Terrelle Pryor will be in Monday’s supplemental draft

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Terrelle Pryor finally has an answer: He’s eligible for the NFL supplemental draft.

And with Pryor’s eligibility finally determined, the NFL has now scheduled the supplemental draft for Monday.

The NFL announced this morning that Pryor is eligible and set the date of the supplemental draft for Monday, August 22. The supplemental draft had previously been scheduled for Wednesday, but the NFL’s lengthy delay in determining whether Pryor would be eligible led to the whole thing being delayed, affecting not only Pryor but also the other players in this year’s supplemental draft: Western Carolina defensive back Torez Jones, Georgia running back Caleb King, Lindenwood defensive end Keenan Mace, North Carolina defensive end Mike McAdoo and Northern Illinois defensive back Tracy Wilson.

Pryor, who had been the top high school player in the nation, was Ohio State’s quarterback for three years. Late last season the NCAA began investigating Pryor and other Ohio State players for taking improper benefits, and Ohio State said Pryor would be suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season. Ohio State later said Pryor wouldn’t have been allowed to play at all in the 2011 season, and Ohio State coach Jim Tressel lost his job in the investigation.

In an odd twist on the NFL’s decision, Commissioner Roger Goodell determined that Pryor will be ineligible to practice or play in the first five weeks of the NFL regular season, although he will be allowed to play in what remains of the preseason. The NFL apparently wants Pryor to feel some pain for the problems he caused at Ohio State.

The NFL is making clear that it’s not exactly welcoming Pryor into the league with open arms, saying in its announcement that “Pryor made decisions that undermine the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL Draft.”

But despite all that, Pryor will be eligible on Monday for any team that wants to spend a 2012 draft pick to acquire him.

62 responses to “Terrelle Pryor will be in Monday’s supplemental draft

  1. I’m sorry but this idiot should have declared for the draft initially. Just because he decided after the fact that he didn’t want to serve his suspension and drop out of college doesn’t mean he deserved any special treatment. What a joke.

  2. I hope this means we can finally stop hearing about him. I can’t remember the last time this much fanfare was devoted to such an unremarkable pro prospect.

  3. I don’t agree with any of the rulings. I don’t like the supplemental draft at all though, either.

    One draft in April. Period. This would keep athletes from undermining “the integrity of the eligibility rules for the NFL Draft.”

  4. He didn’t declare for the draft originally because him and Tressel were joined at the hip throughout the whole debacle.Tressel got him to accept the 5 game suspension and not leave early. When Tressel resigned he knew he couldn’t go back to OSU!

    But if the NFL felt he conducted shady business, make him wait a year to get into the league. Allowing him to be in the draft but suspending him for actions that happened before he was even applying for work with the league is a joke!

  5. He should have just taken a 100k+ bribe like Newton. NCAA is fine with that.

    However, selling your own jersey is totally wrong. That’s the NCAA bread and butter right there, merchandising.

  6. ” The NFL apparently wants Pryor to feel some pain for the problems he caused at Ohio State…”


    Really? They feel the same way about Reggie Bush?
    And what about the problems Cam Newton caused his school?

  7. “I can’t remember the last time this much fanfare was devoted to such an unremarkable pro prospect.”

    Seriously?! I’ve been hearing about Tim Tebow way more than Pryor for the past 2 years.

  8. Pryor can now send a “thank you” note to all those in the media who didn’t turn his situation into a full blown scandal like they did with Cam’s.

    I guess they didn’t hate Ohio as much as they hated Auburn. Or there is more evidence in Pryor’s case, where Cam’s is more gossip blowing in the wind.

  9. so is Pete Carroll going to be suspended for his actions at USC?? How can the NFL possibly suspend him for something that happened in college. Another example of the NFL doing what they want to who they want

  10. So now he gets a vacation, one yr contract, and is on the market next year with an edge in experience against other Qbs…some harsh punishment he got

  11. “The NFL apparently wants Pryor to feel some pain for the problems he caused at Ohio State.”

    Wow, keeping him out of preseason football.
    That really oughta show ‘im Rog.

  12. The supplemental draft is nothing but players that got into trouble at school and will be ineligible to play in the up coming NCAA season.

    Which he fits into that category. Why are you adding stipulations to him entering the draft?

  13. benh999 says:
    Aug 18, 2011 9:40 AM

    I hope this means we can finally stop hearing about him. I can’t remember the last time this much fanfare was devoted to such an unremarkable pro prospect.

    Tebow, Bush, Lienart, Young, etc.

  14. Seriously… who needs a quarterback more than the Miami Dolphins right now? The built-in suspension is the perfect mechanism for getting Pryor ready to play while still being able to say “we tried” for CHad Henne.

    And we all thought Miami had finally gone a year without spending a 2nd round pick on a QB. Sneaky buggers.

  15. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Pryor has any chance of success as a QB in the NFL…

    But this has to be the biggest overreach of power that Goodell has done yet.

    There are far too many examples of current and future NFL players causing issues to their schools and undermining the NFL…this aggression cannot stand.

    Goodell has GOT to go, he’s the worst. The NFLPA, gave him FAR too much power to dictate whatever he decides he wants to do. Huge mistake on their part.

  16. I hope this means we can finally stop hearing about him. I can’t remember the last time this much fanfare was devoted to such an unremarkable pro prospect.


    Tim Tebow. I mean Hell, at least Pryor actually has enough athleticism where he could play WR if his QB career didn’t pan out. What exactly does Mr Hype himself project as? A 3rd and 2 or less back? I hear people say FB, but this guy has never blocked in his life and wouldn’t last a month.

  17. Not sure if this is possible or not, but Terrell Pryor is just a dumber version of Vince Young. This guy will NEVER be able to learn an NFL playbook.

  18. Here come the Skins! You know Kyle Shanny wants to make a name for him self as a QB developer. This could be the project he seeks.

  19. The only way to stop all of the collegiate scandals is to have professional leagues stand in concert with a more stringent NCAA. The NFL and NBA have to stop drafting these kids who leave university programs in tatters. Players Unions won’t consent (shame on them), but there needs to be a ‘gentleman’s agreement,’ at the very least.

    That, and the academic and financial FRAUD being committed needs to be criminalized. At present, it’s just a violation of NCAA ‘rules.’ Although the right-leaning public will decry ‘bigger government,’ we need legislation. Especially, as with the Miami thing, the fraud concerns PELL GRANT FUNDS.

  20. So I guess all of the “U” players in the NFL will be suspeneded too. Pete Carroll , Reggie Bush too!! Oh ya the UNC players too!!! Really Rodger!!! Really??? Time for you to go!!!

  21. Not sure why people aren’t seeing the implications of just “selling your own jersey.” That’s a situation that is easily exploited. Major universities could promise recruits they’ll ISSUE them award after meaningless award, special uniform items, or other potentially ‘collectible’ materials while they’re enrolled. When the kids put them up on ebay, some booster will pay far beyond any real ‘value’ for them, and Boom- kid’s got a big payday.

    Is the NCAA really going to trace ebay members or CraigsList shoppers?

  22. Goodell is a Joke ! Making Pryor ineligible for the first five weeks of the season based on the OSU mess then justifies suspending Pete Carroll or Reggie Bush for their hand in the USC sanctions, suspend them both as well. Nice line of reasoning , completely insane, way to go Goodell !!!

  23. He didn’t serve the suspension at Ohio State because he was going to get kicked out of school!

  24. @whatswiththehate……Paying a guy and his family well over 100,000 is a little more serious than selling a few things and getting free stuff. Honestly, every major program has incidents like this that just don’t get uncovered. No matter what sport in the NCAA people do get paid and you would be idiotic to think otherwise.

  25. Goodell is a joke!! He is ruining the NFL. And prior didn’t enter the draft bc they all committed to stay last year before the sugar bowl. That was the only way tressal would let them play in it.

  26. If there is a God, this kid will be a very low round pick. He needs a lesson in humility.

    The real question here … with the supplemental draft coming with less than two full weeks of training camp remaining … let’s assume a kid is drafted Monday, catches a plane and gets his physical and signs a contract on Tuesday, and starts practicing on Wednesday … that means a week and a half before the final preseason game. What kind of chance does anyone in that position have of making an NFL roster? And, if they are put on the practice squad, they can be signed by any team in the league.

    The supplemental draft is an exercise in futility this year. Any team that wastes a higher-round pick in the supplemental draft better have an awful lot of conviction about the player.

  27. Suspending professional athletes based on collegiate transgressions is an odd precedent. Is the N.F.L. going to suspend all the implicated former Miami Hurricanes if proven guilty?

  28. I wonder which team that needs a tight end will give up a 2012 draft pick for Pryor? I mean, seriously, nobody expects him to be a QB in the NFL, do they?

  29. Do you people realize that this guy was the top overall player of his high school class? He was the QB of one of the most high profile College Football programs in the country! He was directly involved in one of the biggest scandals in years which eventually got one of the best coaches in the country fired. And you wonder why his name is repeatedly mentioned on this site? If you dont like it then dont read it. He is a project, yes, but with the right system and the right coaches, this guy could be very dangerous as a QB in the NFL. He probably is too immature and diva-like but you never know. I think he would probably be a solid 2 guard in the NBA if he wanted.

  30. Pryor may just be a great tight end.

    He ain’t no QB. Anyone who drafts him and screws around with him at QB is wasting time and money.

    Have him lift like crazy, put him at tight end, and you would have an Antonio Gates.

    Put him at QB, you got a tall Kordell. And that is not good.

  31. Roger Goodell needs to go. So far since he has been in position, he has done nothing good for the Owners, Players or Fans. He seriously needs to be replaced by an actual football guy. Someone who knows and loves the game.

    Someone needs to start a website geared to getting rid of Mr Goodell.

  32. The 5 game suspension makes one wonder who is doing the wagging….the dog or the tail. I’d say Goodell has over stepped his bounds by a long shot. If I were Pryor I would hire an attorney….

  33. This just adds another reason I’m not happy with Goodell as the NFL commissioner. He shouldn’t have taken so long with this decision and if he really didn’t want Pryor in then he should have no after the CBA was done instead of waffling about it.

  34. scoboscobs says:
    Aug 18, 2011 9:43 AM
    Is there any doubt he’s going to Oakland?
    As long as sweep the AFC West and drop 59 on Denver, I dont care…could he be any worse than JaMarcus Russell was?

    I highly doubt that. Seeing how Cam Newton did in pre-season has me curious as to what Pryor might do.

  35. m2karateman says:
    Aug 18, 2011 10:16 AM
    I wonder which team that needs a tight end will give up a 2012 draft pick for Pryor? I mean, seriously, nobody expects him to be a QB in the NFL, do they?
    Did they expect Tim Tebow to be a Fullback?

  36. Wow – I haven’t seen this type of vitriol toward one player in quite some time. His stats were fairly impressive, his win/loss records was quite impressive, he beat Michigan every year, and guided OSU to victory against Oregon and Arkansas. He may or may not be NFL material but as a college QB, he was a very significant part of our success over the last three years.

    And no, I am not forgetting or overlooking his stupidity when it comes to the whole Tat5 fiasco –

  37. They must be expecting him to make bail for the tax evasion charges coming. $1000’s in gifts? $1000’s for Uncle Sam.
    Grab your popcorn…scam newton’s daddy owes us too.

  38. 2kirkalypse –

    Yeah, they can and they do. So do most businesses. If they wanted to, the NFL could have shut him out of the draft all together. It really doesn’t matter, since he’ll probably flame out in a few years anyway.

  39. 1. The suspension is bogus.
    2. The suspension is meaningless, because he wasn’t going to play anyway.
    3. He’s nothing special, but some team will take him.

    That is all

  40. Here come the Skins! You know Kyle Shanny wants to make a name for him self as a QB developer. This could be the project he seeks.
    i hope so because i fear that Washington will end up going 5 and 11 possibly 6 and 10 which is well out of the Luck sweepstakes and honestly, i think Barkley and Jones both go in the top 6 or 7 picks. i hope Washington gets him as a project.

  41. Wow the NFL is an absolute joke. How could they even THINK about letting this moron into the draft? PER THE RULES, HE WAS NOT ELIGIBLE. It’s as simple as that. Based on their rules, he shouldn’t have been eligible…what precedent is this setting? It’s ridiculous. What does it say to it’s current players when the NFL abides by the rules they set in place whenever they want to, not all the time?

    I don’t have anything against Pryor; I mean he is an absolutely atrocious QB, and he is a moron, but I do not care if he continues his playing career forever…but this year it should have been in the UFL, CFL, or he should have transferred, served his suspension, and played at a diff NCAA school.

    It’s just astonishing and disappointing.

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