Reggie Wayne has been absent from Colts with “personal issue”


Rosenthal mentioned in his preview of Friday night’s preseason games that the Colts, already without their most important player in Peyton Manning, could be without receiver Reggie Wayne against the Redskins.

They were.

After the game, coach Jim Caldwell told reporters (via comments distributed by the team) that “Reggie was out of town on a personal issue, he’ll be back.”

But when will he be back?  Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star pointed out on Wednesday that Wayne was gone, due to a personal issue.

The nature of the personal issue is unclear.  It’s impossible to rule out that Wayne is merely unhappy with his personal income.

Before training camp opened, Wayne continued his pitch for a new contract, but he said he wouldn’t hold out.  “I’m a Colt. What else I’m gonna be?” Wayne told the Star. “I’m going to go to work. That’s what I do.”

Last year, Wayne skipped a mandatory minicamp due to his desire for a new deal.  He then hinted he’d hold out from training camp, but he ultimately showed up.

The Colts usually don’t share chapter-and-verse detail regarding potential distractions and/or disappointments.  So it’s hard to tell at this point whether Wayne’s “personal issue” has any link to his ongoing desire to get a new contract.

Wayne, 32, is due to earn a base salary of $5.95 million in 2011.

UPDATE:  Philip Wilson of the Star reported via Twitter last night as to Wayne, “I heard he’s a new dad.”  Why wouldn’t the team just say that instead?

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  1. Nothing much Wayne can do without Manning or any qualified NFL starting QB. Inexcusable for Colts not to have been prepared for this. Who they think they’re gonna beat without Manning and Wayne?

  2. Maybe he was in Miami confessing to a priest about all that is wrong with the “U”

  3. “Why wouldn’t the team just say that instead?” I don’t know. Lots of teams are vague with the media. It’s just what they do. Why did you automatically jump to conclusions that Wayne’s absence was related to his salary and try to stir up controversy where there was none? I guess it’s just what you do.

  4. Why wouldn’t the team just say that instead?

    Maybe because it was PERSONAL?!?! What part of personal don’t you understand?

  5. “I heard he’s a new dad.” Why wouldn’t the team just say that instead?
    Would would you jump to the conclusion that it was about his contract?

  6. Maybe he’s helping Marvin “look for the real killer”?

    On a serious note, I hate when guys make contract stuff public but Wayne, like all the great receiving options the Colts have ever had in the PM era, is never going to get his due in the media or from a lot of fans for just how good he’s been. I’ve watched him burn my team constantly over the years. He plays in a simple offense where talent and skill>scheme. He’s a stud.

  7. Before you start speculating, you might want to check your info, per Tom James (Indy Trib Star), Reggie was out because he’s a new Dad. Sheesh.

  8. The colts are on the decline anyways with a huge contract for peyton. What are they gonna do not pay him and he leaves? catch 22.

  9. “I heard he’s a new dad.” Why wouldn’t the team just say that instead?

    Because they were trying to bait you into jumping to conclusions. It worked.

  10. You answered the question you asked in the update yourself. The Colts do not share personal information, good or bad.

    A birth is a medical situation and without the player’s (more precisely the mother’s) consent the Colts can’t share any information.

  11. He’s just following Peyton’s lead. The Mannings allegedly became parents of alleged twins this offseason but Peyton never acknowledged it publicly.

    I don’t think the media was itching for detailed information of the birthing process, but it wouldn’t have been giving up too much privacy to say “yes” or “no” when asked.

  12. Sorry Reggie, but the money for your contract is in Peyton Mannings back account…. You know how it is … the thirty five year old with a bum neck comes first…. maybe, just maybe they’ll throw you a few bird crumbs. Ask Marvin Harrison if they ever paid him, but be careful he might show you a gun…youll berobbed of ur skill too just like Harrison…. to the Colts receivers are a dime a dozen.

  13. What’s with this view that everyone is owed an explanation for someone’s absence for a “personal issue”. Maybe Reggie asked them not to mention specifically what is was. Maybe there were potential complications. Maybe he’s a new dad with a woman not his wife/gf (I don’t know if he’s ever married). I mean who knows? And it’s none of anyone’s business if it has nothing to do with business (which this apparently clearly did not). The arrogance of the media that they have the right to know everything. It’s ridiculous!

  14. Let see, Ray Lewis ditches an interview for ” family issues and misses the game” and now Reggie Wayne “has personnel matters” and he’s a daddy? THE “U” IS GOING DOWN AND GOING DOWN HARD!

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