Rodney Harrison adds NFLN to his NBC duties

Our good buddy Rodney Harrison of NBC’s Football Night in America has added another job to his NFL portfolio.

He’ll be joining NFL Network as analyst, starting tonight.

During Wednesday’s Total Access (7:00 p.m. ET), Rodney will sit down with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, a man who suddenly is facing some of the same dirty-play allegations that Rodney confronted during his own career.  Others would say that Suh, like Rodney before him, simply played hard, all the time.

Rodney will be a regular on NFL Network’s Total Access, but he’ll continue to have to deal with me on Sundays at NBC.

I’ve already put him on notice:  If he hits me this year, I’m hitting him back.

And then he will kill me.

6 responses to “Rodney Harrison adds NFLN to his NBC duties

  1. I love Rodney, one of my all time favorite Pats. As for Suh, I love his attitude. His team is a perennial loser, they need to come out and make their presence felt. I don’t condone cheap shots, but letting the QBs know he should be scared to line up across from you is how the Lions will succeeded this year. Go Pats and Go Suh/Lions.

  2. I like Sapp but Dukes needs to DIAF.
    Yay Rodney…I love him. Too bad he can’t be on with Willie Mac.
    Rodney’s the perfect guy to talk to Suh.

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