Merriman case is closed, before it was even opened


On Thursday, a Buffalo-centric website created a stir with a report that authorities at the Canada-U.S. border found steroids in the possession of Bills linebacker Shawne Merriman.

Merriman took to Twitter last night to deny the allegation.  He provided more details to the Buffalo News.

“No problem,” Merriman said.  “I came across as I normally do.  I go there to get some massage therapy work done.  They just questioned me about some bags and stuff I had.  I was stopped and that was it.  I was coming to camp.  I had suitcases and stuff like that.  They just wanted to go through all my stuff.”

He said nothing was confiscated.  “I had stuff coming to camp,” Merriman said.  “They went through all my suitcases and that was it.”

And that apparently will be the end of the story.  Government officials had nothing to report, according to the Buffalo News.  There’s no prosecution, and Thomas Russert of the U.S. Border Patrol (I’ve got a sawbuck that says the guy is related to Luke) said that, unless there’s an arrest or criminal charges, no other information can be released.

Of course, that leaves a donut hole into which the report theoretically can fit.  Per the original report, Merriman wasn’t arrested or charged.  And if no information will be released by U.S. Border Patrol unless someone is arrested or charged, we’ll never know with certainty what was or wasn’t found in Merriman’s possession.

That said, one of the fundamental assumptions of the report is deeply flawed.  “He was not arrested and booked because from what I’m told,” the report states, “simply being in the possession of the substance is not technically illegal.”

The problem is that possession of steroids is illegal, absent a valid medical prescription.  (Indeed, if Raiders receiver Louis Murphy can be busted for possessing Viagra without a prescription, Merriman can be busted for having steroids without a prescription.)

And so the absence of an arrest means that Merriman wasn’t in possession of steroids.

23 responses to “Merriman case is closed, before it was even opened

  1. Dude who broke rumor has some decent articles but this one he teased as big news then broke it.

    As a avid delusion bills fan, im really irritated dude broke a story to bring the team and fans down. Whatever happened to not ratting? Especially prematurely.

    Nice big news dude. Thought maybe the bills got a tackle not Merriman allegedly had roids.

  2. Everybody is looking for an excuse for Merriman’s sudden blast to the past. Nobody really wants to admit that the guy has done it legit. Sorry haters, no steroids here in the B-lo!

    Go Bills!!!!

  3. Anabolic steroid possession is an indictable felony in the federal system. If he possessed this at the border, and refused to admit that the substance was steroids, he’d be free to go but the substance might be confiscated if there was a reason to believe that it was steroids. The substance would be sent to a lab for identification. The results would be returned to the submitter, and forwarded to an AUSA for presentation to a grand jury for indictment if the substance was anabolic steroids.

    Just because he was free to go, doesn’t mean he’s free from prosecution. If it’s steroids, we’ll know.

  4. Haha “I go there to get some massage therapy work done”. For those who might not know, just over the border are a ton of strip clubs and “massage therapy” centers where the patrons leave very happy.

  5. People get stopped crossing the boarder all the time, I get stopped all the time… well at least coming back into the U.S.

    this is such a non-story

  6. Yeah, when I was younger I used to head to Canadafor “massage therapy” as well. That usually ended happily. But Shawn must get the celebrity treatment, they never let me bring a suitcase and stay for awhile.

  7. Forget the steroids – I’d love to know where he goes for “massage therapy.” One of the places on Lundy’s Lane perhaps?

  8. Southbridge

    Lost a lot of money one time at a massage place next to sundowners

    Still feel dumb

  9. This BuffaloSportsDaily website is complete garbage.

    There had been a rumor floating around on twitter for a couple of days. People asking “Did Merriman get busted with steroids at the border?”.

    Then yesterday, a Buffalo radio station (WGR550) mentioned that there was a rumor out there about a Bills player, but they weren’t going to mention it because it’s just an unconfirmed rumor. I ran to twitter, and quickly found out what the rumor was. Apparently, BuffaloSportsDaily did the same thing, because about 30 minutes later, they tweet: “REPORT: MERRIMAN CAUGHT WITH STEROIDS AT THE CANADIAN BORDER”.

    It definitely looks like this chump just “reported” a twitter-rumor. One that should have been extremely easy to prove (was he charged with anything?) if true.

    Leave the “reporting” to the professionals buddy.

  10. It’s not illegal to have possession of steroids in Canada without a prescription. It is illegal to bring them across the border.

    If he didn’t cross they would just be confiscated.

  11. Just because you get stopped at the border doesn’t mean you have done anything illegal.

    The story is a reach at best…Buffalosportsdaily is a minor league as the Bills these days…

  12. The site that had the story is a joke. The editor is a hack and wanted to get his name and website out there and it worked. He should be held accountable for spewing defamatory liable trash. Lights out should file a defamation suit.

  13. @mikebyrne-if u are a bills fan that comment is acceptable if not then shut your dumb mouth and move along.

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