Pryor runs a fast 40

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Our source at the Terrelle Pryor Pro Day says that Pryor ran the 40-yard dash in 4.41 seconds.

That’s not too shabby for a guy who is six-foot-five and weighs 230-plus pounds.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that one scout timed Pryor at 4.38 seconds.

He’s running on FieldTurf.  Some players run their Pro Day 40-yard-dashes on a track, which obviously leads to faster results.

63 responses to “Pryor runs a fast 40

  1. Run Forrest, RUN!!

    (But remember the words of the great Kirk Lazarus, Terrelle – “Everybody knows you never go full retard”).

  2. Seriously, just looked on craigslist and yup there they are. He’s offering a trade for another neck tat.

    OSU still sucks.

  3. I don’t care about all the hate. Pryor has rare athletic ability that if put into the right system he could be very serviceable. Whether it’s as a QB or some other position. If he’s willing to do whatever it takes and humbles himself he can be successful.

  4. Damn, hes such a good athlete…. Someone has to convince him to try out as a wr. Would be a tough transition but its probably the best route for him.

  5. WoW! That’s faster then he ran from Ohio St. when the s*#t hit the fan. Impressed. Now how did he throw?

  6. Gotta love all the “comedians” on here, with their drive-by 1-liners. The cynical Daily Show generation morons. Be negative all you want, but you’re not funny, moreover, you have to admit that TP was : Very impressive! 6’6” 240+ and he runs a 4.38-4.41 …. he might not be the most accurate yet, but he does have a rocket for an arm.
    I would take him before the 3rd round, his UPSIDE is worth the risk. If not, he would be a hell of a receiver, too. Great, great athlete.


  7. Long, fluid steps do not translate into the quickness needed to run precise routes in the NFL. The only exception was Moss, but he had great hands and jumping ability that this clown probably doesn’t possess. Like I stated earlier in other posts, 2-3 years bouncing around and than out of the NFL. He is too much of a project and in today’s “win” now NFL, it will be too much for a team to waste 4 years developing him to fit a new position.

  8. People knock Pryor a lot, yet I don’t hear as much about the last first round pick. They are about the same guy. Only one guy is has been turned into a criminal for trading clothes that belonged to him for a tat and the other guy is a hero yet he sold him self to the highest bidder just to go to a school.

    I guessing winning is everything. Had Ohio st. won the the Championship then Pryor would be the hero and number 1 pick and Newton would be the criminal and would be the guy everyone wants to turn into a WR.

    I think Pryor has better accuracy that people say, and i also think he could be a really good QB in the NFL. That being said i think he could be a really GREAT TE if he excepted that he would be better off there and put in the work. His over all size would make it hard for him to make the kinds of cuts needed to play WR in the NFL, but as a TE he would be just fine going against linebackers.

    I hope he does well. I think he got a raw deal. The media has made this KID out to be some kind of bad guy. He traded a jersey for a tat. Thats his big crime. He didn’t shop himself for money to schools. He didn’t steal someones computer or get caught drinking and driving. He traded something that belonged to him for a tat. All the high horse sitters need to get over it.

  9. Pryor is a natural athlete as well. Not all shot up with performance enhancers like Horse Teeth Newton.

  10. Is this where we talk about his intelligence or lack there of? Wasn’t he like a Dean List type guy or something? I’m sure all me ‘neck friends will gladly tell us why he’s bust waiting to happen and why no team will be interested. Oh yeah and why he shouldn’t even be allowed to play in the NFL. Sorry, I’m late.

  11. I’m a level 15 on madden and some folks won’t play me cause I run with the Raiders.When I ask why they say because its not realistic of how fast the raider players are…lol ..everyone runs a 4.4 in real life Son!!!

  12. Ah. Fast. Big. Hero worships Vick. Character issues. “Pryor is a raw quarterback who needs to greatly improve his accuracy if he is ever going to become a quality starting QB in the NFL… Pryor’s accuracy ranked 36th out of 40.” That meets all the specs necessary for 1/4 of the GMs in the league to mortgage the farm. A Wonderlic score of 15 or less would bring in another 1/4.

  13. But we all love TIM Tebow ..he’s a good Christian boy ..he can do no wrong greatest qb.

  14. why so much hate on this kid, just because you guys couldn’t make from high school to college to the pros doesn’t mean this kid wont. He has a lot of upside and if he get with the right team and in the right system i believe he will turn heads and then of course every one will be on his B@llz!! back up give the kid a break!

  15. phillyfan4ever says: “I can see Mike pulling for Terrell and mentoring him to be the next eagles QB.” Poor Vince Young. Got himself a Dream Team and already he’s being thrown under the Philly bus by Philly fans. Put down the cheese steak and ask yourself why Mike Vick would help out a guy who wants his job. Remember “It’s not in my contract to mentor Aaron Rodgers”?

  16. going to washington would be the perfect fit with the running game and all the play actions plays they run plus they have very good qb coaches, look at what there doing with beck and grossman, half you guys dont know football you just watch it, prolly cant even play football and here you guys go judging lol get another hobby and get off the kids back

  17. “T. Pryor can’t play QB in the NFL”. Comes from the same guy that said “Mike Vick will be nothing more than a running back when he gets out of the clink”. You know who you are, and there’s a lot of you. You’re the same guy that said “Randy Moss going to the Patriots? He’s lost a step don’t worry about him”. Yeah cause he only broke J Rice’s single season TD record among other accomplishments there. Arm chair fortune teller enthusiasts don’t have a very good record when it comes to NFL issues so give Pryor a chance and if it doesn’t work out than go ahead and pat yourself on the back but for now keep your assumptions to yourself

  18. 6’5, 230 lbs, and an official 4.38 40? He’s a Raider. I can’t wait.

    From Ibabuzz several months ago:

    “He’s (Pryor) got classic Raider speed. Talked at length with Doug Plank the former Bears’ safety who as a volunteer assistant last year with the Buckeyes. He said Pryor was the fastest player on the Ohio State roster.”

    Faster than Chimdi Chekwa? The fastest guy at the combine, who da Raiduhs drafted? Hell yes.

    Ronald Curry’s ACL injuries never happened. Pryor is a Raider. Mark it down.

  19. @scudbot

    VY is gone after this year, He wants to be a starter and thats not happening in Philly. We picked him up to trade him for picks. If Vick does go down, VY will come in and if he plays well he might earn himself a contract with the Eagles.

    But they had no intention of keeping him long term when they picked him up, just a value move to stock pile draft picks, so don’t get ur panties in a bunch.

  20. He should definitely be a WR and it’s not only because he’s incredibly fast, although that helps. As for whether he can catch or not, he only ran one route in college and looked like a natural.

  21. Great… another QB that has outstanding combine stats… But he can’t stay in the pocket and read a defense.

    Welcome to the Raiders kid.

  22. i believe the Colts should take him honestly let him learn behind one of the greatest to play the position considering Peyton only has like 3 or 4 years left in the neck and body of his….he will evolve into a great QB with speed….which would be a good change of pace for the Colts

  23. Yeah i remember another kid who was about that size and played quarterback, he actuall ran a touch faster too, his name was Matt Jones…’nuff said

  24. His body measurement relative to his speed reminds me of megatron currently with the lions lol no doubt he’s an athlete but can he beast it on the field? We shall find out maybe sometime this season

  25. Nice!!!!!

    Usually, people projecting 40 times for quarterbacks are usually wrong. This is one of the few times the predictors (mainly/including Drew Rosenhaus) were right!!!

  26. Ronald Curry’s injuries were achilles…………3 ruptured overall………..came back from 2……not the 3rd..

  27. I didn’t know he was that fast wow. If i was a GM with a few extra draft picks, i wouldn’t mind picking him up in the mid rounds to install a wildcat package. then trade him for a 2nd rounder jk.

  28. Way too much is made of a 40 time. Way too much — very disproportionate when compared to all the factors that add up to actual production. Like the archaic 158.3 max QB rating, the 40 time’s usefulness is limited.

    Renaldo “Skeets” Nehemiah was blazingly fast also – could cook at light speed over the hurdles too. Didn’t mean he could play football though.

    Like Skeets, Pryor lacks the mental make-up to play on Sundays.

  29. As a diehard PSU fan who was gutted when he committed to OSU, I have to say this is the hilarious thing with TP.

    He’s a freak on the measurables…but he’s never been a good QB. What difference, in the NFL, does 40 time mean for a QB? Anyone?

    And TP’s being overrated has more to do with his supporting cast…OSU was loaded at every position for his three years. The best that can be said about him is that he’s not terrible and his best skills are useless as a QB in the NFL.

  30. A Humble attitude and move WR I see some success A+. If he keeps a hard line on being a QB I see a flop F.

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