Steelers give up on Limas Sweed


In a move that should surprise no one, the Steelers have parted ways with receiver Limas Sweed.

A second-round pick in the 2008 draft, Sweed was supposed to be the big receiver whom Ben Roethlisberger coveted, to the dismay of Hines Ward.

Sweed was waived earlier today with the “injured” designation.  If he isn’t claimed, he’ll land on the Steelers’ injured reserve list.  Either way, he won’t be playing for the Steelers this year, absent a timely injury settlement, which would allow him to return to the team later in the year.  (It gets complicated.)

Appearing in 20 career regular-season games, Sweed has seven catches for 69 yards.  He had two catches for 20 yards in the 2008 postseason.

The Steelers also waived tight end Eugene Bright from the Physically Unable to Perform list, and they signed defensive backs Macho Harris and Kevin Dockery.

Harris spent 2009 with the Eagles and 2010 with the Redskins.  Dockery has 11 starts and 61 appearances in six NFL seasons.

57 responses to “Steelers give up on Limas Sweed

  1. wow, he was still on the roster?!?
    I don’t even think he was on the last madden …
    I figured he was already off the steeler’s roster…
    I mean with Hines/Wallace/Brown/Sanders/etc.

  2. Honestly i was ubber pissed when Philly passed on sweed and went for Jackson… lol thats egg on my face..

    & its not like you can blame it on the organization, steelers are top notch. the true “GOLD STANDARD”

    Either way.. in two days PFT will have it up ” eagles agree to terms with Sweed.”

  3. I think Sweed will be good someday. It’s a shame he couldn’t quite get there mentally but he has all the physical attributes to be a success in the league… Get your head together man!

  4. “Steelers give up on Limas Sweed”

    Hardly. I think they gave him more than enough chances. Other guys just out-performed him.

    Too bad he’ll be remembered as the guy who dropped that perfect touchdown pass against the Ravens a few years back and then faked an injury to cover it up.

  5. “I’d say he’d catch on with another team but he’ll probably end up dropping the ball on whatever opportunities await him.”

    I chuckled.

    A lot of WR disappointments that draft. Sweed, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, Dexter Jackson….Donnie Avery has had health issues, and the light finally seems to be coming on for Jerome Simpson.

  6. College was the greatest 4 years of my life and I wasn’t a University of Texas player. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to have even less responsibility and even more of what makes college the best.

  7. typicaleaglesfan says: Aug 17, 2011 4:26 PM

    “Ravens should sign him pick his brain and cut him two weeks later”

    Pick his brain about what? How to drop passes?

  8. honestly, i was upset when Washington passed on him for Thomas, and i still am. hopefully a team signs Sweed and he fulfills his potential.

  9. He isn’t up to our standards. I understand our standards are extremely high but we can’t make excuses for guys like this. We have SBs to win and trophies to hoist. HERE WE STEELERS

  10. Sweed gave up on himself the first training camp. Know one to blame but himself, Ward went out of his way to help him, another bust from Texas .

  11. i remember thinking sweed was the best wr in that draft class, and was upset whent the eagles didnt get him or take Devin Thomas and took D Jax instead. And that is why i comment on these articles with you fools and am not a scout for the NFL…. back to my sorry life

  12. He had his chance in camp. Could not stay healty (shoulder and hamstring) and could not hold the ball. I was hoping he would show something. Good kid and I hope he turns it around… just in the NFC. Go Steelers!

  13. John Dockery??? Seriously…it’s Kevin Dockery. I’m not a Giants fan but I know he’s a good safety, so please get his name right.

  14. TRBOWMAN, I remember that draft. Thats when Philly “went out on a limb” and drafted Desean Jackson. Im not trying to brag or say that Philly makes all the right draft choices, but I remember a lot of WRs going in the first 2 rounds of that draft. Looks like Philly made a good choice with Desean. I remember another big-name WR going to the giants that year also and he was just recently cut, I think.

  15. whoa!! this is not a shocker, but what is, is that limas sweed, devin thomas, and malcom kelly are some of the biggest wr bust in recent history…..and the skins passed on desean jackson and jordy nelson the only two wr that made a name for themselves from the 08 draft

  16. Too bad for Limas. He was very good at Texas in college but that as we all know doesn’t always carry over to the pros. Being hurt all the time with the Steelers just doesn’t seem to be fair.

  17. I wanted to see the steelers at least give him a shot during this years preseason. I hated the fact that Sweed was always injured. This years shoulders injury I guess did it. This is definitely a wasted pick and a huge disappointment.

  18. Sweed should be greatfull now that he doesn’t have to play in front of all those front running, moronic-don’t know how to type a full sentence fans. Right 6stairs or whatever your troll name is this week- HERE WE STEELERS?

  19. The Steelers don’t miss on draft picks often, but they sure did here.

    Amazing how a guy dominates major college football but can’t play a lick at the next level. Crazy.

  20. hailvictory10 says: Aug 17, 2011 6:59 PM

    “I like Sweed
    Come to DC my man
    Come to a winner!
    Since we blasted PITT last week”

    Enjoy your Pre-Season Super Bowl Title.
    / moron…

  21. And to think.. the Steelers could’ve had any of the following rather than Sweed:

    Ray Rice
    Jamaal Charles
    Jermichael Finley
    Mario Manningham

  22. norcaleagles,

    No receivers were drafted in the first round that year though several went in the second (in pick order):
    Donnie Avery
    Devin Thomas
    Jordy Nelson
    James Hardy
    Eddie Royal
    Jerome Simpson
    DeSean Jackson
    Malcolm Kelly
    Limas Sweed
    Dexter Jackson

    Ugh. Pretty much a complete loss at the position. Even worse, one of the players taken after Sweed but before Jackson?
    Ray Rice

  23. Guess Limas should’ve got busted for DUI, beat up his woman, or assaulted a drunk co-ed in a bathroom stall. Those are the type of quality individuals that organization covets. Stay Classy Pissburgh!

  24. Ravenspit:

    I find it amusing that you attempt to bash a steeler fan for not being able to type full sentences, yet you typed “greatfull” as opposed to “grateful”.

    Clearly, just another bitter non-steeler fan who would love to have the rings we have.

    Embrace your one ring bud.


  25. bensstinkyfingers:

    I suppose if Pittsburgh was as successful as the Browns/Bengals, etc…..we wouldn’t keep hearing bitterness from fools like you who clearly are disgruntled by our overall franchise’s successes.

    (holdin’ up six fingers).


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