Charles Mann offers awkward sideline commentary

Former Redskins defensive end Charles Mann is working as a sideline reporter on the Redskins’ preseason games, and part of that job is evaluating which players are looking good. That’s a part of the job that appears to make Mann uncomfortable.

In an awkward sideline exchange with Redskins safety LaRon Landry, Mann offered gushing praise — and then quickly added that he’s married, apparently worrying that Landry would think Mann was hitting on him.

“You look very, very impressive, and I — you know, I’m married, happily, and I ain’t into — but anyway, you look fantastic,” Mann said.

Deadspin has the video, and all I can say from watching it is that I’m sure it never would have occurred to Landry or to anyone else that Mann was offering anything other than an assessment of how Landry looks as a football player. If Mann feels the need to interject the fact that he’s married every time he says something complimentary about a football player, then TV commentary is probably the wrong job for him.