Prosecutors claim Haynesworth’s lawyer has offered waitress money


The allegations of impropriety in the sexual assault case against Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth are growing.

Earlier this week, Haynesworth’s lawyer claimed that the alleged victim’s lawyer had offered a witness $50,000 to testify against Haynesworth.  Now, prosecutors claim that Haynesworth’s lawyer has offered the alleged victim money to drop the case.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors alleged in a court filing that, on “numerous occasions,” Haynesworth’s lawyer offered money to the lawyer representing the alleged victim, a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington.

“Just not true,” lawyer A. Scott Bolden told the AP by phone.

The issue has become relevant because prosecutors want to introduce evidence of the offers made by Haynesworth’s attorney if the judge presiding over the case allows Haynesworth’s attorney to introduce evidence of the alleged payment offered to the witness.

But the allegations of offers of money to a neutral witness are far more troubling.  It’s not uncommon, or improper, for offers of settlement to be made to the alleged victims of criminal conduct, especially since those persons also have civil claims that could, and often are, advanced separately in court.  And if the alleged victim suddenly has no desire to cooperate with a criminal prosecution, the prosecution suddenly becomes far less potent.

Either way, the judge needs to make a decision soon on whether the evidence will be admitted at trial.  Trial is set for Tuesday, August 23.

32 responses to “Prosecutors claim Haynesworth’s lawyer has offered waitress money

  1. They offered the waitress money, but Fat Albert’s lawyer was taking WAY too long sliding it into the pocket of her jeans. First he put it in a back pocket, but didn’t like the way it sat, tried the other back pocket, wasn’t satisfied with that. Then the right front, which fit O.K. but he decided he better recount the money, then the left front pocket… just went on and on.

  2. Breaking News: Haynesworth’s attorney is doing his job.

    What would you expect the attorney to do? Just decide to lay down in the middle of the courtroom while the trial continued to unfold around him?

  3. from what I saw, the Patriots don’t need him for their defense, even if their defense is above average, they got that Terminator of an Offense with Tom Brady they could always rely on.

  4. as long this dont mess up his performance on sundays its all good. we gone need him to play at a high level

  5. She’s just lucky she escaped without looking like a shark attack victim, or like a zombie snack in that Zombieland movie.

    She should be paying him for not biting.

  6. The fat tub of crap is starting to look like a name on the cut-down list.
    He’d look good unemployed and unmentioned.
    An answer to a future trivia question.

    “You know, that fat guy? Used to play football?…”

  7. hahhaaha Lmaoooooooooo Good 1 Fat A$$ Real Smart Way to Work it through…Glad his sorry A$$ is out of DC….Hail Skins!!…Talkin about he dont date black girls yet he offers her money and hes not guilty…what a joke all that money and still cant get his Fat A$$ laid in orderly proficient Manner…

  8. NO means NO FAT A$$ you are not Above the Law, the Redskins should of gave you a a hundred Million Twinkies that way your FAT A$$ wouldnt have so much time on your hands not playing 1st and 2nd down and lying down in the field when the play is still in motion…Chasing some girl that you claim you dont like those kind of girls anyway…Why didnt you just go get a prostitute you Fat A$$ son of a B!tch.

  9. Obviously if the prosecution is trying to pay someone to say they were a witness to an event when they were not for 50,000 that is not only illegal but the lawyer should lose his license to practice. It also should constitute a mistrial and actions against Haynsworth should stop immediately. He is obviously innocent because why else would they need to pay someone off to lie. This kills the credability of anyone making claims against Haynsworth. Honestly it seems pretty impossible to fondle a breast while also having a card inside the shirt because the hand would be away from the breast with the card against the breast. She told him it would be ok to put the card in the shirt and he did she knew her plan and acted on it. Seriously tampering with witnesses and trying to pay them off to lie is definately a reason to disbar this womans lawyer. Just sickining how the public trys to take advantage of superstar athletes.

  10. Oh how silly, Bill Belechick would never be involved with filming this kind of trial. However Mike Shanahan may testify as to Albert Haynesworth’s lack of conditioning as it might relate to his sexual capacity to assault someone.

  11. Can some female just give this guy some…Patriot fan or somebody….? How can guys make 100 mil and not get a girl, i mean…there are guys who got no money that get chicks all the time.

  12. your absolutely right. Offers of “settlement” to the “victim” under the rules of evidence are never allowed to be mentioned at the trial on the merits. The offer to the independent witness goes directly to her credibility and should be admitted.

  13. So getting falsely accused for sexual assault and having all charges dropped before any arrests or court warrants s 4 game suspension. I bet Haynesworth gets nothing. Just like the slap on the wrist for the cameras that won 3 superbowls.

  14. “Now, prosecutors claim that Haynesworth’s lawyer has offered the alleged victim money to drop the case.”


    This is also known as the “Kobe defense strategy”.

  15. I’ll be the first one to agree that while offering a settlement to an alleged “victim” is a smart defensive move, it smacks of “guilty”. I said that when it allegedly was Roethlisberger paying off one of his 32 “victims”, and I’ll say that again against a Patriot player.

    I am no huge fan of Albert Haynesworth, no matter how good he is or how innocent he may or may not be in this case. He showed his true character by walking across that guy’s face, and by laying down against a team that gave him 100 million reasons to get up off the turf.

    He could have a Pro Bowl year, and I’m never going to cheer for this clown, and I am really disappointed that Kraft and Belichick looked past all his character issues to sign him. I may end up calling him a beast and an awesome D lineman, but that doesn’t mean I’ll like the guy.

    Bad signing, no matter how good he is. They didn’t need to lower their standards that badly.

    That said, when someone needs to allegedly pay a witness to testify, it sounds even worse than offering a settlement, which – while detestable – is a perfectly legal option.

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