Blaine Gabbert fails to close the gap


We heard this week that the Jaguars starting quarterback competition was legit, which made us start to wonder if David Garrard was the new Byron Leftwich.

That scenario is a little harder to envision after Friday’s action.  Both David Garrard and rookie Blaine Gabbert struggled against the Falcons, but the rookie’s difficulties were more glaring.

First, the numbers:

Garrard: 7-for-12, 99 yards and a pick.  The Jaguars scored 3 points in three drives with Garrard.  They should have had a touchdown but Garrard missed an easy score on his last drive.

Gabbert: 11-for-23 for 96 yards.  The Jags scored six points in seven drives with Gabbert.  One of the field goals came on a three-and-out, which happened in three drives Gabbert led.

This competition really isn’t about Garrard.  It’s on Gabbert to show he’s ready to lead a team now.  This was his best chance and it didn’t happen. He’s averaging 4.64 YPA through two games.  (For comparison, Jimmy Clausen was last in the NFL with a 5.2 last year.)

While there have been some flashes of promise from Gabbert, we just didn’t see that on Friday night.  Gabbert often felt pressure that wasn’t there. He was hurt by drops, but he generally showed poor pocket presence and shaky accuracy.

This happens for almost all rookie quarterbacks.  That’s why most rookie quarterbacks don’t start right away if there is a solid veteran alternative on the roster.

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  1. Gabbert was shaky, but I think the onus is on Garrard, not him. Garrard has to seperate himself. He had 2 turnovers, Gabbert had none in twice the time. That is what Del Rio is preaching. If they both look mediocre the rest of the preseason the team likely goes with Gabbert who is less expensive to employ, has more upside, and will have a longer leash with the fans.

  2. The real story of this game was Fox’s telecast.

    What a freak show. They spent more time focusing on the army of talking heads they shipped to Jacksonville than what was actually going on in the game.

    There were literally points in the game -before scrub time- where the they would banter back and forth about something completely unrelated to the action while plays were going on on the field.

    There was a point where there was a three way split screen with one screen showing the booth announcers, one screen showing Perriera and Siragusa standing in the end zone, and one screen showing the field, DURING A PLAY.

    I hope this is just Fox trying to make the pre-season interesting and not a sign of how they plan to cover games this year.

  3. Garrard easily gives them the best chance to win at this stage!
    shouldn’t even be an issue! It’s poor coaching, del rio on the hot seat!
    Garrard played solid lady year.

  4. Gabbert often felt pressure that wasn’t there. He was hurt by drops, but he generally showed poor pocket presence and shaky accuracy.


    Which is why many of us were wondering what Mayock and many others were smoking when they tried to push him up the draft board back in April.

    With his physical tools, the guy should have been an elite QB prospect coming out of Missouri, but his college career was quite underwhelming and the Jaguars will probably figure this out well into their next coaching regime or possibly even after the next guy gets fired trying to salvage this pick.

    One thing you rarely can fix, a QB who looks at the rush instead of up the field, time and time again that’s been Gabbert’s problem every time I’ve watched him, which is why I wrote him off as ever being much more than one of the many ordinary to terrible QBs that litter the NFL.

    However, guys’ got some agent with media buddies like Pete Prisco proclaiming that there’s never been QB play like that in Jaguar training camp over their existence (hello, Mark Brunell).

  5. Easy, easy….there “realfootballfan!”

    I watched the game, and Gabbert was just fine. He looked really good for a rookie playing against the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs last year.

    The real story was the Jaguars D-Line keeping Matt Ryan moving.

  6. They need to sell tickets in Jacksonville. Most of the fans have soured on Garrard. He is considered adequate, but no more than that. Gabbert has the advantage of being shiny new, fresh faced, and articulate. Unless he reallys stinks he will sell more tickets than Garrard. The other factor being if the team is not feasible in Jax, then Gabbert makes it worth a lot more if Weaver decides to sell or move.

    Can you imagine Blaine Gabbert as a successful starting quarterback in L.A.? Tom Brady would have to buy a ticket just to get in and see him.

  7. Gabbert was even surprised when he read all the good things they made up about him, pre-draft. They helped him get paid, now he’s on his own. Good luck with that. McShay and Kiper are out spending their money and won’t be back until it’s time to spew new talking points.

  8. I’m a Mizzou fan and I think Gabbert is a good kid–but exactly what made him a top-10 pick in the draft last year? Because whatever it was, I didn’t see it the last few years. Good enough spread formation gimmicky college offense QB? Yes. Guy who has a chance to be a top-flight NFL QB? Don’t see it.

  9. Ok people take a breath and count to 10. Gabbert’s a bust talk is a bit premature and idiotic. It’s too early plain and simple. Maybe he’ll be successful maybe not. Let it play out. Meanwhile David Garrard will be and needs to be the starter week 1. Yes he threw that INT, but I’m happy we are finally going for the deep homerun from time to time. Not bad.

    On the other hand, the true story lies on Cecil Shorts being a nice compliment to Mike Thomas and Marcedes Lewis in passing game. This guy looks legit early. Did you see some of those catches he made. Now that’s exciting.

    What’s also exciting is this revamped defense. Outside of that one blown coverage for the 70 yard TD, this defense kept Matt Ryan in complete check the entire time the starters played the first half. Constant pressure. Forcing him to roll out of the pocket and throw the ball away. That my friends was a sight for sore eyes. I know it’s still early, but I’m lovin’ what I’m seeing.

  10. At Jeffz, maybe it was because the rest of his team at Mizzou sucked and the NFL GMs who say he is a franchise type QB evaluated him correctly? Its early, but this kid looks like the real deal and has a quick release rocket.

  11. @hobartbaker

    Is that all ya got?

    I couldn’t agree more about Shorts. The kid shows promise early. Whats he dropped 1 pass in practice so far lol. Great hands, and speed. Crisp routes, and not afraid to get hit. Reminds me of ole’ #87.

  12. Garrard did not play like a guy trying to save his job; but Gabbert didn’t play like a guy trying to win a job either. It’s hard to gauge since the Jaguars have no quality WRs, but neither QB looked very good or very interested.

    I think for now Garrard has to be the starter on day 1, but Gabbert will be there looking over his shoulder the entire season.

    Gabbert is handed the keys in 2012 no matter what.

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