John Beck makes it easy on the Shanahans

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Washington’s Week One quarterback spot was always John Beck’s job to lose.

Beck didn’t leave anything to chance Friday night, all but guaranteeing he will get the call for the Redskins against the Giants on September 11. The BYU product completed 14-of-17 passes for 140 yards against the Colts.

Buoyed by a dominant running game, Beck led the Redskins to 16 points in the first half against Indy. (3 field goals and a touchdown.) Washington kept bogging down in the red zone, but Beck didn’t make any bad decisions.

After a slow start to camp because of a groin injury, Beck is healthy again. Most impressive was Beck’s pocket presence.  He evaded the rush and moved well.  It should be noted that the Colts never show up in the preseason, and they have been absolutely steamrolled two straight weeks.

That’s not Beck’s concern.  The Shanahans were looking for any reason to make Beck the starter, and he made the decision easy Friday.

UPDATE: Rex Grossman didn’t lead the Redskins to any points.  He threw for 88 yards on 12 attempts with an interception. Ballgame.

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  1. i will wait until the games count to give my views on Beck or Grossman or whoever starts, but i still hope they get Pryor. i keep thinking that Washington will end up being 6 and 10 and out of the Luck, Jones and Barkley sweepstakes and if Beck or Grossman dont pan out then i want them to have a QB to develop.

  2. Shannys are making all the naysayers look pretty uneducated at this point. Also, via the washington post, here is a recent quote to Dan Snyder by Shanny: “If you can’t be patient for 5 years then don’t hire me”.


  3. John Beck went 14-17 with 140 yards while Michael Vick went 5-12 with 3 INT’s. What does that tell you about preseason? The Colts broke a record when they went 0-5 in the preseason yet won the super bowl the same year. Preseason doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  4. Beck looked as good as Grossman did last week throwing the ball. Mobility is the deciding factor. Beck has it and Grossman does not. As a Skins fan, Beck should be the #1 based on his mobility alone. I can’t remember the last time the Skins had a QB that could move like that. Maybe Joey Sunshine, but all I remember of Joey Sunshine’s legs is LT snapping one like a tooth pick.

  5. Before everyone gets behind Beck, the Redskins are playing a Colts team that doesn’t have as much confidence as they would if Manning was playing. Let’s give him at least one more game before we decide.
    Also, please don’t misconstrue this as a vote of confidence for Grossman because it is certainly not that.

  6. “It should be noted that the Colts never show up in the preseason, and they have been absolutely steamrolled two straight weeks.”

    It should also be noted that if the Skins hadnt done jack against the Colts (who never show up) then that wouldve been an issue…they did what they were supposed to do, lets be glad about that…btw that was the Colts first team they were scoring on

  7. I know its just preseason and the Colts and Steelers you say try not to play well in preseason wink wink. But the Redskins and I’m just looking at the Redskins not their opponents looked faster and more motivated than I have seen them in years. The team like Mike and Klye or not is better managed have better personel and for the first time in along time preseason or not look like they have a plan.

  8. He can play–in this system and with this coach. Sometimes, you just have to wait your turn, wait, watch, learn a bit, and then you can emerge as a legitimate NFL Quarterback. I mean, Rogers did it…Romo did it…Kurt Warner did it…Steve Young did it…. Lots of people did it.

    Just because Beck didn’t come out of college and start right away and have all of these “experts” slurping him up a al Kiper or Mayock doesn’t mean he can’t play.

  9. I didn’t see this game, but I called the Shanahans crazy. After what Grossman did last week and Beck this week – I could be wrong. I still don’t believe it – not yet.

  10. Beck going 14/17 and no picks is pretty good, even for pre-season. Ground game looked good, too.

    C’mon, where the haters at? Speak up now. HAIL!!!

  11. I’ve got to admit…Beck has looked way better than I expected. It’s probably the kool-aid talking. At any rate, the Skins overall have certainly improved and I don’t feel that 8-8 is out of the question. We are younger and faster on defense which should help keep us in games. Beck/Grossman should be able to manage things enough to get us our standard 17 points per game. Regardless of who starts, they are just keeping the seat warm for Luck/Jones/Barkley.

  12. The Colts defense has made Sam Bradford, Jay Feely, and John Beck look like perenial pro-bowlers.

    The Redskins outgained them 300 yds to 41 at halftime.

    Not saying Beck isn’t the answer, but you can’t tell anything from playing this Colts team… this Colts D is TERRIBLE in every aspect

  13. Lots of yards……lots of field goals. Same old Skins!

    I will say this however, if something happens to Peyton Manning, the Colts are toast. Their back up QB’s are horrible!

  14. Beck showed good fundamentals. I still want to see him stretch the field. He was mobile and poised in the pocket. Dude is basically a 30 yr old rookie. Give him a chance. He’s not the long term answer but if he doesn’t turn the ball over, he can keep the Skins competitive, especially if the running games continues to flourish.

  15. You Redskins haters just cant make up your mind can you,as soon as beck throws 1 int he is horrible,but when Mike vick throws 3 int`s,Its just pre season!!! By the way I think Grossman is better suited with the 1st string than Beck is but I will tell you this, Do not sleep on either of these guys!!!!……Watch out for Tim Hightower!!!

  16. @andyreidisfat

    It’s true…Andy Reid is fat. I would suggest that no matter the result, you would be posting a negative response. Had the Skins lost and played poorly you would have had your “see, the Skins suck” post waiting in the launch tube. If we played well and won, then you would have your sarcastic Skins-to-super bowl response in the on-deck circle.

  17. To the so called fans that want the team to lose so they can draft Luck are complete morons. I would guess the Shanahans know more than anyone on here commenting. It looks like they are starting to build a team the right way and mabye in the system Beck could be ok. Let them play the season before you fantasy GM’s say he cant play.

  18. skins3yearplan says:
    Aug 19, 2011 9:19 PM
    Shannys are making all the naysayers look pretty uneducated at this point. Also, via the washington post, here is a recent quote to Dan Snyder by Shanny: “If you can’t be patient for 5 years then don’t hire me”.
    Absolutely. Beck was rated higher than Kevin Kolb in the 2007 pre-draft rankings. Beck is a legitimate QB prospect that has developed for 3 years and is now ready to play….just like Kolb. Let’s see him play. Hail!

  19. heavyjumbo says:
    Aug 19, 2011 9:27 PM
    John Beck will now make it easy on the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants.
    F…..them all. Kiss the rings, bitches!

  20. Pre-season or not, bad QBs do not go 14 for 17, leading their team to 16 pts in a half. I think Shanny may be right about Beck. I still want to see him hit a WR deep. If Beck can do that, he will be very promising.

  21. I don’t get the Skins’ hatred on this site. The Yankees, Red Sox, Cowboys, Steelers, Lakers…these are all teams that are largely hated because they’re consistently pretty good or elite. I don’t know what there is to hate about a team that has not been a threat to anyone in the NFL for almost 20 years. How many Lions and Bengals haters do you know?

  22. C’mon sluggos! I mean seriously? Face your 20 year old age, Coach Shanahan is a great coach. These guys look well coached and it is game 2. All’s I know is that they look well coached. The real season will start soon enough and the ‘skins have an easy schedule. Quit yer bitchin’ about rat face or whatever ’cause you know you aren’t a sight yourself nancies. Cheer for your sucky ass Eagle until your Super Bowl never comes. Personally, I don’t remember seeing one – and I’m 41 years old loooooooooozers.

  23. It’s an impressive, albeit, meaningless, game, but Rosenthal is probably right – the Shanahan’s were looking for anything to pretty much give the job to Beck.

    Skillset wise, Beck is a fit for this offense, with his mobility and short-to-intermediate accuracy. The way I look at it is that he’ll likely be more Brian Griese/Jake Plummer than Jay Cutler for the Shanny offense. Even though he doesn’t have a big arm, he probably is a bigger threat pushing the ball downfield than Rex Grossman.

    Overall, though, with an average (albeit, improved) receiving corps, this will be ground and pound, while working the intermediate areas with Davis/Cooley, and hoping for an occasional downfield bomb to Moss/Armstrong. Manage the game first, don’t lose it, and occasionally take a chance to win it. Beck can probably do that.

    The bigger thing for them is getting the defense fixed, as they’ve given it a lot of attention this offseason. Perry Riley is an intriguing option inside, and Josh Wilson is an upgrade. That said, I still don’t like their CB depth, and I would spread the Skins out as much as possible to force Atogwe/Landry into coverage.

  24. Wait a minute.

    Wasn’t Grossman 19 for 26 with 207 yards last week against the first team Steeler defense with a 90 yard drive?

    The Redskins are doing a fine job of bouncing back from not being off season champions for the first time in years by running away with the pre-season championship this year.

  25. First positive article Rosenthal has written about the skins. NOW we can say he’s an unbiased writer!

  26. It’s hard to believe this could work, and it’s easy to look at what the Redskins have been doing since Shanahan came to town and think that it looks like a complete disaster. And to look at the current lineup and think, who is going to make the big plays? Who is going to be a game-changer? They don’t have anything to compete with the rest of this division.

    But if that’s all true, it will be depressingly predictable and boring. For Beck’s sake, the division’s sake, and the franchise’s sake, I hope they surprise everybody.

    Cowboys are still winning the division, though.

  27. i totally agree with some posters

    Why is there hatred for the Redskins on this site?? We have been down and out for so many yeras

    and fans have suffered through coaches like…..Norv, Spurrier, Old Gibbs, Zorn,

    Now, Dan Snyder got rid of Vinny, hired a GM in Bruce Allen, hired a Super Bowl winning coach, and allI here is HATE

    Its Shanahans 2nd season, give the guy a break! He got rid of all the Vinny trash, replaced it with draft picks and no-name free agents.

    He is coaching the heck out of this team. We dont have any overpaid superstars….we have Santana Moss and Chris Cooley as our “stars”

    The Redskins have won 3 Super Bowls (and been to 5 Super Bowls)

    The Redskins WILL be back! If not this year, VERY VERY SOON

    I will HAIL ’till I’m PALE

  28. Pre-season really has a nasty way of getting your hopes up.
    Hightower is very mediocre, you guys have a very mortal team!
    I will say this, Beck has promise! The media gets it right maybe 15% of the tine, except when they dont, it’s not reported. When they FO? They beat it like a dead horse, so really , they look alot smarter than they are!
    Andrew Luck, could be a total NFL bust!
    As of now, solid coaching and player performance can take you far, as a Viking fan, I’m concerned about our division this year based on our squad.
    Skins fans should feel good, your division is wide open!

  29. Why does the fact that it’s pre-season have anything to do with accuracy, good decision making, mobility and good pocket awareness. People that say you can’t tell because it’s pre-season should just wait till after the Super Bowl to decide all of their opinions. Physical ability is obvious. If a person has that and the mental toughness for the game he will most likely succeed. The time of year has nothing to do with it. Everyone on that field is fighting for a job.

  30. I always notice bitch ass Cowboy and Eagles fans got something to say… Lets settle it on the field…I support Rex and Beck!!! Let’s go Skins!!!!!???

  31. Wake me up when we get to game six or so of the regular season. How can anything be evaluated at this point with the short training camp and no mini camps? The stretch run is what always counts with whom eventually wins it all.

  32. ESPN

    Defensively, it wasn’t any better for the Colts.

    Against the starters, Washington outgained Indy in yardage 277-41, had almost three times as many plays (41-14) and had two 50-plus yard runs.

    Colts coach Jim Caldwell didn’t like it one bit.

  33. I saw an interview w/ Beck the other day. The kid comes across as humble and likeable and enthusiastic. I wish him well.

  34. Although performance of Beck was OK, his play was the cause of several sacks since he takes to long to decide what to do with the ball. You can’t expect the lineman to hold some of the greatest D forever. This uncertainty is where Grossman gives the Redskins a better chance this year and why it takes a couple of years for a QB to develope in a SHANNY Offense. He showed less awareness in the Redzone. This offense requires quick thoughts to keep the pressure off the O-Line.

  35. I dont think people are necessarily Redskin haters, we are just tired of 11 years of hype resulting in 11 years of disappointments. The Redskins have been “winning” training camp and pre season for years. What has it gotten us? I know it’s not the Skinz fault, but the media around DC is insane. They win a couple pre season games and the Washington Post will be yelling “NFC East Title” before the end of this week!

  36. That same mobility that Beck possesses can be his downfall in this system. Faster delivery is required to take advantage of the O-Line. They can’t hold opposing D’s forever.

  37. Regarding the Skins/Colts clash, the Skins were favored on the road. Why? Could it be that Indy historically doesn’t care one iota about preseason and everyone knew that Peyton wasn’t playing? A handicapper that I pay attention to (but not money) broke down the game to “take Washington and bet the game under as well”. Thanks, Norm.

    The reality is that John Beck is a 30 year old guy who has started 4 regular season games in his career and lost all 4. He has three times as many INTs as TDs. He might be better than Rex Grossman. It’s also better to get punched in the gut as opposed to kicked in the nuts, but neither one is a pleasany option.

  38. My fellow Redskins fans fretting over Luck should realize that:

    a) They are mental pansies

    b) You don’t have to suck to land a top five QB. You just need to be flexible enough to trade spot with the team that does suck.

    Stop with this BS about the skins and the Luck sweepstakes.

  39. offense keeps moving the ball on first team defenses. defense keeps not giving up anything against first team offenses…

    not saying the skins are going to go 16=0, but this sure looks like an improvement.

    and certainly dont look like a 100-1 superbowl team.

  40. The pre season is simply to evaluate talent!!! As a REAL Redskins fan thats exactly what this game was no matter what the final score was. Beck did look pretty good out there. By no means am I going to call him a franchise quarterback at this point. Its easy to make the prediction that he wont be a franchise quarterback or wont win a Superbowl. And if you are such and idiot to make that prediction off 3 rookie starts on a 1-15 Dolphins team and 1 pre season game that just makes you look like a fool. Just because you watch NFL Network or ESPN and you hear someone give an “OPINION” that he cant be a starting quarterback in this league shouldnt be the reason you geniuses make such a prediction. Let him actually get on the field and play then decide on that. Journalist get paid good money to swallow their pride and admit when they are wrong. You idiots just look stupid!!!

  41. Typical Redskins preseason!

    …when is “hog nation” going to finally learn that a winning preseason means NOTHING in regard to the regular season?

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