Polian on Manning’s return: “It’s impossible to predict”


It’s actually a little surprising there hasn’t been more concern this month about Peyton Manning’s surgically repaired neck.

He hasn’t practiced in camp and the Colts backup quarterbacks have taken turns looking inept in the preseason. Despite that, it took some odd tweets from Colts owner Jim Irsay to really make the Colts fanbase start to worry.

Prepare for games without Manning? Find a new QB on Twitter? This doesn’t sound good.

The reality, according to Colts president Bill Polian, is that no one knows when Manning will return.  That’s not a huge shock considering the unique nature of the injury.

“Bottom line, we truly do not know when he will be ready,” Colts president Bill Polian told ESPN Saturday. “Once the nerves regenerate properly, he’ll be ready. When that happens, he’ll be ready to ramp up immediately. It’s impossible to predict.”

G.M. Chris Polian made similar comments to Peter King last week.  Colts center Jeff Saturday told King that he believed Manning would be ready for the season opener.

If that happens, Manning will have to get ready without much practice time. Colts coach Jim Caldwell confirmed Manning hasn’t been cleared by doctors yet.

Meanwhile, Polian doesn’t seem to know what to make of Irsay’s tweets.

“Our owner is the owner. I can’t speak to that,” Polian said.

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  1. Someone need to send Peyton #4’s sweater. Just to remind him of how close he is to being quadrapalegic.

  2. “Once the nerves regenerate properly”

    I don’t like the sound of that at all and I’m a Pats fan, I imagine Colt fans aren’t any enthusiastic

  3. It’s a good think that the Colts held off on giving Manning a ridiculous new contract….

  4. Lol no worries he will be there .. and the last player to ever need practice reps is Manning Dude practices even in his sleep.

  5. I am confused, why didn’t they draft a QB to back up Peyton or a make moves to get a established 2nd string QB to back him up?

    How long have they known about his injury? Since after playoffs in 2010?


  6. Refs gonna have Peyton in plastic bubble wrap. Mario Williams gonna have felony charges if he touch him.

  7. I guess his attempt at the record for consecutive starts are out the window. Too bad.

  8. “Our owner is the owner. I can’t speak to that,” Polian said.

    Brilliant. I guess that why he’s the G.M.

  9. The Dolts seem ill-prepared to start this season ….. They’ve got more question marks than most teams …. Could be the beginning of the Indy down-fall into obscurity …..

  10. I hear Terrelle Pryor is looking for work. I also heard that the Colts officially had no one present for his workout. Then I heard, they in fact, were represented. Makes you go, hum?

  11. Well, the fact that they signed him to a huge new deal and have not added a respectable backup QB should tell you all you need to know right now.

    My goodness if he cant play……….With those two clowns the Colts have as backups now, they wont win a single game this season.

    That will be the tell tale sign IMO. If the Colts add another QB in the next 7-10 days you know trouble is brewing. If not, Manning will be ready.

  12. Those comparing Peyton to Favre are ridiculous. Peyton isn’t making statements that he’s playing then not playing. His agent isn’t making statements that he’s playing then not playing.

    Actually, Peyton hasn’t said anything.

    And if the media didn’t keep asking Polian and others about it, they wouldn’t say anything. What are they supposed to say if they don’t know a definitive answer???

  13. Much respect for the guy being a division rival, but Peyton’s covered the flaws of this team for far too long. The end is almost near and it’s about time. Peyton not the Colts have had this division in a choke hold for a decade and theirs about to be a changing of the guard.

  14. dcpatfan says: Aug 20, 2011 6:48 PM

    “I’m glad my team doesn’t depend on one player to guarantee an above .500 season”

    coming from a pats fan, what’s wrong with this picture?

  15. Daunte Culpepper should be standing by his phone for the next couple of days.

    He is a better QB than what the Colts have on the roster and should come in cheap with a better chance for them to win without having the defense picking up the slack.

  16. Meanwhile, Polian doesn’t seem to know what to make of Irsay’s tweets. “Our owner is the owner. I can’t speak to that,” Polian said.

    I hope no one was around for Polian to throw up against a wall when he got wind of those tweets.

  17. At least without Manning, they’ll likely drop the first game and Caldwell won’t have the chance to do something really, really stupid with an undefeated season on the line.

  18. misterpigglesworth says:Aug 20, 2011 8:12 PM

    pats were 11-5 with cassel knucklehead
    Perhaps this shows that Brady is not quite as good or important to his teams success as Manning is.

    Why do the players wait so long at the conclusion of the season to have surgery? In this case, why didn’t Manning have it in late January?

  19. The last thing Polian or the Colts want is to see Manning miss any games. If he does, the world would see what kind of a pathetic coaching staff and team that he’s been carrying all these years.

    Sure they have a few talented players, but they are so undercoached it’s insane. Caldwell couldn’t motivate a pee-wee football team.

    Anyone who’s ever bashed Manning for his playoff record will actually see how impresive it has been for him to carry this sorry team into the playoffs each and every year.

    They are among the worst teams in running the ball, stopping the run and pass, and special teams every year. The only area they excel in is QB play. Once thats gone, they’re a 2-14 team… And they’d be lucky to get those 2 wins…

  20. “Our owner is the owner. I can’t speak to that,” Polian said.

    Note to writer: when you are referring to two different Polian’s in a blog, refer to them by full name.

  21. The Texans’ first team offense looks freaking awesome. The first team defense looks freaking average, which is awesome.

    If Manning misses time this season, Texans will own this division.

    Texans might own this division anyway.

  22. I said this in another one of these threads, for an organization as good as Indy has been over the past decade, the sheer magnitude of them not preparing for Manning’s eventual hanging up of the cleats is unbelievable.

    The QB position is what drives today’s NFL teams, bar none. Those that have it (A.Rogers, Big Ben, Brady, etc.) have tons of success. Those who do not (Carolina, Cleveland, etc.) languish and go back into having a high draft pick again.

    Obviously you can’t have stars at every position, this isn’t fantasy football.

    Who knew though, that the Colts would be missing Jim Sorgi right about now?

  23. Perhaps this shows that Brady is not quite as good or important to his teams success as Manning is.

    ….or perhaps it means for most of his career, the Patriots have not had such a big portion of their cap tied up in Brady. So they could spread it around more, including on defensive players.

  24. Nerve regeneration CAN take forever. I had nerve damage in my arm and it was several years before I had all the feeling back in all my fingers and my forearm. Docs truly can’t put a timetable on it (at least mine couldn’t years ago). I wasn’t told it would be weeks or months but no doctor told me it would be years.
    That said, nothing I did with that arm was limited by the nerve damage itself. So perhaps that could be the case w/ PM. And I am sure he has far better drs and therapists at his disposal than I did.

  25. 3octaveFart says:

    coming from a pats fan, what’s wrong with this picture?
    Not a damn thing.

    See: Cassell, Matt 2008 11-5

    Seriously, how does peyton manning not have this surgery earlier in the off-season, how do the Colts still fork over Ft, Knox to him- not knowing when Pay-me-a-ton will actually be healthy enough to play, and how do they not take precautions immediately as the lockout ended to get a better backup, unless they honestly thought Painter was good enough?

    Either Manning deliberately misled the Colts, or Polian/Irsay are dumber than we thought.

    tmb333 says:
    Perhaps this shows that Brady is not quite as good or important to his teams success as Manning is.
    So they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, huh?

    First, the Pat’s are roasted for only being good because of Brady, and when it’s pointed out that they went 11-5 without him, he’s not that important?

    Haters are hypocrites.

    Is there anyone of you Dolts fans who believe that in the Colt’s heyday (2004-2007), Jim Sorgi – with those Colt’s teams – could not have done what Matt Cassell did in 2008? Brady is just as important to New England as Manning is to Indy, but either team in their prime could win with a solid #2 guy.

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