for that matter. Giants did not expect Smith back till Nov, and even then at what capacity? Lots of Djax, Avant,Celek and McCoy in the first half of the season.

  47. gfan,

    Don’t worry about those people – there’s always a few sick whack jobs in this world. Rise above, man, rise above.

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