Big turnout for Pryor workout

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If the Colts aren’t interested in former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, their scouting department didn’t get the memo.

Representatives of the Colts are present at Pryor’s Pro Day workout in Pittsburgh, according to a source on the scene.  Also present are representatives of the Steelers, Redskins, Saints, Bucs, Cowboys, Chargers, Browns, Lions, Eagles, Raiders, Dolphins, Bills, 49ers, and Bengals.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin personally is present, as is former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.

The Steelers are filming the workout, which will be sent to all teams, along with the results of Pryor’s physical.

The supplemental draft will be conducted on Monday.

UPDATE:  The Chiefs and Patriots are there, too.  Maybe it would have been easier to list the teams that aren’t there.

60 responses to “Big turnout for Pryor workout

  1. Can’t believe Tressel is there. He had said to people that Pryor is basically an insecure crybaby forever in need of TLC and hand holding. This guy is WAY over-rated and will be a cancer to any NFL team that drafts him. Joke!

  2. I hope he signs some autographs……..He isn’t going to be signing a contract

  3. I hope Indy picks him and he’s able to learn from manning. Despite his shortcomings as a young man he has a long way to go in the maturity category. But if he is with the right organization he can be a decent player.

  4. Pryor makes this the best overall QB class in history, I’d say. Athletically, the 2011 prospects take about 6 of the top 10 all time spots in Combine testing. Plus most of them are huge and have good arms. Newton, Gabbert, Pryor, Locker, Ponder, Kaepernick, Taylor, Mallett. NFL has never seen such a group of athletes at the position. Even without the banjo plucking kid from the hills of West Virginia.

  5. Browns have an extra 4th round pick, a good backup in Seneca Wallace although he is in his 9th season, and 3rd QB Jarrett Brown who is a HUGE project.
    Bringing Pryor along as a project for Mike Holmgren & Gil Haskell makes sense, especially if Colt McCoy does not prove to be a Franchise QB. Worst case, they can bring him along & trade him down the line, like the Eagles w/ Kolb & the Falcons w/ Shaub.
    Pryor does make sense for the WCO, thus putting him in play for a team like Washington, Philly, Cincy, & a few others.
    Teams in need of a QB need to get on the phone with Philly & spend a 3rd or even a 2nd on Mike Kafka!

  6. Local kid – might as well sign him to replace Dixon, Steelers. Put him on the practice squad. Get a nice backup for a few years, and when Batch retires after this year, you replace the local face of the community at quarterback from Batch to Pryor.

  7. I hope one of these teams(Bucs excluded) draft this guy in the first round. End up with the worst record in the league, lose there 2012 No.1 overall pick and Andrew Luck goes to the second worst team so there fans can question that franchise’s leadership forever.

  8. Again, damn. I’ve been baffled as to why the ‘Skins were content with Beck and Grossman going into the year. This may explain it, although I don’t know how anyone could have seen it coming. It would be no surprise at all if the Snyder/Shanahan collusion team snaps up Pryor and trys to make him the answer to their QB woes. Don’t get me wrong – Grossman and Beck both performed better than anyone expected in the first two pre-season games, but this has “Big Splash” written all over it….

  9. @kaazwhopper -Try it like this if you want to sound educated- Did Tressel look the other way out of habit when Pryor was talking to his Agent?

  10. Pryor seems like way too much of a me first type of guy, I’m glad the Broncos aren’t there. Wonder if most teams that showed up and have good QBs already will ask him to do WR drills.

  11. I don’t get all the hate. Sure, he has some character issues but how many players in the NFL are like that (Mike Vick anyone?). But if free tattoos and selling his own personal items are the worst things he’s done/will do then I’ll take it.

    Will this kid turn into a great QB? No one really knows (I don’t care what the “experts” say. Did anyone expect greatness from Tom Brady?). But you can’t deny that Pryor has rare athletic ability that if put into the right system with the right tutelage, could turn him into a very serviceable player. I wish him the best. And yes, I am a Buckeyes fan.

  12. Hopefully he’s a Redskin so they can have him to groom. if not then i see him in either Miami, Oakland, Buffalo, 49ers, Dallas, or the Colts to learn from Manning. to me though Oakland or Washington and Buffalo are the top 3.

  13. Here’s a kid who rightfully doesn’t deserve squat. He lived a life of entitlement in high school and apparently carried it on in college – taking, taking, taking for himself with no regard to rules or what could happen to OSU. He accepts a 5-game ban by the university so he can play in a bowl game knowing full well he wasn’t coming back. Then he wants to get a shot in the supplemental draft and the NFL pushes it back screwing others in it to benefit this spoiled baby. He accepts the 5-game suspenison to get approval for the supplemental draft and after he gets inclusion in the draft his lawyer says he will appeal the suspension. Noooooooo. Who didn’t see that coming Pryor has lived his whole life thinking the world revolves around him. His initals are TP. Very appropriate because he is a ‘bung hole.’

  14. oh not the vikes though,,,,, no need to get out of bed. we got the qb position wrapped. and oh yeah, we got no cap room. no need to even take a look. HEY,,, how ’bout restructuring a couple more contracts? hutch? Jared?

  15. Pryor grew up in Pittsburgh and the Steelers have no doubt watch his career since he was in high school. No one knows more about him than they do.

    What a corner this guy would be…or a receiver? If he is adamant that he wants to be a QB, then it wouldn’t work for the Steelers unless they could work him as an option.

    My guess, Redskins!

  16. Good showing for Mr. Pryor. Anyone that doesn’t think he has a future in the NFL is mistaken. He just needs to be molded into an NFL player which he will be.

    From his freshman year, all I could see is a raw Randall Cunningham. Someone is going to develop this talent.

  17. “flagstaffphotos says: Local kid – might as well sign him to replace Dixon, Steelers. Put him on the practice squad.”

    I don’t think you understand how the practice squad works.

  18. @hobartbaker …

    Best QB class in history? Let’s revisit that in about five years. You’re counting your chickens way to early.

  19. So haters, why all the interest on a guy who obviously can’t play?

    Is this where we talk about his intelligence or lack there of? Wasn’t he like a Dean List type guy or something? I’m sure all me ‘neck friends will gladly tell us why he’s bust waiting to happen and why no team will be interested. Oh yeah and why he shouldn’t even be allowed to play in the NFL. Sorry, I’m late.

  20. The Bengals and Raiders are there? Aren’t they worried about his character concerns?


  21. Packers weren’t there which means they are interested…that is how Teddy works…..but only for a 6th or 7th.

    Or I may be talking through my cheeks.

  22. I don’t understand why a club like Washington would be interested in this guy. First, he is not going to contribute the first year anyway with 2 weeks of preseason and 5 weeks of reserve suspended list action. He is going to have no opportunity to really get any real game action. Second, if he had come out for the regular draft he would have been drafted in the 3rd round at best. Next year he would have been behind more talented QB’s like Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, Nick Foles, and Ryan Tanneyhill just to name a few, who have a pro-style background that Pryor doesn’t. I think if you take a flyer on him in the 5th round or later, great. First or Second round selection by lower rung team looking for a guy(Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami etc) would be a hugh mistake with the type of talent available in next years draft.

  23. …Tomlin is NOT there, he’s at practice on the south side of pittsburgh [as per the Pgh Tribune]. I guess to some people all African-americans look alike.

    [Kevin Colbert the GM is there]

  24. Anyone, other than his agent (Master of Bovine Scatology), thinking this kid is going for a first is delusional. Ryan Mallet, a much better pro prospect, fell like a rock due to RUMORS of off-field issues.

  25. @mavajo – sure I understand the practice squad. The Steelers could trade Dixon to a team with need at backup quarterback, as they have been halfway planning to do all through training camp. They sign Batch for one last year as a backup, and try to get Pryor onto the practice squad for one year. At the end of the year, Batch retires, as he has been talking about, and Pryor moves onto the 53-man roster as the 3rd string qb behind Leftwich next year.

  26. Hey Terelle, drop the attitude and realize the golden opportunity being given to you despite your selfish actions (by you, your teammates, and head coach who collectively put an elite football program into the dumpster).

    If not….Welcome to Megalow Mart! My name is Terelle, would you like a cart?

  27. tooz72 says: Aug 20, 2011 1:22 PM

    dont do it Uncle Al..didnt you learn your lesson with JaWalrus?


    So you’re comparing a first overall draft pick, on which Al Davis was the envy of several other owners for Russell’s potential, with a kid that has shown huge potential on the field yet has had so many problems OFF the field, he has already been suspended by the NFL before taking one snap, even in practice. He didn’t even qualify for the draft in the first place. Pryor appears to have lots of tools and potential and might get into a roster on the practice squad. His recent mentors all claim that”he’s a great kid and has a great attitude and great potential, and learns a great deal and has already learned from his mistakes, and hey, we all make mistakes, and hey, he’s a great kid and deserves an NFL shot”.

    JaMarcus Russell was given it all on a silver and black platter with diamonds and pearls and every bell and whistle imaginable. Russell blew it all out his butt. That’s why Russell is the trivia answer we all know. Pryor will have to bust his little ass for years to even get a chance to play, no matter the position.

    Your logic is nonexistent, dork.

  28. Tressel has NO BUSINESS being there! That snake is looking to be a coordinator I bet!
    Whoever drafts Pryor will be ruined by this worthless punk!

  29. @ Deb–

    That guy said best QB class “athletically”. If you take their stats from the combine and combine it with Pryor’s–he’s totally correct.

  30. d3murf says:
    @ Deb–

    That guy said best QB class “athletically”. If you take their stats from the combine and combine it with Pryor’s–he’s totally correct.
    No, actually hobartbaker said:

    “Pryor makes this the best overall QB class in history, I’d say.”

    Then he went on to discuss their athletic stats. And I maintain that we can’t evaluate their “overall” place in history until we see what they accomplish in terms of starts, wins, championships, pro stats, and to be completely fair, Hall of Fame berths.

    The Class of 83’s John Elway, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino may not have had the physicality of Cam Newton and Tyrell Pryor, but they played in 10 Super Bowls, won two Lombardis, and are all in the Hall of Fame. So far 2004’s Roethlisberger, Rivers, and Eli Manning have played in four Super Bowls and have four Lombardis. Right now, we don’t know if any of the QB class of 2011 will start or even last more than three years. To crown them the best overall is ridiculously premature. Spread QBs like Newton and Pryor are entertaining. But so far, they haven’t been winning a lot of Super Bowls.

  31. @d3murf …

    Oops, I gave the class of 2004 an extra Lombardi. Just a little XLV denial there 😉

  32. 6’5 230 and runs a 4.36 on field turf! Don’t care who he is if that was available in the fourth round you would run to the podium to turn in your card! I would make sure he could catch!

  33. PIT presumably wants to turn him into a WR, like Ward, AWE, etc. He’s fairly useless as a QB for PIT.

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