Ryan Williams expected to miss the season


Cardinals rookie running back Ryan Williams is expected to miss the season after injuring his knee Friday night.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said Williams likely has a ruptured patellar tendon, according to multiple reporters on the scene. Coaches are always hesitant to say anything immediately after a game unless the injury is clear; Whisenhunt sounded pretty sure his versatile second round pick was done.

It’s a huge loss for Arizona.  Williams was looking great in camp and was expected to take a lot of snaps from starter Beanie Wells. The Cardinals traded Tim Hightower early in camp, so they are now thin at the position.  LaRod Stephens-Howling may play more on third downs.

It’s a particularly devastating injury for a running back and we feel for the kid. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic says the Cardinals locker room was “dejected” after the game, a 28-20 loss to the Packers.

Whisenhunt said the team will look to see what’s available in free agency.

59 responses to “Ryan Williams expected to miss the season

  1. Well that sucks, i wish him a speedy recovery….. he was going to be a highlight reel this year. We all took a hit there, and i hate taking him off my fantasy big board, thats depressing. Already lost LeShoure.

  2. The only satisfaction I get from that is the fact that my boss lost a fantasy player….. But all jokes aside, I wish Ryan Williams the best and hope for a quick recovery and successful career for him.

  3. Rough for the kid, never wanna see any player get hurt, let alone a possible season ending injury, get well soon.

  4. I still don’t understand the Tim Hightower trade…durable, productive and was playing for cheap. Beanie Well and Ryan Williams always had trouble staying healthy in college…good luck with that in the pros….

  5. Hi, Tiki? This is Ken! Still feeling up to a workout?
    In today’s NFL, running backs are a dime a dozen, if you aren’t Elite!
    There are the APs then the rest, take ur pick

  6. They probably should of kept hightower because Beanie will most likely get banged up.

  7. Dang, feel real bad for him. I really wanted the Packers to draft him, too. Cruel irony.

  8. Who’s on the scrap heap?

    Clinton Portis and Tiki. Jason Wright, want to come out of retirement? Marcell Shipp? Forget reporting from the sidelines, Damien Anderson, want to come back on the field?

    They’ll probably just wait for someone to pop up during the final cuts.

  9. Always sucks to see this kind of injury, especially to a rookie. Hope he comes back full strength next year

  10. Always hate to see this happen, especially in the preseason. I’m a Packer fan, and my heart absolutely sunk when I saw Williams get rolled up on and not get up right away. Always been a fan of Ryan Williams, thought he’d be the best back coming out this year. I hope it’s not so bad that he misses the season, but if it is I hope he gets back to 100% in time for next year.

  11. RB’s are dropping like flies this preseason… perhaps lack of offseason conditioning is affecting them more. I think I’ll invest more heavily in WR’s for my fantasy draft this weekend.

  12. No matter what team you are a fan of there is one thing you hate to here and it is when a player is injured no matter what, I’m a Vikings fan if you can tell by my loggin name always was and always will be but the truth of it is I’m a fan of all every team and player i love the game of football and it is never cool when a player gets hurt, I feel for the kid and hope he makes it back in the game some day and gives it his all.

  13. Man, this really stinks for him. The pic of him is depressing to see. I’m not a cards fan but I’m sure someone will step up to the plate to fill the hole.

  14. Feel bad for the kid. Just a really unfortunate situation, but that’s football. that’s also why nfl previews have no relevance. It can happen on any play, no matter how hard you try to prepare your body.

  15. ok jags got lucky against atlanta, falcons should have won this game there is no reason for them to lose this game no reason but i still predict miami and atlanta will reach the superbowl, i think both teams will have explosive offenses.

  16. that really does suck, happens to the best of them, hope he can recover and be back next year.

  17. Seahawks fan here, sending my best out to Williams. Poor kid, works his whole life to get there and then this happens. Keep your chin up Williams, we’ll be rooting for ya, here’s to seeing you twice in 2012!!

  18. It’s a shame, and I feel for the kid. However, to say he was going to be a “highlight reel” is pushing it a bit. He was a solid back at Va Tech, but fell off drastically after his record-setting freshman campaign. Beanie Wells was a more highly regarded back in college & we’ve all seen how that’s gone thus far. Also, losing LeShoure isn’t all that terrible. Average back in school who made a name for himself in one nationally televised game against Northwestern @ Wrigley Field by rushing for 200-plus yards. That doesn’t take into account that NW was one of the worst run defenses in the Big 10 last season. He was & is not the sure thing Mendenhall was coming out of Illinois. RB’s are a crap shoot nowadays. Unless you get an Adrian Peterson, you never know what you’re getting anymore.

  19. That sucks, I hate seeing these kids get hurt before they even have a chance to start their careers.

  20. That sucks. Was looking forward to seeing him in action.

    Would be interesting to see who else is out there besides Portis and Tiki Barber.

  21. poor kid an injury like this for a running back can turn a bright career into a non career before it’s even started

  22. This is depressing.. being a huge Virginia Tech fan, I was looking forward to seeing big things from Ryan Williams this year. Hopefully he can bounce back and have a good year next year.

  23. A true shame. Explosive kid that was looking like a better option than Beaner already. Get ready for 2.4 yards per carry Cards fans.

  24. Wow…that is horrible. Early reports were sprain. This kid would’ve had the starting job by game 3…straight beast in college.
    I hope he has a 100% recovery and can do it again next year. Could you imagine having your dream taken away right before it is supposed to start? Awful.

  25. A shame. This kid looked really good in camp. I hope he can recover well and fast. Wonder who steps in his shoes now. Trading Hightower might end up biting the Cards in the butt. He fumbled way to much but he new the system well and picked up the blitz well too. Who is out there available?

  26. The Bears will swap them Chester Taylor for a bag of chips and authentic Southwest salsa

  27. It doesn’t matter whose team you root for, but to see this happen to a young kid who just received an opportunity of a lifetime, this just sucks.

  28. What a shame. He’s going to need to have a conversation with Cadillac Williams, he tore the patellar in one knee, rehabbed it, then tore the other one the next year. He made it back, I think he is one of the few who came back from even one torn patellar

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