Jahvid Best “not concerned” after injury


The Lions are due some good news.  It appears they will get some following a scare for running back Jahvid Best on Friday night.

The second-year back came out of Friday’s game early and it appeared that he underwent concussion tests.  After the game, the team let Best speak to reporters.  That’s usually a sign things aren’t too serious.

“It was nothing bad, but I just wasn’t feeling right so they told me to sit down,” Best told MLive.com. “I’m not concerned at all.”

Best suffered a nasty concussion in college, so the team may be extra careful with him.  The Lions didn’t appear to suffer any significant injuries in their game against the Browns.

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  1. Lions have gotten past bad GM’s, bad coaches and bad draft picks, so a lot of the optimism about them arises from those factors.

    A chronic, ongoing problem that remains, however, is keeping their skill position players on the field.

  2. @rayvens

    As a Lions fan, I’m wondering who this “Stamford” is. But if he’s the key to our season, I hope he stays healthy too.

  3. I wonder if the Lions are “not concerned” after Colt McCoy carved them up for three TD’s in 10 completions.

    Keep yappin’ Lions. Looks like all talk at this point.

  4. @tecmobowl34

    the lions number 1 corner was out yesterday (chris houston). the first team defense only played 3 series. which resulted, punt, td, punt. the td came on a short field due to a turnover. other than that McCoy did not look good at all because he was under duress the entire time. yes, when our back-ups came in, he began to play very well.

    if you are going to “yap” yourself, please watch the game or at least get the facts correct.

  5. @techmobowl34

    first off great name( I miss that game!)

    second: your right, it looks like McCoy is developing nicely and Browns fans should be excited about that. But lets not be mistaken, half of his completions came against back ups … but a good job none the less

    third: it goes both ways, “Stamford” (lol) looked just as good carving up the browns FIRST string defense all the same

  6. AND one more thing … can we quit with the “Lions fans doing a lot of yapping” talk … any TRUE Lions fan knows better … the only “yapping” I hear is coming from the national media as most people believe the Lions will be good this year and the so called “pundits” want to make them the sexy pick so they can look like “experts”

    We are excited about our team for the first time in 10 years but I hear NO trash talking coming from the local media here in Detroit OR REAL Lions fans

    that being said I expect us to be in playoff contention (which is no different from the average NFL team that doesn’t suck)

  7. tecmobowl34 says: Aug 20, 2011 1:13 PM

    I wonder if the Lions are “not concerned” after Colt McCoy carved them up for three TD’s in 10 completions.

    Keep yappin’ Lions. Looks like all talk at this point.

    LOL its preseason pal, calm down. I bet your thinking the Redskins are going to kickass this year while the Colts suck, right? Pre-season means nothing. Lions went 4-0 in the preseason only to go 0-16. Lions fans,as most fans are, are more worried about staying healthy rather than win a preseason game.

  8. No concussion is a good thing … but … the NFL does have a track record for blowing off concussions like they are nothing, and getting players to go along with it.

    I’m still skeptical that Best’s brain didn’t get a little scrambled, and I don’t think there’s anyone (including Best) looking out for his long term interest.

  9. Jahvid had some turf toe issues last year ( his rookie year) .look up his week 2 stats against the eagles, to say he is injury prone is just ridiculous at this point in his career.

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