Jamaal Charles was once almost dealt to the Redskins

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Before Jamaal Charles was one of the most explosive players in football, he was a young player that struggled to pick up the Chiefs offense quickly.

He was fourth on the depth chart during the 2009 offseason when Todd Haley took over, so the Redskins came calling to see if the Chiefs would move Charles.  Vinny Cerrato said on his radio station Friday that the Redskins offered a fourth-round pick.

According to Cerrato (via the Kansas City Star), the Chiefs countered by asking for third-round pick.  The Redskins said no and talks fizzled.

Doh. From the Chiefs perspective,  sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make.  We’re reminded here of the time the Redskins offered two first-round picks for Chad Ochocinco, and the Bengals said no.

We miss the Vinny Cerrato era.

48 responses to “Jamaal Charles was once almost dealt to the Redskins

  1. Bad day for Chiefs news. This probably doesn’t help the team’s morale, knowing their coach & GM almost dealt their best player for a 3rd round pick, on top of the embarrassing news today about Jon Baldwin’s diva attitude making a comeback, resulting in Thomas Jones whipping his ass in the locker room and Baldwin missing practices with a bum wrist.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse about this story – that the Redskins once offered two 1st picks for Ochocinco, or that the Bengals said “no”

  3. Speak for yourself. I don’t miss that buffoon. He is probably lying anyway, he never would have been smart enough to know J. Charles would amount to anything.

  4. Easier to say all this in hindsight. You said it yourself, the guy was fourth on the depth chart. Ask yourself – who gives away a third rounder for a guy currently 4th on the depth chart ?

  5. the one time Cerrato should’ve gave up a draft higher draft pick and he didnt, oh well.

  6. Who cares? Star players are nearly dealt every season… Just think, KC could have traded Larry Johnson to GB for a 1st and 3rd, but they didn’t. Hind sight is 20/20

  7. ahaha .. man even if the skins had made that trade they wouldnt know what to do with Charels and he’d prolly be behind Portis and torrain that whole time.. the skins are awful

  8. Redskins are all about getting the deals/signings that make them worse and never getting the ones that would make them better!

  9. According to Cerrato (via the Kansas City Star), the Chiefs countered by asking for third-round pick. The Redskins said no and talks fizzled.
    Im not sure who’s the bigger idiot …The Chief for trying to trade J.Charles or the Redskins for not giving them a 3rd round pick for him….

  10. @mthomashoover
    Every single player on the team is open for trade…you think the colts wouldn’t listen to trade for Manning if the Bingoholes offered up 2 or 3 first round top 5 picks? Dudes got a broken freakin neck. No player is off limits for the right price. Ala Julio Jones in this past draft.

    Go Lions.
    Suh I expect you to rack up more then Harrison in fines this year.
    Praise the Suh.

  11. Unfortunately, with the way the Skins have been drafting as of late, that Ochocinco trade may still have been a good deal for them too lol

  12. so what. We thought we had a running back at the time so nobody knew he would be as good as he is now. I dont think charles is sitting in the locker room holding a grudge because he was almost dealt to a team before he was even a starter. Its 2011 and we love charles and he loves KC and its obvious since he just signed a new contract so this is has been news. Where can I get a job like this? I can make this type of news all day long..
    and @mthomashoover:
    dont believe everything you hear. its preseason. Bad news comes once season starts.

  13. Anyone who saw college film of Jamaal Charles saw he was electric. What’s worse, KC willing to give him away for a 2nd rounder, or Washington unwilling to trade for him for that?

  14. @slacmo

    whats worse, you not being able to read that a “2nd rounder” was never discussed, or you actually typing it on this page?

  15. That’s funny, I had heard that one former employer had made Vinny Cerrato available for a dirty bag of lettuce, but the potential trade partner thought that the asking price was way too high.

  16. @redskinsalways

    when have the redskins ever done it the right way since dan took over? dont know whos worse, al davis or dan snyder

  17. Hindsight is always 20/20. Back then Charles was struggling and had MAJOR fumbling problems. This is no different than the 25+ teams that probably wish they hadn’t passed on Drew Brees when he was a free agent.

  18. Im afraid to see how things turn out this year for the skins.
    I have 2 guesses……
    a)we end up being embarassingly bad, we get Andrew Luck.
    b)knowing our history we’ll be just good enough to be out of the Luck sweepstakes……
    My money is on B.

  19. capslockkey, Charles never had “MAJOR fumbling problems.” That was severely overblown, as the stats bear out.

  20. I am really not sure what Vinny Cerrato is trying to achieve here. It doesn’t put him look particularly good.

    If he is trying to suggest he is a good evaluator of talent, it fails because he wasn’t willing to back his assessment with a third round pick. He suggests he either hasn’t got the balls to back his own judgement, or that he had no idea how good Charles was going to be, in which case, why bring it up.

    In some ways I admire Cerrato. There is a decade of solid evidence proving that he should never hold responsibility in a front office ever again, but he never gives up. He never lets his incompetence grind him down. It would be admirable if he hadn’t completely screwed the team I love for 10-years. I began to suspect he must be a double agent planted by Jerry Jones. Surely, no one could be that consistanly bad at a job without actively trying to be.

    My particular favourite was the second year of Jim Zorn’s reign, when having identified the offensive line as the team’s primary concern Vinny did nothing to address it, at all. Three receivers in the first 3-draft picks. One a numbskull with only one year of production. One with dodgy knees and a tight-end, to sit behind our pro-bowler, Chris Cooley.

  21. The Chiefs suck and got lucky last year anyways

    Expect to see last years AFC West Champion become last place in the AFC West this year.

  22. Please keep bashing the Skins…its a new regime. A whole different gameplan….I guess noone watched the first calculated preseason game…I am in no way saying the Skins are world beaters, And yes it is just preseason… but we are ready to suprise.

  23. @jkb0162

    The Skins have spent the last 2 offseasons dumping old/over priced players and add young/fast players. Please, in the future, know what you are talking about before commenting.

  24. @phillycheez
    Looking it up they lost their 2010 3rd round pick by drafting Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft, their 4th round pick was Perry Riley.

    But even if the trade did work out, Charles would have been probably blown out a knee knowing our luck.

  25. Cerrato took years off of my life. With him left the old way of thinking and conducting business. Not that we won’t make mistakes (SEE: McNabb, Donovan) but the old way has passed. Not that we’d hear mug about that…

  26. @burntorangehorn clearly you didn’t watch the 2009 Chiefs preseason that year. From your screen name you’d think you would know his self-admitted ball handling problems date back to his days at Texas.

  27. I bet these “near-deals” happen all the time in the NFL, but we the public never hear about it because it makes both parties look dumb. In the case of Cerrato, that’s the only way he knows how to look. He probably just wants to stay relevant because he knows his professional talent evaluation career has self-destructed.

  28. The category is “person”… RSTLN E… Vanna go ahead.. ding ding ding ding ding

    _ _ _ _ _ l _ _ _ rles

    Betta pick an A! shooooooo

  29. @ chargerdillon

    What you’re saying can’t isn’t possible. Since the Chargers were in 2nd place (good try though) and will compete with the donks for the bottom…

  30. espnsucks says:Aug 19, 2011 1:05 PM
    “The Lions drafted Kevin Smith ahead of Jamaal Charles in the third round a few years ago. Biggest mistake ever!”

    It’s not like they drafted brian brohm in the 2nd round in that draft…. at least we made up for it by getting Finley/Nelson/Sitton/Flynn, but still … JAMAL flippin’ CHARLES!!!!
    We could have had him?!
    man….I think every fanbase hates looking back at past drafts, with the things we know now.

    Chiefs are doing better, Redskins got a ways to go, but they did solid this off season (draft/whatnot).

    by the way, is that Bart Starr in that picture?

  31. It …. is …. Bart …. Starr.

    It’s Bart Starr, people. Give yourselves a pat on the back for recognizing the obvious likeness.

    Then give yourselves a figurative kick in the backside for not simply recognizing that it is, in fact, Bart Starr.

    Of course it’s Starr, you morons – people like you are why OJ walked in ’95 and Casey Anthony got away with murder in ’11.

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