Patrick Peterson remains a backup for now

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When the Cardinals traded cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to Philly, the assumption was that No. 5 overall pick Patrick Peterson would replace him in the starting lineup.

That should happen eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet. Peterson continues to run with the backups behind second-year cornerback A.J. Jefferson and Greg Toler.

The Cardinals are using Peterson as a kick returner, which could be a sign he won’t play every snap on defense early in the year.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt usually favors veterans early in camp and it’s too early to say much of anything.  But we just haven’t heard a lot about Peterson making an impact just yet.

“I expected Peterson to stand out more as a cornerback early in camp,”’s Mike Sando writes.

That about sums it up. With safety Adrian Wilson out indefinitely, the Cardinals need the young guys in their secondary to step up, with Peterson foremost among them.

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  1. anactualnflowner says:
    Aug 19, 2011 9:48 AM


    hahahahaha ur kidding me right? I would trade Tracy Porter or Jabari Greer staight up for him right now. Dude is PrimeTime 2, you’ll see

  2. I wouldn’t get terribly worried yet AZ fans, though I haven’t been following your training camp, so I’m not close to the situation.

    Joe Haden wasn’t starting for my Browns despite being #7 overall, then when he was thrust into the starting role 6-7 games into the season,he did very well.

    It just takes time to adjust to the pro level, and the lockout didn’t do the rookies any favors.

  3. I think the guys covering the Cards camp (Urban and Somers) would disagree with Sando. I personally have a picture of Peterson draped all over Fitz, but Fitz making a one handed grab on the back of the endzone on a perfect pass from Kolb on my desktop. Have to say, that photo makes me smile.

  4. Peterson will be fine. He may even end up playing a little safety this season with the injuries the team already has.

    He’s probably a better safety with his size and tackling skills.

    I still like AZ to win the west. But really the only thing fans in AZ should worry about is if Kolb is the real deal or not. As an Eagles fan i always thought of him as a good but not great QB, but with Heap and Fitz, “good” can look really good.

    If that defense can even be average they should have no problem winning that division. Only the Rams are close, unless the seahawks find a Qb

  5. P. Peterson has too much talent to not be an NFL star one day soon. But right now, he is right where I thought he would be back in the draft when every one sang his praises. Prince will prove to be the better DB in the long run (and I would have drafted him in a heartbeat over Peterson). Von Miller is not going to “blow many skirts up” either – now or in the long run. Watch and see.

  6. It’s hard enough for a rookie to step into the NFL, but with the lockout, and no playbook, no communication with the defensive coordinator it wouldn’t be smooth for anybody. I like that he has to compete to earn the job, PP is a competitor and by week 4 he’ll have the job. It’s a nice problem to have, having corner depth. Patrick will make many pro bowls in his future, just another step for this players career.

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