Larry Fitzgerald gets $50 million guarantee from Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals have locked up Larry Fitzgerald with an enormous new contract.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Arizona will sign Fitzgerald to a record eight-year, $120 million contract that includes close to $50 million guaranteed.

The deal makes Fitzgerald the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL, and may very well keep the 27-year-old Fitzgerald in Arizona for the rest of his career.

Since joining the Cardinals as the third overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft, Fitzgerald has established himself as one of the best offensive playmakers in football. With this deal and the Cardinals’ trade and new contract for Kevin Kolb, it’s clear that Arizona believes it’s going to have one of the best pass-catch combinations in football for years to come.

96 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald gets $50 million guarantee from Cardinals

  1. Not sure any WR is worth that kind of money. Also not sure it’s wise to give any 27-yr old getting an 8 year contract.

    Oh well, congrats to Fitz for getting a huge pay day. The person who writes the checks thought he was worth it and that’s all that matters in the end.

  2. The numbers on these non-guaranteed contracts are so bogus. I’d love to see Fitzgerald play at an all-world caliber for each of the next eight years and force payment of the whole $120 million.

  3. I’m not a GM (obviously), but no receiver is worth that much money – even if he is one of, if not the best receiver in the league. A top-notch QB, maybe, but not a receiver.

  4. Wow, this al Davis style contract just helped ruin a few future deals for teams looking to lock up a top flight receiver

    The bar has now been set at a ridiculous pace. No receiver is worth that much cash.

  5. As a Eagles fan I applaud this move . Unlike many I have been to every Eagles training camp and watched Kolb transform into a real good QB . Kolb’s a quick learner and him to Fitzgerald will be deadly for a long time . I wish the Cards nothing but wins (except when they play the Eagles)

    PS DRC is the only guy I ever seen that could go stride for stride with Desean Jackson , very impressed !

  6. Wonder how this affects Chris Johnson’s negotiations.

    Also, we’ve seen these long contracts before; if Arizona doesn’t want to employ Fitzgerald 8 years from now, they won’t. Remember Albert Haynesworth’s 7yr deal?

  7. you see this is what happens when you play like an all pro & not act like a diva. congrats Fitz you deserve that contract.

  8. That’s a lot of money to pay a wide receiver that no one on the team can throw to… but he deserves it so… good job Larry. I’ll be interested in seeing how Kolb works out.

  9. Larry, what are you doing?

    Your free agnecy was your greatest leverage. I know you guy some hella cash for the deal, but you’re predicting that Kolb’s gonna be the leader for the future, before the season even starts?

    You could have had your pick of any franchise next year, with a more skilled quarterback. I hope you’re right.

  10. Holy Jesus! 50 mill guaranteed for a WR!? I mean, I love the guy, he’s amazing, he’s a stand up guy who does everything right, total class act… but WOW that is an INSANE contract for a WR. 120mil!? That’s 15 million a year average… I’m dumbfounded.. that’s QB money and then some.

    Congrats Larry. I’m glad someone like you got that contract instead of some a$$hole like T.O or Santonio Holmes.

  11. I mean wow….that’s a ton. But Fitz is special and he’s the face of the Arizona Cardinals.

    Kolb to Fitzgerald….you’re going to be seeing it for many years to come folks

  12. They give franchise QB money to a WR. What top NFL team would give close to this much money for anyone that’s not a QB?

    They’ll be nothing more than a mediocre franchise for the next decade, unless they just happen to luck into a top 5 QB the way they did with Warner.

  13. It’s disgusting how much all these guys are getting paid to play a kids game. No one should be getting paid 120 million to play football period.

  14. Larry can now be a booster for the ‘canes with all that doe. Boats n ho’s larry, boats n ho’s.

  15. Larry is great, could be the best in the NFL at his position, This is a great thing he deserves it and its good to see Compensation on well earned players

  16. HA!! I swear John Clayton tweeted a mere two days ago that contract negotiations with Fitzgerald were in its very early stages.

    Lol! Some negotiation that was, it must’ve went something like this…………..

    GM Rod Graves: Ummm, Larry, here’s a blank chequebook along with a pen………Name your price?

    Seriously though, one of the very few guys, I’m fine with giving $50 Mill guaranteed to and knowing he wont let up now he’s paid.

  17. Good for them to lock him up.

    Not so good that they left the cupboard bare for other offensive upgrades.

    However, it is the incompetent NFC west.

  18. Great player and an even greater person. Refreshing to see a non-diva get paid what they are worth (without having to holdout).

  19. Congrats to Larry! Being a Lions fan, I can only wonder what Calvin’s gonna get. We already have Stafford & Suh with big deals. And Tulloch’s on a 1yr deal.

  20. If a bank only gives you $100,000 FDIC insurance, do that mean he has to deposit the $ in 500 different banks:-)

  21. Fitz is awesome. Hell, I’m sure he’d sign with anyone for 50m guaranteed. Who wouldn’t?

  22. Congrats to Larry; however, we continue to see why The Cardinals continue to lose yearly. $183M($73M guaranteed) for a QB and WR not named Montana and Rice or comparable?

  23. Can’t believe all these idiots equating Fitzgerald’s deal to Chris Johnson ….. does anybody realize he’s a running back with a shelf life of what, 3 years?

  24. winning is secondary to larry…with that much money though, cant blame him. can blame the cards however….once a loser always a loser. they had their chance and let ben march down the field…..probably as close as larry and the cards will ever come again to winning the big one.

    there are a select few NFL franchises that you just KNOW will never get it done. the cards are one of them.

  25. AP will get paid about the same. Greenway is going to get a mega-contract. As much as I’d like to see Larry in MN, there is no way the Vikings can afford that kind of contract. Zygi already has to drop about 400+ million on a Stadium too…

    Good for Arizona and hopefully my Fantasy football team.

  26. OK Larry. Are you going to inspire all the University of Phoenix undergrads with your fittymil? Kolb’s a great white hype. Enjoy being the golden hood ornament on a busted Chevette.

  27. Fifty million dollars in guaranteed money for a non-quarterback? Sounds to me like the Cards have their priorities backward, unless, of course, you think a football team should be built around a wide receiver instead of a quarterback.

  28. WRs are not worth that much. Ever notice that the only time Arizona was any good was when they had a Hall of Fame QB piloting the team? Larry Fitzgerald will not make a difference if the Cards can’t find a good quarterback. (Maybe they have, we’ll see.)

  29. Good for Larry. That’s an insane amount of money, but you’re paying for character AND ability. The character is what gives you reasonable confidence that he will take care of himself and retain his skills throughout the majority of the contract period.

  30. No WR is worth that kind of money. That is franchise qb money to a WR that has an unproven QB that he needs to catch passes from. Between him and Kolb and a reduced salary cap its too much ties into two players. That’s going to limit the team in the future. 22% of team salary over next 5 years ties to two players and the WR makes more than the QB.

  31. Awesome for Fitz, he’s a great player and a great guy. Well deserved. But, not great he’s staying with Az as I’m a Rams fan.
    Meanwhile, somewhere DeSean Jackson is shaking his head.

  32. Sorry, I don’t like this signing.

    As I am sure most Colts fans are wondering right now (i.e. giving all that $$$ to a 35 year old QB who’s starting to break down, and will prevent them from shoring up other areas like the OL and the D), giving near 50M guaranteed to a WR just seems like fools gold.

    All it will take is one horrible ankle or knee injury to him, and that money will get flushed down the toilet.

    He can’t do it by himself. Who else is going to scare an opposing defense in Arizona other than him? Beanie Wells? Hell, who is even the #2 WR there? Anyone?

    Obviously losing him would have angered the fan base, and then I remembered they’ve only had on e season to even cheer about IN THEIR EXISTENCE.

    James Harrison and the Steelers made sure that season ended like all the others. In futility.

  33. Oh and BTW…what was all that about owners losing a ton of money?

    Yeah…looks like they are REALLY hurting when a team like ARI can dish out $50M guaranteed…

  34. mediasloppy says:Aug 20, 2011 9:52 PM
    “AP will get paid about the same. Greenway is going to get a mega-contract. As much as I’d like to see Larry in MN, there is no way the Vikings can afford that kind of contract. Zygi already has to drop about 400+ million on a Stadium too…
    Good for Arizona and hopefully my Fantasy football team.”

    The vikings should just be one of those “Pound The Football”/”Smash Mouth D” type of teams tbh, enough with that fancy childress wr type stuff.

  35. Sippin’ on gin and juice… laaaid back… with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

  36. Wow. I love watching LF and he is one of the best guys in the NFL, but that was f-n stupid. $50M guaranteed for a WR is insane.

  37. The numbers on these non-guaranteed contracts are so bogus.

    ….which is why the $50M guaranteed part is what’s causing the “whoa!” response.

  38. Good for Larry and the Cardinals. Class act who just plays the game he is extremely gifted. No complaining, no holdout. the Cardinals are taking care of those indivuals that come in and play. Bravo!

  39. I truly believe Fitz is if not the best WR he is 1b. But this contract is moronic. 50 mil up front?? And if the guy snaps his leg next week the cards are screwed.

    My guess is their is some opt out type deals in this contract after 4-5 years. Signing an 8 year deal is moronic in the NFL. That being said if any player deserves it it is Fitz. Now i want to see what the Texans do with A Johnson and what Detroit does with C johnson. Megatrons next deal could be 20 mil per at this rate if he continues getting better every year.

    Oh and anyone saying this will affect DeSean Jackson’s contract, your wrong. This was Fitz third deal. Even Jackson must realize he has a few productive season to go till he gets fitz money. Jackson will get a deal similar to Fitz last deal is my guess as soon as final cuts go down and the Eagles have the room on the cap.

  40. staffordsyear says:
    Aug 20, 2011 8:54 PM
    Why would he want to go back minnesota? Because he once was a ballboy?…geez.

    His Dad was close pals w/ Dennis Green when he was a ball boy. He grew up a Viking fan, said he’d always thought of playing for them. Kolb hasn’t proven he is better than McNabb or really much better than Ponder. Is that enough of an answer for you moron?

  41. richm2256 says: Aug 20, 2011 9:39 PM

    Can’t believe all these idiots equating Fitzgerald’s deal to Chris Johnson ….. does anybody realize he’s a running back with a shelf life of what, 3 years?
    Yes, we do. Problem is that it’s been reported that the Titans are willing to pay CJ as the highest RB and his camp finds that unsatisfactory and wants him to be paid as the highest “playmaker” whatever the F they define that as. So CJ’s camp will likely look at Fitz’s deal and factor it into their demands. Stupid ain’t it…and specifically BECAUSE of what you said..the short shelf life of RBs vs any other position. Fitz getting 47 mill guaranteed should garner CJ getting closer to 25 mill guaranteed if you want to look at likely productive shelf life and pay CJ comparably.

  42. lol i find it funny every one is like sorry vikings fans, why would we be sad to see some one from our home state who was born and raised here become the highest paid WR ever? idk how most people in other states are but i’m sure 95% of us are proud that he has been a class act and done nothing but give Minnesota a good name . would i love if he was on the vikings yes, but so would every fan of every team.

  43. enasty610 says:
    Aug 20, 2011 9:09 PM

    No one should be getting paid 120 million to play football period.


    You are right of course, but there is a difference between “should” and reality. If you were in his position, I guess you would turn it down…

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