Andy Dalton continues to take his lumps


Bengals rookie quarterback Andy Dalton’s first preseason game was pretty rough, even if his offensive coordinator Jay Gruden insists it wasn’t a total debacle.

We’ll call his second start a partial debacle, although Dalton did improve as the game wore on after a very rough start.

Dalton’s first drive: Three and out.

Second drive:  Interception off a bad drop from receiver A.J. Green.

Third drive: The Bengals go way backwards after Dalton made a bad handoff to Cedric Benson.

Fourth drive: Another interception by Dalton.

Fifth drive: Another three-and-out.

Yeah, that’s a full debacle.   The good part is that Dalton didn’t seem to get too discouraged.  Buoyed by some good running and one big screen pass, the Bengals went on a long touchdown march to start the second quarter.

They made another decent drive that stalled later in the half.

In the end, Dalton finished 8-of-19 for 86 yards and two interceptions.  We don’t want to draw too many conclusions from the preseason, but the Bengals would love to avoid even a partial debacle next week so Dalton can gain a little confidence.

51 responses to “Andy Dalton continues to take his lumps

  1. The Luck family better start early and send the ol’ “don’t you dare draft my son” letter to Cincinatti. Its going to be a long season there.

  2. How bout Plax with 3 catches for 66 yds amd one of them being a diving td catch in the endzone. He looked way better than i was expecting now im getting excited!

  3. I’m a bills fan and I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I don’t think were the worst team I’m the league…may the worst team lose!

  4. He sucks and was overdrafted. The Bungals will ruin this kid career and he will be out the NFL in 3 years. Bet that!

  5. Earl Westlake says:
    Aug 21, 2011 10:07 PM
    The Luck family better start early and send the ol’ “don’t you dare draft my son” letter to Cincinatti. Its going to be a long season there.

    I am almost certain, Luck stayed because he didnt want to go to any of the top teams, and he will more than likely pull an Eli Manning if he is the top pick. He wants to go to Houston, and doesnt want to go to 1. Buffalo, 2. Cincinnati or 3. S.F. (even with Harbaugh there, sorry)

    If there is an Elway 2 – “im going into baseball or architectural engineering” smack its going to be Luck – he isnt a fool , he isnt going to be a pinata behind a suspect o-line.

  6. As a Jet fan i was a little nervous watching how we could get absolutely no pressure on this rookie. Both interceptions would not have happened if we were facing a half way decent team… Also i felt that our run game has been non existent the first 2 games.

  7. Bengals quarterback Andy Debacle had a difficult day. Raggedy Andy fell out of the family mini van into a pool of engine oil on the interstate. Then was run over repeatedly by following traffic.

  8. He does show some promise some passes were Carson-esque (high passes that get picked) others were dead on and in tight windows his arm is strong enough, and it want like his interceptions were bad reads with a full offseason I don’t think he would have the high passes and I think in a year or two he will be considered on the top half of the quarterbacks in the league. He is mentally tough enough to play as a rookie, a rare thing for the quarterbacks drafted by cincy. If mike brown continues to let Marvin make personnel decisions Cincinnati is finally on the right path where they won’t be one and done in the playoffs and take another 5 years to get back.

  9. I watched the game and he wasn’t as bad as I thought. Who was bad though was AJ Green. He dropped 3 passes, one of them he tipped and got intercepted. He better step his game up.

  10. andrew luck isn’t going to cincy or houston – harbaugh will find a way to get him in sf. why do you think they’re letting alex smith play this year?

  11. I didn’t watch Andy Dalton’s first preseason game or even see the stats, but if that stat line in the article is considered an “improvement”…….damn it’s going to be a long year in Cincy.

  12. As a die-hard Dawg fan, I personally want to give a huge EFF YOU to Mike Brown for ruining AJ Green. AJ Green doesn’t drop passes. (I could care less about the ginger)


    Well, at least the Falcons got Julio. We’ll make a star of him.

  13. The Bungles are going to ruin Dalton by forcing him to start before he’s ready. Very few rookie QBs can hack it getting crushed week in week out with bad coaching.

  14. Andy Dalton is a real nice kid he was just drafted in the wrong spot. He needed to be a 2 or 3 not a starter. Ill say it again Mallet, or VY would have been more up to the job. Or McElroy Man this kid looked great to me.

  15. @tatumo64

    Luck wants to play in Houston? Well, that’s not going to happen. So he better just go ahead and tuck that little dream of his deep into his subconscious where it can’t come back out. I’m sure it’s something you made up b/c I can’t fathom why he would want to play in Houston and sit behind the proven vet Matt Schaub, who isn’t that old – remember, he is too smart to do something like that (your words).

    Luck will play wherever he is drafted.

  16. I’m still glad we got Cam, the rest of the QB’s IMO, suck, except for Mallet, that guy can throw, but if anyone needs to be compared to another bust QB, Mallet and Leaf would be a good one. Cam will be rookie of the year!!!!!

  17. Sounds like a rookie to me. Besides he only had the one INT, the other was the WR’s fault.

    When will people go back to expecting rookie QB’s to suck for the first couple years?

  18. In other news, Andrew Luck notifies Stanford that he will return for a 5th season. Anything is better than having his career ruined by the Bungles.

  19. Amazing how many fans are unaware of the rookie stats and performances of Peyton, Aikman, Elway – and the list could go on ad nauseam.

  20. He’s going to get pounded out of the league before he gets a chance to learn anything. Your team sucks. Put this kid on the bench and maybe he might just learn something. Put little Palmer in and let him take the hits this year.

    Then again….stupid is as stupid does.

  21. Marvin Lewis looks lost on the sidelines. I don’t think he wants to throw Andy to the wolves as a rookie, but then he is not the coach. Mike Brown is. We all know what his record is over the years.

  22. I feel bad for this kid. He shouldn’t be starting yet. I’m a huge proponent of QBs sitting for at least a year especially if they go to a bad team. Imagine how craptacular Sanchez would look right now with his limited experience in college if he had gone to a bad team instead of a pretty solid one.

  23. It’s bad enough Dalton has to be in Cincy, but if they get Andrew luck we might see an Eli Manning trade demand.

  24. Dalton was also the second most accurate qb in college history. So all y’all that thinks he sucks cause he didn’t go to a big program, think about this… He may have made a big program.

  25. “In other news, Andrew Luck notifies Stanford that he will return for a 5th season. Anything is better than having his career ruined by the Bungles.”

    It won’t matter. The Bengals will be picking first for years to come.

  26. @ burtomatic. How exactly are the Bengals better than the Browns? You have dalton, we have McCoy. McCoy has 5 td passes zero int and a qb rating of over 110 this preseason. We have hillis, you have mr. arrest me cedric benson. We have 8 championships, you have ZERO. So stop being a typical retarded Bengals fan and have something to support your dumb a$$ comment. Oh and get ready for a 30 point beat down week one.

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