Patriots starters drub Bucs in first half


Tom Brady and the Patriots starters didn’t play at all last week. They made up for it on Thursday night in Tampa.

Brady and the starting unit played the entire first half while racking up a 28-0 lead against the Bucs. Tampa’s backups entered in the second quarter and actually slowed down the New England offense a little better.  It was 21-0 after only one quarter.

Chad Ochocinco was on the field for most snaps in his Patriots debut, catching two short passes, including an eight-yard score.  He also was on the receiving end of a brutal hit by Bucs linebacker Mason Foster that may cost Foster some money later this week. Ochocinco got up right away.

New England’s line play dominated both sides of the ball.  Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson were hit repeatedly, with linebacker Jerod Mayo rushing the passer more than usual.  The Patriots ran for 129 yards in the half to only 11 for Tampa.

Brady was very sharp, throwing for 119 yards and two scores on 18 attempts. His primary weapons (Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, Danny Woodhead, and BenJarvus Green Ellis) all looked to be in midseason form.

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  1. Looks like “The Hoodie” now has himself a VERY credible pass rush. As we say in Italian, FINALMENTE! Importantly, Andre Carter looked strong. And Tom Brady moved through the Bucs’ vaunted young “D” like crap through a goose. (Excuse the colorful metaphor.)

  2. But wait a minute, don’t the Bucs have one of the smartest GMs? I seem to recall reading that somewhere. Well, at least they have a high-priced punter. Take that New England.

  3. Let’s hope they can stay focussed. That loss to the Jets still hurts. I hope they use it as motivation! Brady has something to prove.

  4. Getting the playoff run cranked up early….just dont get the Jets or Ravens in the first round…i’m hoping they get the Steelers on the road

  5. Now just a minute, as a Tampa fan, I take serious offense to you suggesting my team has been “drubbed”.

    Hmm, ok yeah that fits.

  6. a 14-2 team that is now playing in memory of Mrs. Kraft… wow. Please whip the Jets’ ass unmerciful with sandbaskets on their assnecks!!

  7. Can’t wait till week 1 headline says “lions drub bucs in first half and continue to obliterate them throughout second half”ha!

  8. Brady and crew are well on their way — to getting pounded at home again in their playoff opener.

    Fantasy geeks and French fashion morons will love you though, Brady.

  9. My least favorite name in sports is BenJarvis Green Ellis. Sounds like a law firm to me. What’s wrong with just Ben Ellis?

  10. Another bunch of over reactions by fools.

    Btw just saw promo with joe buck in his boxers on fox…mooned the camera. Sameguy who obliterated Moss for a pretend moon in full clothing.

    Damn hypocrites. No one takes their time to think, just talk garbage that floods their frontal lobe at any given moment.

  11. The Bucs excelled under an easy schedule. That could explain a lot. But on the other hand, it’s only freakin’ PREASEASON and that explains a lot as well. Let’s save the analysis for the regular season, folks.

  12. Am I the only one that realizes this is just a preseason game?

    You know people really miss football when your have mass overreaction to the second preseason game… Give it a break people.

  13. majorseahawk….the Pats had 2 to three people in the back field within the first 2 seconds…literally…every…play…Its hardly the case of “Freeman choking”. Freeman also does not line up on defense…where they are getting gashed. The fact is…Josh Freeman can only do so much by himself.

  14. the bucs couldn’t beat anyone with a winning record last year. their schedule is tougher this year and their record will show it.

    still a good young team with a hell of a qb.

  15. As a Colts fan, I can say I’m currently jealous of the Patriots. I know it’s only preseason, but through 2 games they’ve dominated EVERY aspect of a football game.

    Run game, Passing game, stopping the run and pass, getting pressure on the QB, and special teams all looked great.

    This team can be scarry if they continue firing on all cylinders…

  16. pigskin28:

    “Damn hypocrites. No one takes their time to think, just talk garbage that floods their frontal lobe at any given moment.”

    Nope, my thoughts originate in the hippocampus and are fully realized into actions in the sensory motor cortical region. Need some monoaminergic inhibitors…:)

  17. That’s too funny. All the Bucs clowns were saying how great they were after beating the Chiefs last week. What they failed to realize is the Chiefs had 9 starters not playing (it takes both hands to count that high bucs fan) Charles didn’t get a carry and Cassel didn’t throw once. Even better was the Bucs left their starters in well into the 2nd quarter while the Chiefs starters we out after about 3 series. I like how the Bucs pulled their starters earlier this game, as to cover up the fact they actually suck.

    It must be nice to play in the NFC…

  18. Oh well. It’s preseason and a definite wake up call for the Buc’s Oline. No QB can be expected to win without SOME some protection ! We are just lucky Freeman was not injured.
    I am sure there will be some heavy practice and film sessions this coming week. Ok. Shake it off. On to the Dophins . GO BUCS.

  19. Boy, I sure am glad so many people were on hand to remind us this was still the preseason. I thought it was the Super Bowl and we’d just won another ring.

  20. Once again proving that the patriots are the best team in the NFL and have been since there 2001 superbowl win and after being underdogs vs. the rams. The patriots office is to good and to smart to suck. As long as bill is coach the pats will never be under .500 on a season.

  21. Rhode Island Patriots Fan says:
    Aug 18, 2011 9:31 PM
    Looks like “The Hoodie” now has himself a VERY credible pass rush. As we say in Italian, FINALMENTE! Importantly, Andre Carter looked strong. And Tom Brady moved through the Bucs’ vaunted young “D” like crap through a goose. (Excuse the colorful metaphor.)

    You remind me of the great Pete Sheppard.

    Love it!

  22. atlien698 says:
    Aug 18, 2011 9:47 PM
    This just proves Beli-cheat was holding practices during the lockout!

    I gave this comment a thumbs up.

    Even Pats fans have to chuckle at this.

  23. The announcers said during the course of the game that since Kraft bought the team the Patriots have the highest winning percentage over that time frame – I think he said 17 years – of any organization in pro SPORTS history.

    That includes the Yankees, the Celtics, the Canadians, The Cowboys – everybody.

    Just thought you haters would like a little bitter root to stir in your coffee.

  24. flboyindallas says:
    Aug 18, 2011 10:23 PM
    Woodhead just got stone cold knocked the f-ck out!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is wrong with you? There are teams that I don’t like…even a few that I depise, but I never wish injury to any one player. You must have such a low self esteeem to gloat over another’s misfortunes. I bet you have a police scanner and are one of the first ones on the scene of an accident…or fire….hoping to see something that excites you. You probably point and laugh at people with deformities. Maybe some day you’ll grow up…but I doubt it.

  25. LeGarrette Blunt doesn’t mind. According to his Twitter….he was looking to party after the game

  26. The Bucs just came out flat. We couldn’t block…and any time we did anything remotely productive, it got called back on a flag. I’m not worried about this…Every team has their wake up call…

    Josh Freeman made a good point in his post game press conference…We didn’t learn these lessons until Week 3 against the Steelers last season…rather learn the lesson in pre-season.

  27. As a Bucs fan, yes, they looked horrible. This is why I like the Pre-season. They need these games to get things worked out.

    They are a young team, and they will do good this year, and maybe after they have a winning record, and make the playoffs, that all these Buc Haters will stop with the Easy schedule thing…. But, I am sure they will find another excuse.

  28. bucforever says:
    Aug 19, 2011 12:01 AM
    Wait. About the hit Foster gave Ocho. It was a clean hit . It is why we watch the game . A legal football move . No fine should be considered.


    It was helmet to helmet, you moron. Watch the replay.

  29. As a Bucs fan I can understand what happened to the defense. It’s full of rookies and second year players. They’ve had no off-season program. The Pats showed up and started running plays at them in rapid succession and they were just overwhelmed.

    But what was the offense’s excuse? The O-line sucked out loud and they’re not rookies. They got their asses kicked. There was nothing Freeman or Blount or anybody could do. It was like they were playing without a line. Even a turnstile would have slowed the Pats down more than the Bucs O-line.

    All in all a well deserved wake-up call for a team that might have been getting a big head.

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