Mike Hart moves into coaching

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When Mike Hart was at Michigan, he seemed like a natural leader that could make a great coach one day.

That day has arrived a little sooner than expected.

Eastern Michigan has confirmed to the Detroit Free Press that Hart has joined coach Ron English’s staff at EMU. English was at Michigan when Hart was a student.  Hart was a free agent and we don’t know if he’s closed the door on a possible return to the NFL.

Hart averaged 4.3 yards-per-carry in 43 carries for the Colts last year.  He played three seasons with Indy, but wasn’t offered a tender as a restricted free agent this year.

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  1. Question: how come none of your big name free agents ever say “hey i want to go to indy to play with Peyton Manning”

    is it because its Indiana, and there in a small market?

  2. Wow. He was young. Henne, Manningham, Jake Long, and Arrington (I think) are all still in the league. Pretty good back in college.

  3. I’m an OSU fan but it was disappointing to not see Mike Hart succeed in the NFL. He was a major force in their offense for some time. Hopefully he does well at EMU as a coach

  4. also they need an upgrade at RB, Joseph Addai just skips his feet. although there not your typical running team and probably don’t have a full back on the roster, but they could’ve gone after Sprioles, Michael Bush, Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown etc.

  5. As a Colts fan, I wish he remained in Indy. An all around solid player.

    Can’t say the same about that bum Donald Brown.

  6. Why is it that the scumbags stick in the NFL but good guys like Hart nobody wants to give a chance…such a shame…yet Pacman and Vick is on an NFL roster…*eyes roll*….

  7. STERILIZECROMARTIE, Thats funny because I remember I wanted Donald Brown to go to the Eagles. Looking back at it, Im sure glad Philly ended up with Lesean McCoy instead. And to BROWNSFAN, Im guessing its because those “scumbags” are still performing at an NFL level and still making plays. Just a guess, but who knows?

  8. @brownsfn : Stop hating on Vick , he did his time and has been a leader since his comeback . You would be thrilled to have him on your joke of a team , oh wait you have the great Colt McCoy . Stand on your moral pedestal while staying @ the bottom of the North .

  9. The reason there are not more players clamoring to go to Indy is because they know that (1) they will not get a big contract because most the Colts money is tied up in Peyton, Freeney, Wayne, Mathis, Clark, etc… (2) The Colts believe firmly in building through the draft, not in signing people that couldn’t make it on their own team or are more about money. As Jim Irsay said a few weeks ago, “we didn’t make it to two Superbowls in the past five years by signing other teams’ problem players.”

  10. Why do people keep talking about what a great guy Hart is? He was a punk who always ran his mouth in college.

  11. that’s a smart upstate-New Yorker right there…he’ll get another shot but he’s not going to be a dumbass and go make everything he’s made so far rain on some stage.

    well played mike, hope you’re back soon

  12. @brownsfn, being a nice guy doesn’t mean you can play. They aren’t playing on Sunday to see who is the best bunch of nice guys. They are playing to win football games. Hart is a great guy but he never had NFL speed to play RB.

  13. While at Michigan, Hart arrogantly dismissed Michigan State (now a superior program) as ‘little brother’. Okay Mike, now that you’ve gone belly-up as a player, what does that make Eastern Michigan in Yysilanti – which Ann Arborites belittle as Ypsi-tucky?

  14. Watched him play DB in the NY High School Championship game and plant a WR into the Carrier Dome surface. If you look closely near the bench side 45 yard line, you can still the dent the guy made in the concrete.

    Always a mentor through High School, even then it was always assumed he would be a coach.

  15. I bet he would have gotten another shot if he didn’t get hurt last year. No one wants to take a chance on a 2nd/3rd string RB they might have injury problems with. Strange though since he always held up well at Michigan.

    Best of luck at EMU and we’ll see you back at Michigan next year when English gets fired.

  16. I’m not sure he cares about playing or the money as much as he just loves the game of fooseball. Good luck Mr. Hart enjoyed watching you.

    @Pryor4heisman, choking is one thing. Taking money and incentives from boosters is another, figure out which one matters more on a moral scale and get back to me.

  17. Mike was all heart! I don’t remember what game it was but I remember Hart in a Michigan game having carried like 40+ times and being so worn out he had to hang on to the lineman in huddle just to stand up, but when the ball was snapped he was still banging into the line and driving guys twice his size back 3 + yards. If you don’t like a guy like that then you don’t like football.

    As for pryor4 heisman your name alone defines you as a moron.

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