Merriman denies steroids incident at U.S.-Canada border


Throughout the afternoon on Thursday, a rumor/report regarding Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman raced through the Internet.  According to, Merriman was “caught carrying steroids near the United States border late Thursday night, July 28 on the eve of Bills’ training camp.”

Per the report, Merriman was found to be in possession of steroids while returning to the U.S. from Canada.  He wasn’t arrested or booked.

Given the serious nature of the allegation against Merriman, who was suspended four games in 2006 after testing positive for nandrolene, we opted not to address it until the incident was confirmed — or until Merriman addressed it.

Merriman addressed it earlier tonight on Twitter, explaining that he is “disappointed by a story that was written by a Buffalo writer regarding a routine stop at the Canadian border a few weeks ago.”  The statement implies that something indeed occurred as Merriman re-entered the U.S.

“To clarify,” Merriman added, “there was absolutely NO steroids found in my vehicle & there were NO charges against me.  I’ve received a great welcome by the community and fans.  I’ve worked my butt off to have a great season.”

The denial invites speculation that some banned substance other than steroids was found in Merriman’s vehicle, and it’s safe to say that someone will be tracking down whatever documentation was created as a result of the stop in order to find out exactly what happened.

For now, we’ll take Merriman at his word.

44 responses to “Merriman denies steroids incident at U.S.-Canada border

  1. They should go all college football on the Chargers and remove all the wins they got with Merriman.

    Then I figure the results would still be the same, an empty Lombardi case.

  2. Merriman is trying to re-find his magic across the border? What did they stop him for? roid-rage after Canadian doc gave him the kool-aid?

  3. You’ll take him at his word? I won’t.

    I said it when he had his “re-surgence.” It’s just a coincidence this re-surgence is after an off-season without any football/testing?

  4. You were probably better to have not reported it. The way this was written is ridiculous. Poorly written and not coroborated.

  5. Yea, and Roger Goodell didn’t pressure Mike Vick into thinking being third string QB for the Eagles was his “best option.”

  6. For now, we’ll take Merriman at his word
    Which is worth squat.

    Didn’t he deny being on the juice in San Diego, too?

  7. I believe him.

    And, I also believe that Ochocinco and Haynesworth will be Pro Bowlers in New England this year. And, that the moon is made of green cheese.

  8. For those who don’t know…Everybody gets “stopped” at the border. Most are just asked a few questions…..If you look shifty you may have your car disassembled. Or somewhere in between.

  9. He obviously jedi mind tricked them.
    SM – These aren’t the syringes you’re looking for. I can go about my business. Move along.

    Ok, move along eh.

  10. Give me a break. He clearly got stopped at the border (like plenty of innocent people are everyday) and some border agent makes this story up. If they found steroids it would have been documented and the NFL, not would have investigated. This is a classic example of a rumor mill at work.

  11. The guy who wrote this story did so on a
    Commodore 64….Not the best source in the world.

  12. how could you people not want him to juice. that d-line needs the help BAD. and if a little hgh is all it takes to keep up 2.5 sacks per game (last week) and for us to keep getting a taste of the lights out dance.. let him be. besides he’s cool too.
    give buffalo buffalo a break man

  13. Wow! So many comments already, and none about “Interent”! My guess on this high/low for comments about the typo – 15. I think maybe it should be lower than that…

  14. Incredibly irresponsible reporting. The guy who started this rumor is not a reporter, he’s a moron fan that started a rumor without any credible source. This is a great way to smear a guys character without any real facts. Pathetic.

  15. MAN, I WILL TELL YOU!….if this turns out to be true then this dude has a serious problem. i mean htf could you do something that dumb especially when you know everyone that follows pro football is watching to see if this would happen? please say it ain`t so shawn, please!

  16. Pat’s previous claim to fame (past bartending) was once a Junior Journalist & after reading this he’ll always be a Junior Journalist. The boys at BZ choose him over me during a Mod battle, hope they can swallow this without choking.

    SM needs to sue him for the pennies he is worth, that’ll get him back to passing drink (where he belongs).

  17. Haters gonna hate, but Merriman is innocent.

    The hack that wrote this nonsense, Pat Moran, has absolutely no credibility in anything he writes. He makes things up to get hits for his sh!tty website. Don’t believe a word of anything he writes.

    News like this would have been all over the place from credible media outlets if it were even remotely true.

  18. The hall of fame and Merriman have something in common: they’re both a juicer. HOF commonalities end there.

  19. you can tell the writer of the article doesn’t cross the border often, if ever

    people get stopped ALL the time at the border, suitcases or not

    random checks happen several times per hour lol

  20. OK…It makes sense now…”Lights burned out” Merriman comes back this year and after two weeks of practice he goes out and leads the free world in sacks and after 5 years he is once again suddenly the “LIGHTS OUT” version of Merriman who was having his best games of his career while juicing….

    Just a matter of time before his masking agents are found out…but I still cannot believe he would be so stupid as to bring the stuff over himself! Hell, he can pay a testosterone deficient man to simply go and get a legit rx and then buy the masking for him.

  21. For all we know he was stopped Cause he’s young and he’s black and his hat’s real low.

    Getting stopped by the border patrol is actually very routine. Look at them sideways and they can take your car apart.

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