Pryor is happy to be in the supplemental draft, won’t appeal suspension


Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, happy to ultimately be included in the supplemental draft, will not appeal the NFL’s decision to suspend him for five games.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus tells PFT that Pryor accepts the suspension.  Although he will be barred from practicing or playing in games, Rosenhaus said that Pryor will be allowed to attend meetings and work out at the team facility — if, of course, he’s on a team.

To aid his effort, Pryor will conduct a Pro Day workout at 1:00 p.m. ET Saturday in the Pittsburgh area.  Pryor has been working with former NFL quarterback, offensive coordinator, and quarterbacks coach Ken Anderson.

Although the NFLPA ultimately agreed to the five-game suspension, Rosenhaus praised NFLPA executive director De Smith for his efforts to persuade the NFL to allow Pryor to enter the draft pool.  Rosenhaus said that, with Smith’s involvement, Pryor likely would have been excluded.

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  1. Future undrafted free agent, Terrelle Pryor, is happy to have to serve a suspension, as long as he can be allowed to enter a draft, in which he may not be drafted.

    The kid is smart — aint he?

  2. And Rosenhaus, Smith and GODell, will surely cash in one way or another……..This is just wrong……It serves no purpose, not like he will start or play in any of the first 5 games anyway, it’s just the powers that be, caving in to the free system that is the NCAA……….

  3. *without

    Is anyone else confused as to why he was suspended? Does the NFL now have the power to suspend Devin Hester, Vince Wilfork, and other Miami players for possibly accepting illegal benefits?

  4. I admit I’m pretty well out of the loop here but can someone explain what, exactly, he did?

    Or was he suspended give games for trading autographs for tatoos and cars and stuff in college?

    And if he was suspended by the NFL for taking cash and stuff in college… wtf?!

  5. Who cares? This former prospect will need to let his play dicatate how people will now percieve him. It will be up to the team that “might” draft him to dictate what position (probably not QB) this guy will play. He is not bulky enough for RB or H-back positions, therefore leaving him to only be a WR or DB? I don’t think he even possesses the skills for these position changes? QB’s with his body type have a hard time changing positions, especially in the NFL!! This will be a huge project for his potential “new” team to work on and I don’t see many teams trying to figure this out. He will bounce around for 2-3 years and than be done.

  6. he already has poor evaluations as an an nfl prospect AND he’s suspended 5 games– WHO IS GOING TO DRAFT THIS GUY? (especially since he no longer has his awesome afro-swoop)

  7. The NCAA wanted their pound of flesh and I guess this is as good an offer as Pryor was gonna get. Not the best outcome but it’s better than having to wait a year while earning no income.

  8. Happy to hear Terrelle Pryor can participate in the supplemental draft. I believe that Mr. Goodell’s 5 game suspension is absurd. How many players come to the NFL with NCAA violations? Reggie Bush comes to mind; yet Mr. Goodell decided to make an example of Mr. Pryor? What happened at OSU; has nothing to do with the NFL. Mr. Pryor admitted to the infractions with OSU. His coach, had him sign a document, 11 days prior to the Sugar Bowl, stating that he agreed to sit out 5 games in order to continue playing college football. The NCAA wanted the OSU players in the Sugar Bowl as stated in their letter. What kid wouldn’t sign that document? All these kids know; & what they are taught; is the next game is the big one. The college atheletes involved were backed into a corner to sign that ducment. I believe the appropriate term would be “signed under duress”. The NCAA needs to clean up their own house. They pick & choose who they will investigate & which infractions they will ignore. Boosters should have no contact what-so-ever with any college atheletes. Just because they put money into the program; does not entitle them access to the coaches, staff or atheletes. The school & the coaches turn a blind-eye to what transpires until caught. Once the NCAA gets involved the atheletes become the scapegoat for the school. Mr. Goodell has set a dangerous precedent. The NFL should now have to look at every player entering the draft & if the athelete has any NCAA violations; game suspensions must be assessed to those players if it is found that they undermined the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL draft. Who will be responsible for determining if that occurred? What degree of infraction would qualify? & will that be the opinion of one person or a committee? Mr. Goodell stick to the business of the NFL & distance the league from the NCAA & their broken system. No one should be penalized by their employer for what they did while a student in college.

  9. I dont get the suspension…

    Maybe its to let the College players know if you screw up in the little league the big league will spank ya too..

    Hell its not like the NCAA is doing anything to these idiot players..

  10. Why is he being Suspended? That is complete bull! So now the NFLPA taking care of college issues??? We as a society can not stand not to Micromanage each others lives. I hate goodell and am starting to hate De smith. If the players can’t see these two guys are in bed together! WOW!

  11. He will fit in with the many NFL players that have lied , cheated, took money and have a suspect character. He will be welcome with open arms.

  12. Pryor should appeal the suspension. It’s ludicrous that the NFL can suspend someone who isn’t in the NFL.

    I’m not defending Pryor at all, but if the Pryor suspension stands, it sets a dangerous precident in the NFL. Roger Goodell is ruining the NFL.

  13. The Hype is not about Pryor its about the crap going on around him. I don’t think he going to be a great NFL player! They are sticking it to him!

  14. ” Rosenhaus said that, with Smith’s involvement, Pryor likely would have been excluded.”

    COME ON PFT. You meant to say without Smith’s involvement he would have been excluded. Would it really kill PFT to proofread posts?

  15. drbandkgb said, “Maybe its to let the College players know if you screw up in the little league the big league will spank ya too..”

    I think this is why… but wouldn’t the NFL get a lot more mileage out of actually saying he was suspended for violating NCAA rules?

    Why won’t the NFL admit to a partnership with the NCAA? We all know there is one. It is exactly this kind of shadow wink nudge bs that leads to boosters giving money to these kids. I don’t get why the establishment continues to try and play it both ways.

    If it sounds as if I am blaming the NFL and the NCAA for the environment that nurtures improper booster involvement… it is because that is exactly what I am doing.

  16. I can’t imagine the suspension is going to have that much effect on him. Yes, it’s going to suck that he can’t practice and get accustomed to his new team’s playstyle, but it seems unlikely he would have been playing in the first five games anyway. He can still be involved with meetings and going over the mental aspect of his game, so all he’s really missing is practice. Practice. Not a game. We’re talking about practice. Not the game he goes out there, and dies for and plays every game like it’s his last. We’re talking about practice.

  17. Im with Goodell on this one. I think he is saying its clear Pryor is running from the NCAA. If the NCAA cant punish him, Goodell will.
    -If he just lets him in, its a bad precedent. IMO

  18. elgaffo,

    If that is what he is doing (and I agree I think that is what he is doing) why doesn’t he just say so? Why all the round about bs?

  19. and also… it isn’t much of a deterrent. Pryor, if he makes a team, will still get paid for 11 games which is quite a bit more money then he would have made by staying in college (even with booster support)

  20. Can’t see him getting signed by anyone this year. Why would you waste a 2013 pick on a guy that can’t do anything until week six. Right now he is so far behind, I can’t see him getting into any of the preseason games. Oh well there is always next year Pryor. In the mean time guess you can go out and get some more tattoos before next season.

  21. He is fine with the suspension until the draft happens and he is not selected. After that, you can bet he will challenge the suspension by saying it is harming his ability to earn a living or some such legal angle.

    The only way that I can see this not biting the NFL is if someone actually drafts the kid. That is a big gamble since the team would have to forfeit a pick from the 2012 draft and then decide in about a week whether he is worth keeping. After that they need to put him on the roster or risk him signing with another team that didn’t lose a draft pick.

    Maybe all the time stalling was actually about Roger looking for a team that would actually draft Pryor under those conditions. If that is true, then the whole “integrity of the draft” mantra is a bunch of garbage.

  22. Pryor receives benefits…he’s a cheat and deserves hell. Miami players get money…the NCAA’s corrupt and it’s not their fault. Double standard much??

  23. icewalker946 says:
    Aug 18, 2011 10:56 AM
    In my opinion…..

    Terrelle Pryor will be a better QB than Cam Newton.

    Is that kinda like saying Rusty Hilger was better than Tod Marinovich?

  24. It makes no sense to punish this kid for actions in the NCAA. It would be like you getting punished by a police dept. for crimes committed in your past life.

  25. Wait a tic…what power does the NFL have to suspend someone for actions perpetrated when they weren’t in the league??? Not to mention for doing things that are LEGAL in the NFL.

    If the NFL is going to start this precedent, 50% of the players coming out of college are going to have to serve some suspension in the NFL for previous malfeasance.

  26. Like most everybody else, I’m lost as to what the suspension is all about. Great example here of a totally unsympathetic character being made to seem as one while the NFL needlessly jerks him around. The guy probably wasn’t going to be drafted to begin with and his game doesn’t look like one that will translate to the NFL. They should have just let him into the supplemental draft immediately and everybody would have forgotten about him. Instead, they ended up giving him all kinds of free publicity that he didn’t deserve. Well played, NFL…NOT.

  27. Of course Pryor is happy he would’ve been suspended for five games in college too, so now if he gets drafted and signed (which he will) he can finally get legally paid for it and buy his on tattoos.

  28. Pryor: I’m hoping Miami will draft me.
    Press: Um, Nevin was giving money to Miami University players not Miami Dolphin players.
    Pryor: Oh. But can I still get Nevin’s Hoes?

  29. Funny everyone thinks Oakland. Anyone care to guess how many times the raiders have used a draft pick in the supplemental draft? Ill give u a hint ZEROthis

  30. You know all you Buckeye fans crack me up you all wanted him out of high school started him hes gonna win us a championship he played over Peckman who Tressel ruined his QB career by benching him for his SR yr who would of beat texas in the bowl game and got drafted u guys get this oversized growed Chris Brown cries when his team loses who not only leaves after his JR yr also has you guys lose the best Coach that u have had for years and yet u still stand behind this loser Michigan fans r right OHIO ST IS A BUNCH OF NUTS!!!

  31. Let’s just get the draft completed so this kid can fade into obscurity.
    He’s the answer to a future trivia question.

    So much press over such a marginal prospect.

  32. If he’s drafted, the chances are better than even he doesn’t even make a 54 man roster.

  33. Future undrafted free agent, Terrelle Pryor, is happy to have to serve a suspension, as long as he can be allowed to enter a draft, in which he may not be drafted.
    Terrelle Pryor WILL and mark these words, WILL get drafted. it may not be as high as he wants it, but i see a team at least using a 7th round pick on him. hopefully Washington puts a bid in on him and gets him for a 5th or 4th round pick. he is a good QB to have as a project to work with.

  34. Oh…. He’s not being suspended for the stuff he did at OSU, he’s being suspended for the moves he made to circumvent the draft process. He’s damned lucky they’re letting him in. I’m sure the only reason he’s in the supplemental is to avoid a frivolous lawsuit.

  35. Of course he’s happy! As a supplemental pick coming onto a team roster after training camp is over, whichever team takes him gets to hold onto him without evaluating his talent (and using the roster spot) for 5 weeks. It’s not like he was going to walk in and start week 1! He loses nothing, gets the ability to be picked up by a team that will be obligated to keep him long enough that they won’t cut him for some time after he comes back, and he gets the chance to really develop with no expectation of performance for the whole season. It is really genius, and whoever takes him will get to spend a draft pick and roster spot on a player who will not play once this season. This is a great from Pryor, not a punishment!

  36. terrell will b drafted in the first round of the supplemental draft, with his ability to scramble an improvise, i can c pryor drafted by the bills, chan gailey in known for working with qb that hav mobility, plus jim kelly does not want another qb from california who can’t throw in the wind at Ralph Wilson stadium, with pryor having experience playing in such conditions at the horseshow at ohio state should be a perfect fit for gailey’s offense, plus he would hav the luxiary of setting behind fitzpatrick to learn how to be a pro in the nfl. just a thought.

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