Lions defensive coordinator compares Nnamdi to Deion, in a bad way

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When cornerback Deion Sanders recently entered the Hall of Fame, he seemed to admit that he didn’t do much tackling.

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham seems to think that Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha doesn’t tackle, either.

On Wednesday, Cunningham offered up this explanation regarding the perceived problem of small cornerbacks getting away with rough play on large receivers, like Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.  Cunningham then tried to explain, apparently, that tall corners like Asomugha get in trouble for getting physical.

“The problem is the way the rules are the 6-2 guys can’t play,” Cunningham said, per the Detroit Free Press.  “You’ve got one guy in the league, Nnamdi, and all he does is press.  You ever see him make a tackle?  He presses the wide receiver, and he’s great at it. But there’s more to playing DB than just pressing wide receivers.”

Cunningham apparently isn’t saying that Asomugha won’t tackle, but that the rules (for whatever reason) prevent him from doing so.

Regardless of whether Cunningham has a point, you’d think that he has learned not to talk about players under contract with other teams.  Indeed, Cunningham’s comments about players he coached in Kansas City that ultimately got the Lions busted for tampering.

39 responses to “Lions defensive coordinator compares Nnamdi to Deion, in a bad way

  1. And Gunther is the crybaby who complained about Gary Crowton’s offense having too much razzle dazzle in it. First time ANYBODY complained about the Bears offense being creative.

  2. Maybe Gun needs to clean those goofy shooting glasses he wears. He can go to YouTube and check Nnamdi lay the wood to some hapless Chiefs. You remember them don’t you, Gun? The team that whacked you as HC because you had a losing record against the S&B.

  3. @ Flor and Frank – Gunther wasn’t even remotely whining or complaining…. he gave the guy respect, but facts are facts.

  4. You’re right, Cunningham is clearly trying to lure him away from the Eagles to the Lions and is now clearly caught.

  5. You people are clueless. Gunther is 100% correct, and it wasn’t a knock on Nnamdi but rather a knock on the rules in place…Nnamdi also is not as good as you all think, he’s just not.

  6. lol One of the arguing points FOR Aso over Revis was that he was a better run stopper at the CB position. I guess when you have the amazing CB play that Detroit typically has…you can give negative commentary on arguably the best CB in the league.

  7. Sounds like he as everyone else is drinkin that eagles hatorade. You don’t need to tackle if they don’t throw your way! Hate on!

  8. WHAT!?!?!?!? Nnamdi is one of the best tackling corners in the entire league. Wow I cant believe he said that. That was 1 of the reasons why he was one of the most saught after players since free agency started. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  9. I’m a Raider fan, not that it matters, and I think he’s 100% correct. Nnamdi’s always been kind of a pitty-pat CB. Doesn’t like to get dirty. Great cover man, but un-willing to mix it up and get physical.

    He was good with the Raiders because there was always a weak corner on the other side. Teams didn’t need to go his way. I think he’s going to get slightly exposed in Philly.

    I also thought it was asinine for Davis to tie so much cash up in him the last two years. He’s NOT a game changing player. Can’t say that he made enough of an impact that he earned all the money he was paid in 2009-2010.

  10. “Nnamdi also is not as good as you all think, he’s just not.”

    Your argument is so fact filled and convincing that I’ve totally reconsidered the conclusion of pretty much every expert on football that he’s one of the two best corners in the game.

    I’m sorry he didn’t sign with your favorite team and you are sore about it.

    Wait…no I’m not.

  11. As a Eagles fan who was just at lehigh watching Asomugha drill person after person and not whiff on one tackle I can easily say , Gunther is crazy !!

  12. Are you kidding me ???? I have seen every game this guy has played and he makes some great tackles. Did this guy forget Nnamdi was a safety when he was drafted ?

  13. Asomugha is overrated ??? he gave up 13 catches last year , and he gave up 0 , yes 0 TD’s last year . Ill bet ANYTHING sieg1234 is a fan of the cowboys,giants,or skins . Newsflash cown , you couldnt win the division befroe we got this awesome free agent class , so rest those girly fingers , your gonna have a long year hating !

  14. Also: if you want to get on an Eagles Cb for not tackling, Asante Samuels is —————————–> that way.

  15. Gunther needs to check his history. Nnamdi is a converted Safety out of Cal. U DON’T PLAY SAFETY AND NOT TACKLE!!! HEY GUNTHER, PULL UP SOME NNAMDI FOOTAGE AND STUDY HOW A REAL CORNER WORKS!!! Maybe just maybe you’ll learn something. Just a thought.

  16. Gunthers Been in this league a long time, he does have a point,personaly I would like to have nnamdi on my team..but not for that amount of money.

  17. I don’t have a problem with what Gunther said. He wasn’t dissing him, from what I read. Asomugha doesn’t really have to tackle though as nobody throws his way!

  18. Its going to be fun watching Philthy miss the playoffs. They’re already starting to fold under the pressure according to Vicks article in yahoo. Didn’t y’all learn from Snyder in Washington? You can’t buy the Lombardi.

  19. gottapoop says:
    Aug 18, 2011 7:22 PM
    I thought when you played for the raiders you dont have to tackle
    Never saw Tatum, Howie Long or Matt Millen play did you?

    Yeah, the current generation of Raiders are that way.

  20. Of all the criticisms of Nnamdi, the non tackle one makes the least amount of sense. He’s a great tackler. If you wanted to discredit him, say that he doesn’t cover #1 WR’s over 70% of the time.

  21. Nnandi, Darrelle …… PEOPLE!!! Stop comparing these two GOOD CB’S to the BEST CB to ever play the game! The comparison to Deion is almost a slap in the face to Deion. Nnandi and Darrelle DO NOT pose the threat that Deion did, returning that pick for a TD. Passing schemes were changed due to Deion … Oh, and lets not forget the jewelry Mr. Sanders holds (Super Bowl and World Series) … Sanders was the GREATEST athlete seen in quite some time!

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