Pryor won’t appeal suspension, willing to play another position

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On Thursday, agent Drew Rosenhaus said quarterback Terrelle Pryor won’t appeal the five-game suspension imposed by Commissioner Roger Goodell.  On Friday, lawyer David Cornwell seemed to suggest that an appeal is coming.

On Saturday, Pryor told ESPN that he’ll accept the suspension.  (The video has aired on ESPNNews; no sign of Pryor’s position appears yet on

Mark Schwartz of ESPN, reporting from the site of the Pro Day workout in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, said the Pryor is willing to move to another position.  (Pryor showed he had the speed for other positions.)

Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether Pryor is or isn’t willing to move, unless he plans to sit out the season and re-enter the draft in 2012.  (He doesn’t.)  And so it’s smart for him to demonstrate a willingness to do whatever his future employer reasonably instructs him to do.

As to the suspension, an appeal could help ensure that the NFL won’t use this situation as the first step toward helping the NCAA enforce suspensions against players who have escaped its grasp.

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  1. Again, it would seem impossible that substance and that whose substance it is should exist apart; how, therefore, could the Ideas, being the substances of things, exist apart?

    Steeler Nation cha cha chaing all the way to the big game. 7 rings and counting. lolol

  2. If i were him… first thing im doing when i get drafted by the Raiders is eat/sleep/sh-t playing WR. I think he can dominate within a couple years with the proper coaching/motivation/willingness.

  3. He will not be a QB for sure! I have heard many people on these boards suggesting 3 possible poitions for him.
    1. TE – He does not possess the thickness or body type to play this position. Even if he only plays in the slot, he still needs to be able to seperate from safeties and fight off DB’s. Just because he got weighed in at around 230 does not mean he has a TE frame.
    2. RB – His long strides are not meant for fast cuts and “juke” moves. Unless he is in the open field where he does not have to make any moves, he would fail miserably. He is also not strong enough to fight through holes and gain tough yardage.
    3. DB/WR – Probably his only hope. Once again, his running style will not allow him to make quick cuts and will hinder his opportunities to run precise routes. Hope he can catch too?

    Good luck Pryer, you will need it!

  4. At this point, the kid is just trying to get paid. (Just like his entire college career.) Dude seems like cancer to me, I wouldn’t want him in my locker room.

  5. If I am a G.M., I use my first rounder on Pryor. You only have to pay him for half a season while he trains as a QB or WR. You have him for a whole year before you have to use a draft pick on him. Matt Jones was 21st overall pick in the draft in 2005, and was the best receiver out of that draft by the time he was suspended in 2008. TP has Jones size and speed with greater fluidity.

  6. “an appeal could help ensure that the NFL won’t use this situation as the first step toward helping the NCAA enforce suspensions against players who have escaped its grasp.” — I may be in the minority but i very much hope the NFL helps the NCAA enforce suspensions at every opportunity. Some college players seem to think of themselves as entitled celebrities long before it is defensible. This pro league that eventually turns some of them into entitled celebrities should do all it can to prevent the damage from taking hold too early.

  7. Exactly what the hell are you talking about, stairwayto7? You do know we took XLV, right??

    As far as this goes, I haven’t thought Pryor was suited for the QB position as long as I’ve been keeping track of him. (Not all that long) He’d be a suitable backup. That’s it. If he can play WR, or RB, good enough for him. Go do it, but as MLVE said…eat, sleep, and breathe it.

  8. Pryor was targeted 3 times as a receiver in college. He caught all 3 passes and 2 of them were for TDs. Including a Randy Moss style end zone fade grab. He have no trouble becoming top flight receiver if that is what he chooses.

  9. @6stairwayto7
    coming from a fellow steeler fan, please shut up . your posts are extremely annoying and you make steeler fans look bad.

  10. I don’t agree with Goodell about much, but appreciate his handling of this situation. It’s not fair that NCAA players cause their schools to be slammed with sanctions then skip off to the NFL while other kids live with their consequences. Pryor was willing to take his medicine if Tressel had stayed, so he doesn’t fit that category. But it’s still only right that he serve his suspension.

    The most important thing is that he have a successful, long-running career that will secure his future. His position is secondary. Tebow said the same thing about a willingness to change positions, but McDaniels may have made that impossible by taking him as a first-round QB. Let’s hope Pryor this draft works out in Pryor’s best interest.

  11. @ 6stairwayto7

    Since you want to include all the Super Bowls but not reference how bad yall lost last year, just include all history and realize the Pack have more NFL Championships than you and any other team…13….get to double digits and then you can open your mouth….

    i cant wait til you go back to school next week and your internet time is limited…

  12. According to Albert Breer Terrelle will be allowed to work with position coachs in individual drills during his suspension. That probably was the carrot that convinced Rosenhaus not to appeal. Team just has to hire Ken Anderson full time, with the money they save on Pryor’s contract and everyone wins in the long run.

  13. @medtxpack
    I’m a steelers fan and yes 6stairwayto7 obviously has a small brain but to say the Steelers got beat bad in last years superbowl is kind of a stretch. Steelers could have won on their last posession but obviously came up short, despite turning the ball over 3 times. and most of those 13 championships that GB has came between 1920-1932 when there were only a dozen teams in the league and no playoffs.

  14. if someone chooses pryor in the 1st round of the supplemental draft and therefore forfeiting their first next year does pryor get paid like a first?

  15. @medtxpack
    I was wrong in my last statement 3 of GB’s superbowls came between 1920-32.. then 5 more before the merger and the actual Super Bowl era. No one really counts those championships except GB fans.

  16. Dude’s #’s were comparable to Cam Newton’s last yr. Why can’t he play QB? 65% compl. 27 tds 11 int. 754 yrd rushing at 5.6 a pop.

    Roger to Drew: “We’ll let him in the draft ONLY if he accepts a 5 game suspension, no appeal”
    Drew: “you got it”
    End of conversation!

  18. Pryor does not care who he plays for or where he plays.

    The kid just wants to get paid.

    Tats, jewelry, maybe a shiny new escalade.

    Is that too much to ask?

  19. Can we let this rest pleaazeeee.. Dude is probably counting his lucky stars he was made eligible.

  20. @medtxpack and daburgher ….

    Another Steelers fan weighing in 🙂

    Yes, 6stairwayto7 is extremely annoying lol

    No, XLV wasn’t a drubbing–though it should with three turnovers.

    And all championships count. Congrats to the Pack on their 13.

  21. Note to HobartBaker:

    Matt Jones? Are you really holding Matt Jones up to support taking Pryor with a #1 round pick? Really?

    If a GM takes him in the 1St round, the fans should skin the guy alive

    If Pryor goes before R5, I’ll be shocked.

  22. Hey NFL, guess what? Issues of morality aside, what Pyor and all the other athletes in similar situations did before coming to the NFL should really be none of the NFL’s business. I’m not saying it was right or it was wrong but here’s the kicker… If you didn’t publicize info like this then you wouldn’t have o worry about handling the PR with suspensions and what not. Woooooow, mind blowing.

  23. He should have been suspended for the bowl game not the next season anyway….. If the NCAA really cared more about teaching him a lesson than making $$ I’m sure watching from the sidelines as your team (probably) loses the one game you worked so hard to get to and knowing it was your actions and not just an injury or fluke… that would hurt a lot more than 5 games the next year! Imagine the looks his teammates would have been giving him as they started losing!

  24. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports- you know what time it is ! Historically minorities in America have to significantly out perform their counterparts. They cant just be equal to or as good as, they have to be a tremendous, unbelievable superman/ woman to receive the same consideration. Remember Warren Moon was not allowed to play qb and had to go to Canada initially. Only after he proved to be a game changer did the league allow him to play qb in the NFL.
    I think Terrelle will out perform most of his counterparts by year 3 at qb, if he does not allow the league to force him into another position simply because he is an impressive physical specimen/ mandingo.

  25. ========================
    6stairwayto7 says:
    Aug 20, 2011 4:14 PM
    Again, it would seem impossible that substance and that whose substance it is should exist apart; how, therefore, could the Ideas, being the substances of things, exist apart?

    Steeler Nation cha cha chaing all the way to the big game. 7 rings and counting. lolol


    you must get punched in the face a lot.

  26. Under the new Pryor rationale, shouldn’t Reggie Bush be suspended for helping USC forfeit all those wins and its national championship? And shouldn’t Pete Carroll be disciplined for evading NCAA punishment for widespread institutional infractions at USC, prompting him to jump ship to the Seahawks?

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