Aubrayo Franklin suffers sprained MCL


Former 49ers defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin was touted as one of the better values in free agency after the Saints signed him.

After a quiet training camp by all accounts, Franklin now needs to get over an injury. Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune writes that Franklin suffered a sprained MCL on Saturday night against Houston.

Yes, it was a rough night for the Saints rush defense.

The good news: The injury is not as serious as first believed, according to coach Sean Payton.  With New Orleans’ Week One game against the Packers less than three weeks away, though, Franklin’s status would seem to be somewhat in doubt for the game.

9 responses to “Aubrayo Franklin suffers sprained MCL

  1. Gregg Williams does not eat cereal; he eats the pulverized bones of his enemies.

    In all seriousness, this is why I hate to see teams playing soft during the preseason. All it does is get people hurt.

  2. Gee, a sprained MCL and out at least three weeks. If I recall, the majority of fans think Cutler should’ve stayed in a game and played through a grade two tear cause it was his biggest game of his career. It just goes to show that it’s a serious injury. Bunch of self-rightous ass holes!

  3. @beefbus

    If you want togo there then Brees played with an MCL injury since week 3 when John Abraham went at his knees. There is some sort of difference between was a DT and a QB is doing.

  4. I’m wondering if that D is still lost at the Seattle airport. Honestly, that sucked. Can we tackle a running back at some point?

  5. He might not be back for the opener but at least he’s not lost for the season. Luckily they’re pretty deep at DT.

    If you’re upset about them sucking in a preseason game then you shouldn’t watch it. You absolutely cannot take anything from preseason, not even a judgement on effort. Honestly as a Saints fan, I’m happy the Texans won this game, I was worried that they would win and be overconfident when they play during the regular season. Now it’s Houston that has to worry about being overconfident.

  6. ilovefoolsball:

    As a fellow Saints fan, I hope you’re right.

    Hell, I’m just glad they’re playing.

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