Lawyer Milloy makes case for Charlie Whitehurst

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In a move that would be more compelling if safety Lawyer Milloy had been signed for a third season with the Seattle Seahawks, Milloy took to Twitter after Saturday night’s loss to the Vikings and declared that Charlie Whitehurst, not Tarvaris Jackson, should be the starting quarterback.

Specifically, Milloy said (via  “Charlie Whitehurst should be our starting QB opening day.”  (Milloy later explained via Twitter that he used “our” even though he’s not signed because “Seahawks are my home team regardless of if I’m on the field or not!”)

Milloy, who played at the University of Washington and grew up in Tacoma, later softened his stance.

“I promise I want TJack to do well,” Milloy said.  “Charlie Played his butt off to allow the Hawks a shot at the playoffs.  2 good pre-[season] games deserves a shot.”

Coach Pete Carroll was asked about Milloy’s messages after Saturday night’s game.  Per, Carroll said he’d talk to Milloy about it privately.

Whitehurst opted to respond publicly.  “He’s a good friend,” Whitehurst said of Milloy, via  “He’s a heck of a player.  Like I said, I’m just trying to do whatever I can.  Whatever happens, hopefully it’ll be a successful year for the Seahawks.”

Jackson was installed as the starter only days after signing with the Seahawks, even before he ever set foot on the practice field.  However this all turns out, one thing is fairly clear — Carroll will not be inclined to bring Milloy, who started all 18 games in 2010, back.

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  1. We need the best QB availible. Saying “TJACK me” is the starter without even playing a down seems a little stupid to me.. just saying

  2. “Jackson finished the first half 11-for-21 for 75 yards with a horrible 40.8 passer rating. Sidney Rice, another former Viking who left in free agency after the lockout, caught two passes from Jackson for 11 yards”………………..this is what the Vikings saw for 4+ years from TJoke but yet Hawk fans think Pete Carroll is their savior (TJoke,Charlie Whitehurst, Mike “donut” Williams, Lynch, etc. etc…….castoffs from other teams). Carroll will do for Seattle exactly what he did for USC. TJoke hasn’t completed a pass of over 20 yards in 20 years and with his “happy feet” he should be in show business. As posters have been trying to tell you hawk fans, “get ready for a very long year”

  3. “Carroll will now be inclined to bring Milloy, who started all 18 games in 2010, back.” — i don’t understand. why will he be inclined to bring him back?

  4. Pete will bow his neck, like Chilly did, just to prove to everyone that he made the right decision. The only benefactor in all of this is Tarvaris, who couldn’t quarterback my high school team, but remains as an NFL QB because these coach’s are going to show everyone else how right they are.

    The only ones I feel bad for are the Seahawk fans.

  5. Pete — Remember, if you pull Tarvaris for Whithurst, you’re “jerking TJ around”… lol!

  6. “Clipboard Jesus” has played better than Jackson and probably deserves the job at this point.

  7. Dear Darell Bevell, Tavaris Jackson:

    Here’s what you had: Sidney Rice vs. Chris Cook on the outside.

    You throw to that EVERY play! Chris Cook is god awful, and should be cut. holy lord, vikings. he is SO BAD!

    but jackson missed rice by a mile. jackson’s a career back up. that’s it. he has a solid background of experience to fill in, but he just isn’t starting material.

  8. Their QB situation is going to be hilarious this season. Watching “QB Guru” Carroll trying to work his magic is laughable. Looks like another “successful” 7-9 season again.

  9. Dear Seattle fans,
    What you saw from T-Jack is exactly what us Vikings fans have watched for four years — get used to it. In keeping with the theme of not saying anything that isn’t positive, T-Jack is a good guy at least. Now maybe the Hawks understand why the Vikes supposedly “jerked him around”.
    Vikings fans everywhere

  10. Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

    Whitehurst has looked far better than T-Jack in both preseason games, plus he got us to the playoffs last season. Carroll can’t possibly be serious with this T-Jack nonsense.

  11. santolonius says:
    Aug 21, 2011 9:32 AM
    “Carroll will now be inclined to bring Milloy, who started all 18 games in 2010, back.” — i don’t understand. why will he be inclined to bring him back?
    for you and all the maroons who thumbed you up, re-read that sentence..pretty sure it says “will NOT”

  12. thejuddstir says:
    Carroll will do for Seattle exactly what he did for USC.

    Thanks we will take all the Championships from him. We know it is a rebuilding year, and are ready for it. We don’t have the QB of the future on our team and we know it. When we get him we have built a team with some promise. Not sure why people think you should go get the QB before you build an OL. We are building the OL and then get the QB, Does that make sense to you?

  13. Okay as i said Seahawk fans i doubt if your return on your ex-vikings investment will pay off.

  14. There is a reason that Vikings fans referred to Tavaris Jackson as Tavaris Jokeson, Affirmative Action Jackson, and my favorite… TJoke. The guy was a complete waste of a roster spot and isn’t even good enough to be a capable backup. We are all glad that he’s no longer our problem.

  15. Oh, and for whatever reason… Seattle fans should get used to seeing TJoke start ahead of much better QB’s. While he was in Minnesota, he was completely outplayed by Gus Ferrotte, Tyler Thigpen, Brooks Bollinger and Sage Rosenfels.

    Childress and Bevell cut or traded away all of them to protect TJoke’s “starting” status. It would not suprise me one bit to see Bevell push for Whitehurst to be cut or traded at this point.

  16. T jack and his o line have been practicing together for 3 weeks. No one would look good after three weeks.

  17. Jackson acutualy played well the vikes just had a hell of pass rush and the hawks Oline just couldent stop them so jackson made plays with his legs and threw the ball away (P.S. That pick wasnt his fault but holy sh!t that defender was fast)

  18. T-joke will never take the seahawks anywhere Whitehurst is a more polished Qb now then Jackson will ever be. But carrol and Jackson made there beds with all the trash talking about Minnesota jerking him around. T-Joke never earned the starting job in Minny and Carrol will do exactly what Childress did for way to long roll with Jackson when more capable backups ride the pine!

  19. Znorseman, that is a blatant LIE. Jackson regularly played very well in preseason and regularly outperformed his competition, including Rosenfels and Ferotte.

  20. If we start T-Joke at QB in the regular season……….We are DOOMED!!

    Whitehurst is obviously the answer, followed by Josh Portis.


  21. fwbrodie says: “Znorseman, that is a blatant LIE. Jackson regularly played very well in preseason and regularly outperformed his competition, including Rosenfels and Ferotte.”
    Which totally explains why ownership stepped in and forced Childress/Bevell to bench TJoke for both of them? Seriously. I often wonder if TJoke supporters (there really are some… really) ever watched him play or know anything about football.

  22. I have (had) much respect for Coach Carroll. What I saw Saturday against the Broncos was one Big Fat Inflated Ego. The Coach GAVE away a Pro Bowl – Super Bowl Quarterback that knew how to lead our team.. Period.. He lied to us all saying re-signing Hasselbeck was his top priority”. Ok, maybe Matt has had his best days behind him and were looking to the future but COME ON COACH ! ! ! Just let him go after 10 diehard years as our leader????? It was Matt’s will that beat the Saints and the team believed in their leader!!

    Hmm, wonder why they kept flashing Season Tickets still available!!! Agents ready all game long..

    I TURNED IN MY SEASON TICKETS when they let Matt go and brought in TJax, Carroll LIED to us all, what a disgrace! (I am a Season Ticket holder since day one, 1976)..

    Jackson has showed no talent and Carroll’s BIG EGO kept him in till the 4th quarter just so he could prove to us all that “HE WAS RIGHT” This means to me he doesn’t care about winning! He cares about proving he was NOT WRONG!

    OK, Jackson sucks and no help with the Cable Guy’s folding line BUT a starting NFL Quarterback knows how to “make it happen” under duress, this guy, T Jax just plain AIN’T GOT IT ! ! !

    BRING ON CHARLIE, he looks sharp and its obvious he belongs starting, AT LEAST GIVE HIM A CHANCE CARROLL ! ! ! ! That’s what Pre-Season is all about remember?


    trade T Jax NOW, every other position is a revolving door, why not QB????

    PUT YOUR BIG EGO aside for the sake of the team!

    Maybe the line and the other players just DON’T LIKE TJax, that ever dawn on ya CARROLL???

    I LOVE MY TEAM and honestly, I am looking for another team to go with..

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