Report: Carson Palmer thinks Bengals are toying with Jordan


So why did the Bengals re-sign quarterback Jordan Palmer at a time when the organization refuses to trade or release his older brother, Carson?

According to Dennis Janson of WCPO (via, Carson Palmer has told a “friend” that he believes the team is “toying” with Jordan by giving him reduced reps and by eventually cutting him too late to land with a new team.

The Bengals currently have four quarterbacks on the active roster:  Andy Dalton, Bruce Gradkowski, Dan LeFevour, and Jordan Palmer.  Jordan re-signed with the team in July, accepting his restricted free agency tender.  The contract isn’t guaranteed, and he can be cut at any time.

Carson was placed on the reserve/did not report list after he failed to show up for training camp.  He has not yet been placed, as far as we can tell, on the reserve/retired list.  His agent, David Dunn, has not responded to multiple inquiries over the past three weeks regarding the question of whether Palmer has made his retirement official with the league office.

During the lockout, Jordan Palmer led player-organized workouts.  “I’m going to prepare like I’m the starter until somebody tells me I’m not,” Jordan said in April, before the Bengals picked Andy Dalton in round two.  “If you’re the backup and the starter gets hurt or is traded or retires, you’re next in line.  That’s the natural progression.”

Though Jordan Palmer is far from being the starter, he’s currently not on the bottom rung of the four-step ladder.  Listed at third on the depth chart ahead of LeFevour, Jordan Palmer got into the preseason opener against the Lions before LeFevour.

The bad news?  Jordan threw four passes, completing one to the Bengal — and one to a Lion.

To the extent that Bengals owner Mike Brown has decided to put Carson in a corner, it makes sense for Cincy to keep Jordan as the third quarterback.  If, at some point, Carson would try to pull a power play and show up, the first quarterback to lose his job would be Carson’s little brother.

73 responses to “Report: Carson Palmer thinks Bengals are toying with Jordan

  1. Brown really shouldve just traded Palmer, and gotten closure for the entire organization….i know Andrew Luck is trembling that he’ll go first overall to the Bengals…fortunately, S.F., will be equally bad. Another irony is that yet another SC QB, Matt Barkley could also go top 5 to the Bengals

  2. As Sam Wyche once said “You don’t live in Cleveland. You live in Cincinnati!” I’ll take Cleveland and their 5 wins over Cincinnati and their 2 any time.

  3. In other news: Who cares? This is no shock whatsoever, the guy was probably on the team because he was Carson Palmer’s kin.

    Carson Palmer should give his baby brother some money out of his big bank account balance he spoke of prior to retiring.

  4. Doesn’t matter if they woulda cut him before the preseason or after, no one would pick him up.

  5. Paranoia will destroy ya.

    I still can’t figure out the media sympathy for Carson. He’s under contract to a team that has already paid him $80 million, and the media acts as if CP is some oppressed freedom fighter. Makes no sense.

    Show up and play ball, or retire and go away.

  6. Thank you Jordan, for explaining the natural progression to us. If a starter gets hurt or traded, then they backup comes in? I did not know that. Thank you for clarifying that Jordan.

  7. His Dad Paul Brown tried to blackball Bill Walsh, so why not?

    I think that the commissioner should step in on this and free Palmer. It would be in the NFL’s best interest.

  8. Dante Culpepper > Jordan Palmer… There, I finally found one QB Culpepper is better than.

  9. Carson get on wit it.u lucky he still has a job he is a gruff third qb at best.only reason he got tagged up was cuz you were the face of the franchise.Child please

  10. I agree carson they should release your brother, if he cant start, im pretty sure tons of teams will have Jordan as a starter!!! (SMDH)

  11. Carson Palmer needs a smack to the back of his head. The Bengals front office and coaching staff needs to release CP, start Dalton and keep JP. At least Jordan Palmer wants to be there. These baby games need to stop. Its gone on too long.

  12. The only reason Jordan has played in the NFL for the last two years is that the Bengals were trying to keep Carson happy.

  13. I wonder if Carson still thinks “the Bengals were the better team” like he used to say every year after they lost to the Steelers.

    Just shut up and go away already Cornholio.

  14. The Palmer sisters are clowns.

    Go worry about your Iphone apps girls. Neither of you are NFL Caliber QB’s anymore.

    One doesnt have the talent. The other doesnt have the heart ….

  15. ” The contract isn’t guaranteed, and he can be cut at any time.”

    No, no, no. Mike Brown is a man of his word. He holds everyone to their contracts, right?

  16. Let’s see – a new OC, new West Coast offense playbook, a rookie QB, inexperienced starting receivers, and only twelve practices because of the lockout. Don’t know about you, but if I’m Marvin Lewis I’m giving nearly every practice snap to Dalton and the backups are just going to have to do their best with limited action. Nothing personal with Palmer’s kid brother. Carson, once you bail on your team you should just slink out of sight and never be heard from again.

  17. This is such a screwed up thing to say about your brother. Grow up Carson, never liked or cared for you in the first place … good riddance, jerk. Family is family.

  18. Jordan Palmer is just simply not a very good quarterback.

    And who cares what Carson thinks anymore, he’s out of the game.

    Thats it, nothing more.

  19. Carson knows Jordan would be out of the league by now if it wasn’t for him. That’s why he begged the Bengals to sign him. Keep it classy Carson. If a quiter can be classy.

  20. Really why is Cincy always so dumb? The guy does not want to play for the Bungles anymore. I am pretty sure the Bungles could at least get a 2nd rounder for Carson Palmer.

  21. Guess what Carson….Jordan sucks! News Flash! Now keep sucking your thumb you cry baby. You took your ball and went home…Jordan is most likely a whiny cry baby just like you. Thanks for nothing quitter..go retire you loser..

  22. NOOOOO!!!!…. They Bungles are making poor personnel decisions!!!

    You could knock me over with a feather!!

  23. Does anyone really care anymore? Carson doesn’t want anything to do with the team and Jordan isn’t smart enough to realize he will be a lifetime 3rd stringer. Next topic please.

  24. That’s possible, Carson. It’s also possible that the world doesn’t revolve around the Palmer brothers. Is Carson going to be taking pot-shots at the Bengals all season now?

  25. Bengals are a disgrace, that is absolutely no insult to Bengal fans, Cincinnati is just a complete mess. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but when i think back it all started to go down hill after Carson Palmer got hurt in the playoff game against the Steelers, ironically that was the longest pass in Bengals playoff history. Bengals had SO much promise back then. And one of the better teams in the league when Carson got his knee tore up, things change alot in a small period of time.

  26. Carson… if you have something to say, come out and say it. Everything we hear from you comes from a “friend”. You can’t always be the nice guy… this is why you were never the leader that the Bengals needed. Jordan is a 3rd stringer on every NFL team…and Dalton needs the reps because you quit on the Bengals. Plus, no one in Cincinnati cares what Carson Palmer thinks.

  27. Hey Carson, GFY buddy! You had your chance to make it right and now you’re pissed the Bengals won’t trade you. Toying with your little brother, “no one does that to my little brother”. Here’s a thought, your little brother sucks. Haven’t you watched him play? Why do you think he played for UTEP instead of USC? Though he was drafted in the sixth round, by Washington, he ended up playing arena football that same year, until you convinced the Bengals that you needed a family member on the team, hence the only reason Jordan is here. Why would you question the fact that he’s still getting paid?
    P.S. there is no “Other” team.

  28. The good news for Palmer is that Carson can retire because he is “financially set for life” .If his brother’s actions cost him his NFL job he knows where to go for a loan to hold him over.

  29. Considering that the Bengals signed and had Jordan as the number 2 starter last year, I don’t think they are toying with him. They are toying with us fans by keeping him on the team. He holds onto the ball way too long and makes consistent mistakes when he gets the ball in his hand. Jokes on us (and has been for years) and not Jordan Palmer.

  30. I’m not usually in favor of the “stick it to the man” mentality by players, but I don’t blame Carson one bit for wanting out of there.

  31. Why is Mike Brown not in jail? I mean, he obviously held a gun to Jordan’s head “Godfather” style and made him sign the contract.


    Lesson of the day – when a party has it out for your brother and knows they can’t get to him, don’t set yourself up to be victimized by that party. You have only yourself to blame.

  32. Carson Palmer is really starting to annoy me. He made a decision to retire, so he should shut his face and retire.

    Mike Brown is actually doing his brother a favor; if the Bengals cut him today Jordan Palmer has ZERO chance of staying in the league. And I can’t stand Mike Brown, who is by far the worst owner in the NFL.

  33. Dear Carson,

    If Jordan wasn’t your brother he wouldn’t even be in the league right now, so stop making excuses for him sucking.

  34. Jordan Palmer sucks. If it weren’t for his last name he wouldn’t even be in the league past his rookie year.

    Carson should be thanking the Bengals for ever giving him a spot on the team in the past. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Carson told the Bengals to keep him on the roster just to make him happy. Now he wants to cry to the media about how his brother isn’t getting a fair shake when he hasn’t been cut yet and there is no evidence of this.

  35. I never thought I’d ever say this, but I sympathize with Mike Brown.

    When he signed Carson to that 6 yr. 118.75 million extension in 2005, he thought he had a true “franchise QB” in Palmer. Instead, Brown got stuck with a QB with diminished skills. Instead of cutting Palmer, or demanding that he restructure his contract, Brown not only kept paying Palmer like a franchise QB, he also paid Palmer $9 million to exercise the 3rd year bonus on the deal, signed his talentless little brother to a contract, and propped up Carson even when 31 other teams would have stopped paying him or even cut him from their teams.

    Brown went above and beyond the typical “owner-player” relationship and stuck with Carson when nobody else would have (or, at least no one else would have paid $12 million dollars a season for his services).

    All Brown really wanted in the end was loyalty. He felt that by paying Carson twice what he was worth over the last several years, Carson would have shown a little gratitude. THAT was Browns’ biggest mistake.

    This is NOT about an owner holding a helpless player hostage. Brown could (and probably should) have cut Palmer years ago, but he stuck with him. He stayed loyal.

    Look, I agree that Mike Brown has many, many, many faults. His reign in Cincinnati has been a failure. But in this particular case he happens to be right. And we should acknowledge it.

  36. Ever notice how it is always a “friend” of Carson’s who supposedly tells this info? There are more stories from “sources” and “friends” in regards to Carson than anything! Either a.) it’s not true; b.) his “friends” need to keep their mouths shut because they are making him look even worse, or; c.) he needs new friends. I’m tired of all the Carson related stories!!! Report something when there is real news.

  37. It’s always funny to me that people click on an article and take time to post a comment relating to an article about what someone has said, only to post that no one cares what that person said. If you really didn’t care I would figure you wouldn’t even bother.

  38. Imagine you were a great football player and expected to go in the first round. Goodell comes to the podium and says,” With the number number## pick in the draft The Cincin…….” Your bubble just busted.

  39. I would show up the week before the first game. I would make them pay me and he could pay his brothers contract for the year easy if they wanted to cut him. They would ether cut him or trade him can you imagine the frenzy that would put the Bengals in! Every reporter in the country would be there, they would have to do something! He is set to get 11.5 mil.

  40. I think Carson is toying with the Bengals if he’s really retiring turn in your retirement papers Carson. He’s the one not honoring his contract. Half the rosters in jail, aren’t they ? LOL

  41. Carson said back last winter that he was financially secure and he would retire if the bungles didn’t trade him. He hasn’t budged since and now the bungles are messing with his brother.

    business as usual with the bungles

  42. Please, for the sake of me and Bengals fans everywhere, don’t drag the city or the fans in to this mess. Mike Brown is the idiot, the fans are the victims. I feel for Carson Palmer, but he’s a multi millionaire, so I don’t feel that bad.

  43. Comedic fail by all the Bengal haters here. How many times will you write the same Andrew Luck joke before u realize it just isnt funny?

  44. Agree that Mike Brown is an awful GM. Also agree that it is 100% his fault that we’ve had 20 losing seasons. He’s a joke and he needs to retire or the NFL needs to take over the team.

    However, Carson chose this route. He also needs to understand that his brother was only on the team because of him. His brother is an awful qb and if he was any good the team would keep him. Jordan should never have been the back up, if fact signing Jordan as back up is another reason MB is not a good leader. Who would have Jordan Palmer as their number 2 guy?

    Carson, you should have thought about the consequences of your actions. Did you really think the team would keep your brother, given his lack of talent? Do you think that any team would be loyal to your brother when the face of the franchise quits?

    I hate Mike Brown, but I also have no sympathy for you or your brother. Hopefully your brother realizes why he was even on the team and why he may be cut.

    Why don’t you help the fans out and unleash a barrage of comments about how poorly the team is run. Why don’t you try to rally the fans in Cinci to boycott the team? Show us a little bit of leadership.

  45. If Jordan get’s cut, maybe he can go join the “Siblings Anonymous” group from Fred Claus for some sympathy. I’m sure Frank Stallone and Roger Clinton understand what it’s like to ride your brother’s coattails to fame and fortune. Could always talk to Tim Hasselbeck about how to get on with ESPN as well.

  46. Sure, we all know we’re a terrible team, nailed on for just a few wins this year right ?

    But you know what, we’ll still beat the Ravens ……..

  47. It “makes sense” for them to waste practice time and a roster spot on a guy they’re probably going to cut out of spite for his brother? Maybe in the dysfunctional world of the Bengals, but it’s hard to imagine any successful franchise playing silly games like this.

  48. Carson should show up at last evening out of spite. Force Brown to cut payroll at the last minute. Brown is a disgrace.

  49. How selfish is Palmer? He say’s he’s rich and doesn’t need to play and won’t play for the Bengals. Instead of doing the right thing and retiring, which will make the Bengals spend that 11.5 Million, he is going to be selfish and try to make them trade him. Not going to happen bud, your saving Mike Brown 11.5 million a year until you turn in your paperwork.

  50. This season is going be interesting.

    The all out (in reverse) chase for Andrew Luck is about to begin.

    The main contenders in the preseason poll are Cincinnatti, Denver and Carolina in that order.

    Carolina most likely wouldn’t draft a QB #1 two years in a row and Denver would have to make a very serious decision about Tim Tebow. That makes the Bengals the odds on favorite in the race for Luck.

    That is pretty much a lock. With what promises to be another horrible Bengals squad finishing with the 3rd worst record should be no problem.

    I wonder how Andrew feels about stripes.

  51. While this situation is retarded, thanks to MB, it’s going to get really ugly when CP shows up before season starts…and he will, as he’s got $11.5 million reasons to, aside from toying with MB whom he now hates and has no respect. Wait for it…

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