Cardinals rookie running back Ryan Williams carted off


Promising Cardinals second round running back Ryan Williams was carted off the field Friday night with what appeared to be a potentially serious right knee injury.

The team crowded around Williams before he was carted off. Williams left the field with his head in his hands.

Williams was competing with Beanie Wells for carries in the Cardinals backfield.

The team doesn’t have great depth at the position after trading away Tim Hightower.

UPDATE: It appears he has a torn patellar tendon and will miss the season. Poor kid.

21 responses to “Cardinals rookie running back Ryan Williams carted off

  1. that was rough, the safety caught up on him, they both went down and the guy landed on Ryan’s ankle … hope it’s not serious.

    looked really rough.

  2. Were you counting Beanie in that depth? With Hightower sent to DC and Matthews apparently about to be sent to DL, Hightower remains the Cards’ most reliable RB option.

  3. not as bad as initially thought. sprain…out for about 6 wks but none of the more serious injuries…knock on wood.
    good luck young man. he was a beast in college.

  4. mossholder says: Aug 19, 2011 10:14 PM

    Could be acl, Achilles, or ankle. Bad break for the kid. Hope he gets well soon.

    Damn Caribbean Medical Schools!!

  5. At the nuts that give a thumbs down to @mossholders comment…what part of “bad break for the kid…get well soon” did you deem worthy of a thumbs down?? Really?? Leave your moms basement would ya??

  6. I was implying that the injury was serious no matter what got hurt. For the person who said it was a sprain where did you find that info? If that’s true that is a miracle because it looked like his foot planted before M.D. Jennings rolled up on him. He grabbed his knee when Jennings got off of him. Sometimes it doesn’t take a seasoned doctor to realize that something doesn’t loom right and it’s going to be serious. Watching him cry while he was getting carted to the locker room was another implication that it was not good. If you have sarcastic comments about serious injuries save your time and keep it to yourself.

  7. Bad break for my Cards. Kid was having a solid camp. Not sure who is available in free agency to back up Beanie. Loved Hightower but he just fumbled to much. Don’t want Portis either which someone suggested. Bummer.

  8. One good thing in the game was an amaze catch by Fitzgerald. Hands down probably the best catch I’ve ever seen. I suggest people to check that out.

  9. Look at these possibly candidates that could get cut from their team in the next couple of weeks: Nic Grisby, MIA. Dimitri Nance, GB. Jalen Parmele, Ravens. Jackie Battle, KC. Stevan Ridley, NE….well I can hope that they do.

    I think the Cardinals will take a close look at the roster cuts coming on the 30th of this month and on the 3rd of Sept.

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