Sunday Ticket to be available through Playstation 3


DirecTV has decided to throw a bone to NFL fans that can’t get satellite service.

NFL Sunday Ticket will be available this year through PlayStation 3 for for $339.95. The package is aimed at fans that can’t get DirecTV because of where they live. (I fall into this category in my latest apartment. Damn high rise blocking my southern sky.)

It’s a great idea, and would be even cooler if DirecTV expanded it by making it available through Tivo and other services. That won’t happen because DirecTV still wants to push people towards getting a dish.

Current Sunday Ticket subscribers could also get it through PlayStation for an additional $50 through DirecTV To-Go.  Hopefully, DirecTV has solved the enormous amount of problems and clunky setup of their online offering from a year ago.’s Preseason Live is light years better than DirecTV’s 2010 package and shows where this market is headed. For the price DirecTV is charging, they need to catch up.  Either way, it’s a pretty cool time to be an NFL fan and it’s only going to get better.

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  1. As a skins fan I haven’t had this problem since I’ve been alive (not bragging, they suck) but isn’t it true that your game will be blacked out locally even if you have Sunday Ticket (and it’s blacked out on local TV)? I’m asking because the NFL is really making it hard for fans to leave their house with HD, countless angles, and now more platforms for Sunday Ticket. Not to mention owners like Snyder haven’t showed any respect to fans that pour millions into tickets and concessions. The home experience is def my preferred choice. What if more people go this route and more teams get “blacked out” due to non-sellouts? Thoughts PFTers?

  2. Screw Directv. Just dropped their asses from being tired of getting gouged for the Nfl ticket. Still holding out hope some other entity can offer a similar product soon so we’re not all hostage to Direct Tv.

  3. I noticed you wrote for twice in the front. Yes, that is a lot of money. And the guy says…the rent is too damn high at my high rise! ha

  4. Still too expensive, especially with all of the good online streaming options available. >:-D

  5. I wish they would do an a la carte option. $150 for all the games of your fav team would sell a lot of subscriptions. Most people just want to be able to see their favorite team and many live out of the local market area (military, transplants, etc.) It can’t be that hard to do.

  6. My apartment complex only offers tv services through the local power company so I just go with the free basic cable included in my rent. As someone who enjoys Netflix and through my PS3 this in an excellent idea, they should make a lot from offering it this way, myself included.

  7. $340 is too much….I was excited about this until seeing the price. They need to take a page out of MLB’s book here. MLB.TV is like $100 – $150 depending when you get it during the season and for way more games. I like the Idea of making it cheaper so you can just watch your favorite team. If they come out with an option to watch games on an Iphone or Ipod touch for much cheaper I would do that.

  8. NFL Red Zone is waaayyyy better and still just $49. Shows you live looks at all of the games and at 4 PM when there are less games on they stay with games much longer which is awesome.

  9. i do not rust directv i moved from dish because well i have a 3d hdtv now and wanted to check out the 3d content, however i was told that i would be getting the nfl ticket, then way after i was todl it wasnt part of the package when it was teh highlight of the package that was beign sold to me.

  10. hmmm Getting closer …. I will go get a PS3 or get DirecTv when they do as FinFan68 says…

    “do an a la carte option. $150 for all the games of your fav team.”

  11. Given my apartment faces south, I guess I’m not eligible unless I sell my soul to Rupert Murdoch for two years. No thanks.

    DTV is horrible these days. I remember when I had it in the late 90s, it rocked. Ticket was $99-$149 a year, there were no contracts and no lease fees.

    I got it again a few years ago, and they wanted to charge me $99 on top of the $300 for Sunday Ticket for the “Superfan” package, which was required in order to see the games in HD. The receiver they provided was slow and took 4-6 seconds to change channels. I was locked into a contract where I had to shovel a couple of grand at DTV over the course of 24 months, mostly for stuff I had no interest in watching.

    If the NFL ever gets rid of DirecTV’s monopoly, I might consider forking over some money to see the games. Until then, the only money I’ll be spending is at my local pub, where for my $20-30 every Sunday, I get fed well, a few cold ones, and all the waitresses I can ogle for my money.

  12. It pisses me off that they have a monopoly on the NFL game coverage. It’s (in a way) kind of like EA being the only guys that can make NFL sponsored football games. I understand why the deals are in place (money) but it still pisses me off 😉

  13. maryannwiththeshakyhands says:
    Aug 18, 2011 10:50 AM
    Screw Directv. Just dropped their asses from being tired of getting gouged for the Nfl ticket. Still holding out hope some other entity can offer a similar product soon so we’re not all hostage to Direct Tv.


    Nfl ticket is free if you have directv now. Check out their site.

  14. I’m a Bucs fan from Iowa and get the NFL ticket every year for half price. Just call and say you want to cancel your entire service because X company offered you a better deal, they will give you discounts if you are convincing. Only the cancellation department can do these things, so right when it says “tell me why you are calling” say “Cancel”

    It’s dirty, but I got $27/month off for a year plus the Sunday ticket for $164 for the season. The playstation thing is a good idea though, makes me want to cancel DTV and get cable and add the ticket through PS3…even at full price for the ticket it’d be cheaper having regular cable in my area. I’m sure I could convince TV that my non-existant landlord won’t let me install a dish on my ‘rental’ house

  15. Also gotta wonder, if the NFL can stream all the preseason games, this means they have the technology in place to do it themselves, with no assistance from DTV. How much money could they make selling “team packages”, or simply individual games for $9.99 each, over the internet? I bet they’d rake in a lot more cash that way then they would through their DirecTV deal.

    Come on, NFL. Cut out the middleman, and start reaping the profits for yourself.

  16. geemoney713 says:Aug 18, 2011 11:53 AM

    Nfl ticket is free if you have directv now. Check out their site.

    It is only free if you are a new subscriber, and sell your soul to Murdoch for two years. You will pay for it next year….and probably a total of at least $2000 over the course of a 24 month contract, which could be a lot more, depending on which tier of service you select.

  17. Love the technology, but ridiculous prices.

    Remember this is at internet speeds. I doubt anyone has the bandwidth in their home to get full HD feeds. I used to work for Comcast and they throttle bandwidth down to prevent people from eating it up with HD

    NFL is a multi- billion dollar a year business. Why can’t they cut us poorer fans a break? I love my team but can’t afford tickets nor the NFL Season Ticket. I’d be willing to pay $150 for viewing rights of only my team though. I don’t care to watch all the other teams – no one does. Why charge us for that?

  18. I have had it for 15 years, since I moved from Pittsburgh. To me, iI try to justify it as equating to the cost of attending several Steeler games.

    It is still too expensive. I have learned that if you call to complain, they will offer you some type of discount or other programming, which lowers the cost.

    But I believe they should offer you more options. For example, you should be able to buy individual team packages for the season (ie only the Steelers, for a lower cost), or even individual games like a pay per view. Having to buy the entire package or nothing is bogus.


  19. Even if it says HD, that will depend on your inet signal and the demand on their system, and it will adjust quality on th efly most likely.

    WHEN will the NFL ever throw the out of market fan a bone????

    I am an out of market fan, and I cant get any dish (not that I really want it). I never have any options but the sports bar…which I kind of like anyway but I can never hear my game.

    Why desnt the NFL care about the out of market fan (rhetorical question, I know why)???

    There is never an option on the table to just see *your* team.

  20. To Direct TV subscribers. . . . If you don’t want to pay the $350 (who does), call Direct TV. When the teleprompt comes on, say “cancel service”. You will be re-directed to the retention dept. Tell them you are cancelling your subscription (or if you are still in the middle of a contract – not buying the Ticket) because the price is too much and the reason that you bought DTV in the first place was for the NFL and now you don’t have any reason to go back to cable. They will start negotiating with you. Keep pressing them. I just got my Ticket reduced by a third! Of course, DTV doesn’t want anyone to know this trick, doesn’t want anyone to know that they overpaid the NFL for the rights and can barely stay afloat. They can’t risk losing ANY of YOU!

    Now….I want to see all thumbs up to my posts for once!! One thumbs down and I won’t let you in on any other secrets I know!! 🙂

  21. geemoney713 says: Aug 18, 2011 11:53 AM

    “Nfl ticket is free if you have directv now. Check out their site.”

    Only if you sign up as a new subscriber, and only for a limited time.

    Current DirecTV customers still have to pony up $334.95

  22. DirecTV is awful. I was having a few cold ones at the bar yesterday, it started to drizzle outside and the picture was out for 20 minutes. Had it and would never go back even for the Sunday ticket. Personally I think if you have RedZone you’re good to go, especially if you have multiple fantasy squads like myself. I guess if you’re out of market and want to watch your team, that would be the only incentive to get it. You can’t really beat the tailgating and game experience but HD and television size are making it a tough decision these days, especially if you want to save a few hundred bucks every Sunday

  23. Question.. have a friend in Texas that has Directtv and subscribes to Sunday Ticket. If she subscribes to the internet on the go plan, can I log in to her account and watch games from Colorado?

  24. This is great in theory, as I also cannot get DirectTV in my apartment. But $340?!?!? Holy cow. I’d seriously consider this at a discounted price, but I can’t justify that big of an amount. That’s basically $20/week for all 17 weeks of the season, but the thing is, my favorite team ends up being on tv 4-5 weeks anyway, then I’m out of town for college game roadtrips a couple more weekends. I’d love it if they offered some version of an a-la-cart plan. Either pay for one week or one month at a time, or one team on a season pass as suggested above, or even one single game at a time on a PPV pricing model, say, $15 or even $20. If I was only going to do that 5 times a year, I could justify it. But $340… pass, unfortunately.

    Now, if they offer a Red-Zone channel only package thru the PS3, that would be sweet!

  25. $340 I suppose is because it costs that much on the Direct TV , so if they charge substantially less, I am sure there will be a ton of cancellations.

    I guess this is one small part of the lockout ending. The money had to come from somewhere.

    So I for one am not surprised but will not be purchasing.

  26. I pay $6.95 for my sports package @ Comcast and get a live look in through my Red Zone best deal around bar none.

  27. I wish they did this for Xbox Live too.. I was scouring apps the other day in the hope that I could get an NFL package for live games.

  28. I called DirecTV and told them I wanted to cancel because I was tired of seeing such sweet deals for new customers and none for older ones. They then offered me $57/month in savings (no catch) bringing my monthly package from about $100 to under $50, then offered another $20/month if i kept Sunday Ticket. I never had any intention of canceling, but because I called and threatened to I was given $77 off my bill each month, essentially giving me Sunday Ticket for free (and some) without having to sign any contract.

  29. Too much, but I have directv and don’t need the PS3 hook up. Sunday ticket is still too damned expensive, but until there is another option…here’s my card.

  30. I know there are reasons to dislike DirecTV, but the high price of the Sunday Ticket is a result of the NFL’s greed, not DirecTV. Sure, they get more customers because of the monopoly, but they don’t make huge profits off the package itself. The NFL knew full well that DirecTV (or whoever would have gotten the contract) would need to charge these high fees to break even. And the sad part is we just saw a labor dispute between owners and players but the fans, the consumers, were never considered. Now that both the players and owners got what they wanted they give the fans lip service about caring about them. Why doesn’t the NFL offer to subsidize the cost of the subscription as a good will gesture. Because they know we would never stand together to protest the cost buy boycotting there product, even an exhibition game.

  31. You all go right ahead and keep on feeding the NFL / Direct TV for their monopoly. Paying $350+ to stream it on your ps3, are you joking? The quality will be rather crappy and again its paying a company to monopolize. When people finally wake up and STOP paying for sunday ticket than maybe the NFL will open their greedy eyes and see that we deserve to see the games on TV. In the meantime, ill continue to go out to the local sports bars and watch the game for FREE and enjoy some beer with other like minded fans who refuse to pay that kind of retarded price.

  32. well im not single, but it is always pleasant to see the young waitress’s walking about in the skimpy outfits looking very tasty. i am usually at the sports bar at the local casino. no charges to go watch, but no loafing either. gotta buy food or drinks which is what watching football is all about.

  33. maryannwiththeshakyhands says:
    Aug 18, 2011 10:50 AM
    Screw Directv. Just dropped their asses from being tired of getting gouged for the Nfl ticket. Still holding out hope some other entity can offer a similar product soon so we’re not all hostage to Direct Tv.


    Time Warner is even worse. They gouge you and you still don’t get the NFL Network or Sunday Ticket.

  34. I remember the big Comcast/NFL Network squabble, how the NFL demanded that their channel should be on basic cable packages, then the NFL turns around and still wants to have their cake and eat it too with their exclusive Sunday Ticket partnership with DirecTV.

    Greed at it’s worst.

    And $340 to watch a laggy, non HD version on your PS3 is a joke. Not sure I’d watch that poor quality even if it were free.

  35. I been a sunday ticket subscriber long before Directv even got the full rights. I have always been able to get a discount with Directv since I been with then 9 yrs now. I live in the country only have loss of signal maybe 2 or 3 times a year but mainly only on a few of their channels for a few short minutes. Major storm only. The local channles never go out for me. If you pay full price for ticket it comes out to little under $20 a sunday. I dont know which bars, pubs, Buffalo wild wings you go to but it is not too easy to get out with tab under 20 unless you drink soda and a small meal for one and not get into dog house with wife being gone for hours at a time each sunday. I live in the Cincinnati market but grew up in Indy as a Bears and Colts fan. I get ticket so I can watch a football team or even a game. I have did the math to go with dish and redzone channel vs with directv and the ticket and is still cheaper for me with directv over time. Sunday ticket to go is good if you have to go out of town. It can be watched from anywhere and you can even let a friend or sibling inlaw use your log in to watch it was well.

  36. Directv sucks. Living in New England, i had way too many issues with reception. Sometimes a simple rain shower would knock my signal off. I’ve seen it at bars and restaurants too. Why can’t we get Sunday ticket on a wireline cable service too? Dumb dumb dumb

  37. Single Filament: exactly right; there are going to be a lot of upset customers who paid $350 for what they thought was full quality HD sunday ticket on their PS3. Very few high-speed internet lines can deliver live streaming content for 3+ hours with no buffering or depreciation in video quality.

    hellswitch: Yes, you can do this. You will still be subject to local blackouts in the region that you’re in while accessing. So for example, you won’t be able to catch a Broncos game on directv to go if they’re already.

  38. I have DirecTV w/ Sunday Ticket and I pay virtually nothing for it. My dad’s been a a subscriber since the beginning. He told them my house was his second home, so all they charge is the fee for an additional receiver and I get all the content he’s paying for. I give him $150 a year for his troubles, the end.

    That said, if I was paying full price, I would’ve cancelled long ago. The HD DVR receiver we have is so incredibly slow. Takes several seconds to change channels, and the processor is too slow to even respond to the remote in real time. You hit a number and 3 seconds later it responds. Terrible. Not to mention the weather problems. I pay $8/mo for local channels via a separate cable line as well, so I can always fall back on that if the weather interrupts a big game.

  39. Sounds good… except for the price!
    Plus how do people know that when they input their credit card information that Sony won’t get hacked again and have all of their files infiltrated??
    So glad I can get Direct TV!

  40. Lots of misguided rage here. If the NFL sold the rights to Sunday Ticket to more than one provider, the price would be lower. DirecTV has to charge an arm and a leg to make up for the price they pay the NFL for the package. It would be the same way if any other single provider had the package instead of DirecTV.

    If you don’t like the price, blame the NFL.

  41. My brother already got gouged for Sunday Ticket this season.
    I’m thinking I’ll ask him to register “my” PS3 for $50 and I’ll be able to watch from my house, unless they do some kinda location-checking by some clever means.

  42. deepseabreeze says:
    Aug 18, 2011 1:32 PM
    i can get season tickets for the raiders for almost that much. too expensive for my tastes

    Yeah, but think how much you’re saving by not buying the costumes from Mad Max!

  43. Seriously, this would REALLY be cool if they’d let you do a split screen and run Madden along side the actual game. See if you’re a better coach than the real coaches.

  44. @st0n3r78

    Just a thought.. how much would you spend per week at the bar watching games, for 17 weeks, plus playoffs? Seems like you would go beyond $350, but at least you get plenty drunk for that kind of dough.

  45. hellswitch says:
    Aug 18, 2011 12:08 PM
    Question.. have a friend in Texas that has Directtv and subscribes to Sunday Ticket. If she subscribes to the internet on the go plan, can I log in to her account and watch games from Colorado?

    It does work, she’d have to give you her login/PW for her DirecTV account (you could order PPV’s and other stuff from her acct as well so there’s got to be some trust). I’ve used friends computers and phones to log in and watch the Bucs while out of town.

    Note: You can only have 1 online device active at a time, so if you are logged in, your friend can’t use her online account to watch games until you log out. Before DTV cut my bill in half last year I was going to pay a friend $50 to have access to their online account so I didn’t have to pay full price, and they didn’t either. It’s a good option, but the quality isn’t that great when blowing the picture up (using video out to a projector)

  46. Move to Canada! I have digital cable… We get the super sports pack for 29.95 per month which includes Sunday ticket. Extra innings, centre ice, NASCAR,college football and hoops and junior hockey. All for 29.95!!! And you just keep it however many months you want. Sweet deal by comparison!

  47. If the PS3 quality is anything like the quality of the Directv to Go, then I feel sorry for anyone who forks over the cash for that. The quality on the To Go thing was a joke! I had to work a Sunday once last year and my work has the fastest internet connection you can get, and it was still bad. I was really pissed about it. All I wanted to do was have the Red Zone Channel on my iPad while I watched the Eagles’ games.

    And, I have to say that without Sunday Ticket, I’d have dropped Directv years ago.

  48. I just ordered Direct TV. For about $50 a month I got a HD DVR and a second HD box. Included in the package are my local channels and NFL Sunday Ticket free of charge. The boxes and Instillation of the dish were also free of charge. Only thing i use the “cable company” for is Internet.

  49. Lots of misguided rage here. If the NFL sold the rights to Sunday Ticket to more than one provider, the price would be lower. DirecTV has to charge an arm and a leg to make up for the price they pay the NFL for the package. It would be the same way if any other single provider had the package instead of DirecTV.

    If you don’t like the price, blame the NFL.

    Not quite. If the NFL sold the rights for out-of-market broadcasts to multiple providers, the price for each individual provider would be lower, but the total they’d get from all the providers combined would be close to what they’re getting from DirecTV. What’s more, the shortfall would be clearly mitigated by how many more viewers they’d be reaching. It was DirecTV that was intent on maintaining their exclusive rights to out-of-market game broadcasts, at whatever price it took.

    When DirecTV came to the NFL in the early 90’s with the plan for Sunday Ticket, they were the only ones interested because pre-digital cable didn’t have the infrastructure to offer that kind of service. They paid a little more for an exclusivity guarantee to crowd out other satellite competitors.

    Since then, the technological tides have completely turned. Satellite systems can now reach fewer places and are more expensive to maintain and operate and less flexible to program than digital cable. Even worse, satellite systems are increasingly at a disadvantage because their dishes can receive data from the satellite, but can’t transmit anything back. This is a problem in an industry where ‘on-demand’ streaming is more and more prevalent.

    Over the past decade, DirecTV has fallen into a sunk-cost trap. At any given point in time, it would be smarter for them to stop relying on their dead-end tech and start buying out as many regional cable companies as they can get their hands on until they can abandon satellite altogether. The longer they wait, the more money they’ve sunk into satellite, the rougher the transition’s going to be. So every year, it becomes a less attractive option, even though it’s still always the right one.

    Instead, they keep trying to forestall the inevitable by over-paying for exclusive content rights. Basically, the idea is to keep people subscribing to their obsolete tech service by paying to guarantee that they’re the only option if you want to watch _______. NFL sunday ticket has been their main lifeline. Without it, they’d fold within a year. So in 2006 and again in 2009, they’ve come to the NFL with crazy amounts of money to keep their exclusive rights deal, because it’s the only reason they still get new customers.

    Where the NFL really dropped the ball was underestimating in 2006 just how quickly online streaming televised content was going to catch on. While DirecTV overpaid for the tv broadcast rights, they got the internet broadcast rights for a relative song… but didn’t do much with them, because their interest in Sunday Ticket is solely to drive customers to their satellite systems. They have no incentive to make high-speed cable internet more attractive.

    The NFL compounded their error by extending the exclusive contract in 2009. By then, they certainly could see how big online content delivery was becoming. The smart move would have been to retain internet broadcast rights, and build a real top notch online providing system. With their centrally managed rights and strong league office, they could put to shame.

    But they didn’t. Why? Because they were anticipating the lockout, and the league would be in a better position if they were still getting money from DirecTV rather than locked into spending money on their internet content delivery system. And DirecTV, seeing they had a nervous NFL over a barrel, insisted on a 5 year extension.

    Sure, the NFL got them to agree to establish an online-only subscription service by the 2012 season — but they can’t make them make one that doesn’t suck, and DirecTV would never willingly build an online option that could compete with their satellite systems. So for a little leverage in the CBA negotiations, we’ve now got to wait ’til 2014 for an NFL-caliber online broadcast service.

    And that’s the free market at work, folks.

  50. Living in Australia I think we get charity from the NFL for not being able to actually go to games. I paid AU$170 and get to watch every game this year live or on-demand in HD, including playoffs. Also have 2009 and 2010 season available too.

    Crap, that reads like an ad… sorry!

  51. its already 69.99n a month for the season plus an additional 100 bucks for HD/super-fan… I get it anyways cuz my team isn’t local and I like to watch several teams other than the NFC/AFC west teams, they suck bad both divisions so being able to watch better teams face off is lovely, I figure to go to a game 100-200 for each ticket, gas money, parking, beer, food, and bail money if I go to a raiders game, adds up more than what it cost on DTV, but since i can get it on my PS3, i will be leaving DTV after my contract is up, if you cancel early they charge you 20 bucks a month until your contract is up, plus an additional 150 early disconnection fee, DTV sucks, this is the last year of their contract with DTV hope comcast gets it next!!!

  52. I’m going with the NFL Game Rewind this year. I’ll just wait until my game is over and pay 40 bucks for the whole year!!!! (55 with the playoff package)

    I’ve heard the games are available minutes after they’re finished.

    Can’t wait to cancel DirecTV!!!

  53. bucbearpig is right!!! call and threaten to cancel your service. i had to call a second time and say the offer was so good from my local cable provider, it was worth the early termination fee. they gave me 15 dollars off on top of the 10 dollars off i was receiving plus the ticket for free!!!

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