In need of line help, Eagles sign Reggie Wells

Maybe it’s just a case of the Eagles trying to improve the very bottom of their roster.  Or perhaps it’s a sign that Philly’s troubled offensive line is in even more trouble than we think.

The Eagles announced Saturday they signed Reggie Wells.  It’s a surprise because he was a backup last year behind two guys they didn’t bring back this year.

From Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News: “Reggie Wells??!! This o-line might be in way more trouble than we thought. . . . Don’t get Reggie Wells at all. Are they moving Herremans to tackle? Is Ryan Harris done?”

The Eagles don’t seem to have an easy solution at right tackle because of injuries.  Harris and Winston Justice are both hurt.

30 responses to “In need of line help, Eagles sign Reggie Wells

  1. hahahaha they need LBs teams are running all over you and then they are hitting TE in stride all day long.
    I’m not worried about the O-line I’m worried about getting burnt over the middle.
    Andy Reid.

  2. Well, problem solved. Reggie Wells under contract has to mean it’s safe to start putting that trophy case together.

    Dream Team.

  3. vince young naively used the phrase “dream team” pretty loosely to describe the team adding a bunch of quality players in free agency . it wasn’t like the team called a press conference and anointed themselves. pretty much everyone repeating that term in these comments is acting like a mongoloid.

    grow up, nerds.

  4. Calm down…lol Steelers game-planned and Eagles didn’t. Combine all that with the defense needing time to gel, Vick throwing to backups (Desean wasn’t in that long and neither was avant and maclin didn’t play) and the fact that Andy Ried has a god awful record in Preseason!!! Eagles will be fine!!! Vick threw 3 INTs and a lost fumble against the Bengals last year in preseason and that was against backups yet look what he did in the reg season!!! Eagles are just a threat to the SB as the Packers and Saints!!!

  5. put Todd at RT , Watkins RG , Jackson/Kelce at Center , Mathis/McGlynn/Wells at LG , keep Peters at LT. Problem solved

    Sign Darren Sharper . Good teacher for Allen and Coleman .

    Either Trade Samuel and a 2 for Willis(wont happen) , put Chaney back in middle , or sign Morrison or Tatupu

    Works for me !

  6. Bring Runyan back! jkjk. Seriously, trade Asante for a strong Tackle/Linebacker (I hate saying this, but he is expendable at this point)
    Get Matthews out of there…dear lord, the kid NEVER takes responsibility and keeps saying he thinks he is FINE…NO. HE. IS. NOT. He is a back-up right now at best, NOT A STARTER.

  7. What happened to all the dream team Talk !!

    Next thing you know Feacal fans will be running Vick out of town just like they did to McNabb……..

    The only Bowl they’ll ever win is the “Toilet bowl”

  8. Saturday morning, and this post gets 7 comments.

    All pathetic Eagles hate.

    I’m glad you guys would rather root against a team than for your team. Are your respective NFL franchises really that bad?

  9. and @zeussuperman my respective franchise happens to have multiple super bowl championships including a win against arguable the best team in NFL history. how many championships does ur team have?

  10. ATTENTION: Posting “dream team” insults after any little thing goes wrong for the Eagles is really starting to make you look like a bunch of douches (read: Cowgirls and Gi-Aints fans).

    And jesus…a newly acquired backup QB with a history of having a big mouth makes an off-the-cuff statement out of excitement for his new team, and you slam it over the entire organization’s head. The fans didn’t pronounce the team a “dream team,” nor did the front office, nor the coaches, nor any of the other players. It was one guy. But of course, the anti-Philly media and F-Tard haters make it a big deal.

    But really…go ahead. Focus on every little thing that’s wrong with the Eagles. By all means, ignore your teams’ gaping holes and failures. We’ll see you in December, dicks.

  11. Of course Les Bowen doesn’t get it. he is a sports writer he doesn’t have to know football, he needs to know what idiots want to read, those that are not knowledgable enough to figure it out. my thoughts are the eagles expect to be heavy in numbers at another position(probably wide-out) by bringing Wells back they have a player that can back-up all 5 o-line positions and they will be able to carry less o-linemen

  12. How many post have you seen Philly fans say that it’s S.B. or bust this year for Reid?
    And don’t lie to yourself, VY just said what most of Philly fans were saying.
    Lol this is going to be a fun year…

  13. @superbowl42champs …This is 2011 , congrats on 4 years ago but your team is a non playoff team at the moment . Philly won the division BEFORE getting any of these FA’s. Have you even beat us since winning ? Heres a tip , if in the last 6 times you played us your record’s 0-6 ,keep your mouth shut . Philly loves the Giants , your 2 guaranteed wins every year !

  14. o0omorriso0o says:
    Calm down…lol Steelers game-planned and Eagles didn’t.

    don’t make stuff up to feel better.

    Tomlin, NEVER game plans for the pre-season. He never even speaks to the other coaches the week before to set guidelines. Hell, they don’t even game plan that much during the season. [watch them do the same stuff every game against Brady and lose]

  15. usdiveteam says:
    Aug 20, 2011 3:34 PM
    How many post have you seen Philly fans say that it’s S.B. or bust this year for Reid?

    They say that every year.

    Les Bowen “Don’t get Reggie Wells at all.” ?? Yea, Les Bowen doesn’t get a lot of things. What he does get, though, is he knows how to get his hyper-reactive philly audience all worked up by pushing the panic button. It’s laughable.

    Reggie Wells is there for depth. They have Mathis (their most underrated signing) backing up at guard.

  16. Mikey is going be scrambling like it is shower time at the pen.

    And to you sorry Egirl fans its 0-7 and we do not care you still have not won a SB so STFU

    NFC Chumpions meaningless boring dull old who give a darn
    Its all about the trophy case and yours is BARE

  17. I think Wells played pretty well at RG last year when Jean-Gillies got hurt. Always good to add some depth in case Harris or Justice aren’t ready by the beginning of the season. I’d be more nervous if Casey Mathews is the starting MLB in week 1 than I would about inserting Reggie Wells into the O-line.

  18. Casey is a fine young man but, he is in way over his head. He was mauled and pancaked several times. Far to small. Casey at 6′-1″ 230# is safety size and to slow for that position. Frankly the only reason he was drated 4th rd is on his family’s reputation. If not for that he would have been a free agent at best. Their are better 3rd stringers out there to be had.

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