San Francisco, Oakland mayors decry fan violence

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The ugly scene at Saturday night’s Raiders-49ers game, where one fan was badly beaten in a Candlestick Park restroom during the game and two fans were shot in a parking lot afterward, has the mayors of San Francisco and Oakland saying violence at sporting events cannot be tolerated.

“The incidents . . . are completely unacceptable and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said in a statement. “Fans come to our stadiums to enjoy an afternoon of football, not to be subjected to intimidation or violence. These games are family events and the types of images we witnessed last night have no place in our arenas.”

Tempers frequently flare between rival fans at NFL games, but the Raiders-49ers game was a particularly ugly scene. In addition to the beating and the shootings, videos have been uploaded to YouTube appearing to show brawls between 49ers and Raiders fans in the stands and in a parking lot.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello issued a statement saying the league takes violence at games seriously.

“We deplore the activities of a handful of fans at last night’s game and pledge our full support to Mayors Lee and Quan and to state and local law enforcement agencies,” Aiello said. “We are carefully reviewing the events to make sure we have a full understanding of the facts. We will continue to work closely with our clubs and law enforcement agencies to support our fan conduct and stadium security initiatives.”

The NFL should have no higher priority than making sure its stadiums are safe places. The violence in San Francisco on Saturday night was appalling.

83 responses to “San Francisco, Oakland mayors decry fan violence

  1. Are you freakin kidding me?
    Grown adults acting like ghetto animals over a team? A freaking team that doesnt give one ounce about them, other than taking their money for tickets, memorbilia, etc?

    Just a reason for scumbags to act like the lowlifes that they are. People cant even take their kids to games anymore because of punks like them

    All those involved are LOSERS!

  2. Johanes Mesherle, Linton Johnson, the pigs that killed Charles Hill, and Alex Smith should all be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,”

  3. the 12% unemployment rate is something the mayor of Oakland should be up in arms about; not a stupid shooting in which both participants are strung out on government cheese

  4. If this happened in Philadelphia, Everyone would be all over it. This is the second act of violence in the bay area, whens the last time something happened in philly? And please don’t reference throw snowballs at santa cas that happen 20 yrs ago

  5. the problem at the ‘stick is the latino gang members. the stick is the worst venue in sports, freeway access is horrendous, the team is boring and leaderless…

  6. Some hateful people out there. I blame it on bad parenting.

    Anybody fighting over the game really doesn’t get what sports are all about.

  7. I dont have a problem if theres a fight at a game. There is bad blood, fans hate other fans thats never going to change. But when you pull out a gun and you have a chance to take a kids life, you are just an a-hole and should be locked up for a long time.

  8. unfortunately this is common place in many NFL stadiums…..the home team strives to make their stadium as unfriendly as they possibly can to not only the oppossing team but their fans who attend the game as well.

    I have been to many of the stadiums around the league following my team. There is a group in Carolina called the “Panther Fanz” who encourage fans from other teams to tailgate with them and enjoy the game of football for what it is, just a game….Dano and his friends with the Panthers Fanz set an example that the rest of us should follow…..

    We would all be wise to remember that football is just a game at a time in our nations history when brave men and women are putting thier lives on the line everyday so we have the ability to attend a “game” and be safe doing so.

    Anyone attacking another fan should be throw in jail…enough with this foolish….grow the hell up!!!

  9. Funny how the dozen or so Raiders fans who suffered severe hair pulls and slaps from Niner’s fans received no publicity at all.

  10. You people are naive. As an ex-Raider season ticket holder, I can tell you that fights and drunk idiots are the norm. You put a bunch of guys wanting to be tough guys in a situation where drinking too much is expected, and that’s pretty much what you get.
    I don’t remember ever going to a game where I didn’t see at least one fight. Most weren’t much, but a couple were pretty memorable.

    I don’t bother going any more. The Raiders have an incredible fan base, but the few thousand drunk hardcore ass-hats keep the bigger numbers that would lead to sell outs away.

  11. Proly won’t see these two teams in the preseason playing each other for awhile! Only regular season games cause that’s every 4 years

  12. During the video of the fight in the parking lot, one guy wonders where the cops are.
    Since everyone and their brother was using their cell phone to film the fight, no one was free to call them.

  13. what is going on in california lately? you have the drunk fan that ran over the angels pitcher while drunk and killed him. just a week ago a drunk giants’ fan i believe it was hit an 8 year old philly fan leaving the game. then of course there’s the infamous dodger beating this year. and now this nfl violence.

  14. Jeebus, that parking lot clip was insane! Two observations: 1) So much for the idea that people in the Bay Area are thinner and healthier than the rest of the country, and 2) what was up with some of the chicks’ hair? Was that a football game in 2011 or a Poison concert in 1986?

  15. In European soccer, if there’s fan violence in the stands, teams can be punished by playing to an empty stadium the following game…not saying that’s the right thing but I am saying that if the NFL needs to grow a pair and do the right thing rather leave it up to cops.

  16. Thats what that sucka gets for going in there with his F*%# THE 9ERS shirt on. A lot of people outside of California might think Frisco is full of flamers and rich folks that snack on cheese and wine, but thats not always the case. I live in Northern California and a lot of raider fans think theyre hella hard, but niner fans can hold their own too. Apparently black jerseys, bald heads and locs dont intimidate everyone lol. By the way, Im an Eagle fan, so this isnt one 49er fans biased opinion.

  17. What was saddest was the non-response by stadium security. One group of four fans (which seemed more like a personal/gang fight as a 49er and Raider fan fought alongside one another) fought for what seemed like 5 continuous minutes before the first security or police officer arrived. They fought so long, they only stopped fighting because of fatigue. The police were in heavy presence for this, but could not or would not respond for minutes, let alone actually get to the fighters. There was no excuse for the slow response. That fight occurred half way up the field level seats and cops were stationed all along the field/first row.

    It is clear that the gang problem and its affiliation with the 49ers red team colors is a real problem. Norteno gang members patrol that stadium looking for trouble. Nearly, the same level of violence (minus the shootings) occurred in Oakland between these two teams in another preseason event. Norteno gang members were starting fights with anyone they could find; punching random men, women, elderly, and teenagers.

  18. If this happened in Philly, ESPN would lead every SportsCenter with it — and bring up the stupid booing Santa Claus incident from 40 years ago.

  19. I’ve had Chargers season tickets for years and have never gone to a Raider game. I’d feel safer in in a Tijuana prostitute than I would at any Raider game.

  20. umm its not the nfl’s job to make sure people have common sense..thats all this is about..people without common sense..i mean really…really..fight someone over a football game..shoot people over a game..hey here is an idea..if your soooo die hard for your city..state..then why dont you
    A: become a police officer in your city
    B: a firefighter
    C: hell even join the military and protect your city..state..and america all at once..
    why are people soo stupid..

  21. Sure it’s a handful of fans, but when swift and decisive measures are not taken, they become what defines you.

  22. I live in Detroit and I’ve had to deal with the last 30 years of mess from the Lions but I can promise you this,…at Ford Field, we DO NOT ACT LIKE ANIMALS!

    All your studded shoulder pads, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper costumes just make Oakland fan look silly. And now theres firearms involved.
    I hope your team moves back to L.A. Maybe then the fans can be civilized.

    It is just a game after all… perps should be ashamed of yourselves.

  23. Stay classy Bay Area fans, with any luck the San Andreas fault will send that whole stinking state into the Pacific.

  24. Bunch of animals. Send them all to a cage! Seriously, this is an absolute joke. “California: The State of irresponsibility.” Don’t believe me? Here is the evidence, and earlier in the year where a man was beaten into a near death coma. There is nothing respectable about being a gangsta. It’s childish and irresponsible. Send them all to jail!

  25. At about 1:51 of the 2nd video….that was a gun shot right?

    Morons…….I’d say that the people of the bay area probably just lost some of their alcohol privileges. Ridiculous

  26. This is all about alcohol. It’s not about race, or wealth or gangs or the state of the State of California. It’s about binge drinking. The only way to control this is to ban alcohol at games and eliminate tailgating.

    Love the NFL but can’t hold your liquor? Stay home and watch it on the tv.

  27. And of course, just like the Bryan Stow incident, you have something that’s all over the news (within about a half hour of waking up and flippin on the tv and channel surfing, it was on two local Vegas TV stations, ESPN, and Fox News), yet you get a bunch of paranoid, stupid, insecure Philly fans saying “IF THIS HAPPENED IN PHILLY IT WOULD BE ALL OVER THE NEWS!!”

    Newsflash, idiots: It’s been all over the news! Seriously, the segment of Philly fans with their brains corrupted by too much Cataldi, Macnow, and Missanelli is making us all look bad.

  28. myspaceyourface says:
    Aug 21, 2011 8:58 PM
    Fix the illegal immigration problem and crime will drop.

    I’ve read a lot of stupid comments on youtube and blogs, but that is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Bringing up illegal immigration because of fan violence is flat out stupid.

  29. “Fix the illegal immigration problem and crime will drop.”

    For all of the “thumbs down” folks, go ahead and hang out at 5th and Middlefield in RedwoodCity, A and Royal in Hayward, anywhere within a two mile radius of Fruitvale in Oakland or most anywhere in the Mission District in SF and then tell me how wonderful our immigration policies are.
    I’ve yet to see a predominately hispanic area anywhere that wasn’t a crime ridden ghetto.
    Not PC, but true.

  30. I blame the Yorks Why wasn’t there any security in the parking lot of Candlestick? They should have been on high alert at an event like this one. Good to know the York family is so concerned with fan safety. Just hope your car never breaks down around there. You certainly won’t get any sympathy from Little Punk and his gay love interest Paarag. Yeesh.

  31. “Raider Nation” is the most overrated fan base in the NFL. These fans don’t even show up to their games causing local blackouts and when they do, they make complete asses of themselves.

  32. Phillyfan4ever: Snowballs at Santa happened a lot more than 20 years ago. It happened in 1968 and it was hilarious. Even the guy in the Santa suit thought it was funny. He was taunting the fans to throw more snowballs at him.

    In general I agree with your thoughts, though… no matter how many things happen like this in cities across the US and the world, they will be forgotten while throwing snowballs at Santa Claus will forever be cited as proof about how bad Philly fans are.

    On the other hand, a lot of Philly fans seem to enjoy having that reputation, so that doesn’t help.

  33. @Bucbaby35

    You realize that L.A. and Oakland are nearly 400 miles apart, right? Not quite sure what L.A. has to do with this story, but not surprised to see someone taking another pointless cheapshot at L.A.

    This has nothing to do with the teams being from California. We obviously have our share of degenerates and cretins here, but we also have plenty of good, normal, law abiding people that far outnumber the a-holes. Don’t lump us all in the the gangsters.

  34. @ nomoreseasontix:

    “I’ve yet to see a predominately hispanic area anywhere that wasn’t a crime ridden ghetto.”

    And the Italians, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, and numerous ‘foreign’ cultures that immigrated to America have heard the same thing from the idiots of their times.

    Glad to see tradition continue, thanks for continuing the fine American tradition of misguided racism.

  35. These “democrat” politicians are NOT liberal enough! We need to elect more COMMUNISTS in the Bay Area, especially those from China and the Middle East who will one day marry their sons to your hot blonde daughter and produce ugly offspring…..and voila! We have the population of PHILADELPHIA!!!

  36. Although many football fans are just stupid and irresponsible, Raider fans (not necessarily those that pay for tickets in Oakland) are some of the leagues worst. In San Diego, Arizona, San Francisco and I’m sure many other areas, when the Raiders are in town, they triple security. I used to go to the LA Rams, and it was the same back in the 60’s thru the 90’s, even when the Raiders were in Oakland.

    Last year at the Chargers game, then at the Cardinals game, the Raider fans being arrested overflowed the holding facilities.

    If the Raiders are in town, do not take the wife and kids. They are just a sad excuse to commit mayhem.

  37. Hey YouTube filming guy wondering where the cops are..try turning off your camera and dial nueve-nueve-uno.

    Stupidity and alcohol are a bad combination in any situation, but especially when Raider fans are concerned(oh wait…isn’t that redundant? stupid and raider fans)

  38. Don’t give me that B.S I’ve been to games allover the country and people get beat everywhere. There’s Riots in canada people get shot in Arizona at polittical rallyies I’ve seen people get into it in Orhard park NY Dallas Tx Denver CO. But I do admit I’d NEVER take my kids to Oakland they ARE the worst I’ve seen. Horrible Fans (not all) but a big majoriety are Scum. I’ve been to many 49er games even when my team was there and yes I heard allot of talk but that’s all it was. Our society is spiraling out and the Raiders fans are leading the way. I’d be embaresed to be Raider fan but that’s the difference most of them are laughing at this.

  39. Maybe it’s time to ban the booze…If the fans can’t be responsible and act like adults instead of animals then they don’t deserve the to have it. Alcohol and the general public don’t mix well. And as for the 49er’s security well…they should be ashamed of themselves.

  40. It’s definitely all about alcohol: the NFL makes billions from selling and advertising alcohol and it’s not going to change. Unfortunately reality isn’t like one of the zany, wacky beer ads you’re bombarded with during every single commercial break.

  41. I didn’t think hand guns were aloud in California?? O yea they still let the criminals carry them!

  42. After you see the Vid you will learn

    a-There are a lot of Fat chicks
    b-There were a couple of fine chicks
    c- There were a lot of fat chicks
    d-They weren fighting about football, it was about gangs
    e-There were a lot of fat chicks

  43. I watched those videos on youtube. The mayors should be decrying the amount of fat chics in that state. Especially the parking lot video. I mean, i thought Cali was the land of hot chics.

  44. This is beyond ridiculous. Pro sports teams in California need to shell out for additional security and get their damn sporting events under control. How many more times do we have to hear about these violent incidents before they take the necessary steps? It’s enough to get robbed on food and beer inside without getting shot or shanked in the parking lot.

  45. I hate to agree with the Philly fans but they’re right. Tossing snowballs at Santa is nothing compared to what happens at a sporting event in California these days.

    There are so many gangbangers attempting to validate their pathetic lives in California these days that attending a sporting event is literally risking your life. For a normal working person it simply is not worth the risk.

    Uncontrolled immigration combined with a left wing approach to criminals has made California a third world country. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I would take my kids to any game in Oakland or San Francisco now.

  46. “At about 1:51 of the 2nd video….that was a gun shot right?”

    i think its a beer bottle being smashed over a head. could be wrong.

    bunch of idiots.

  47. for those internet meme savvy:

    Scumbag San Francisco:

    Supposed to be full of hippies:

    Everyone shooting each other

  48. wetpaperbag2 says:Aug 21, 2011 9:34 PM

    What was saddest was the non-response by stadium security. One group of four fans (which seemed more like a personal/gang fight as a 49er and Raider fan fought alongside one another) fought for what seemed like 5 continuous minutes before the first security or police officer arrived. They fought so long, they only stopped fighting because of fatigue. The police were in heavy presence for this, but could not or would not respond for minutes, let alone actually get to the fighters. There was no excuse for the slow response. That fight occurred half way up the field level seats and cops were stationed all along the field/first row.


    Don’t try to blame the police/security response for any of this. 911 Communication Centers field calls and police aren’t even dispatched until the vital information is obtained (caller information, what is happening, # of people involved, discriptions, where its happening at, etc) which creates a 2-5 min delay from the time the 911 line is answered to the time the crime is radioed to the officer.

    As an police officer myself, I’ve worked football games at WVU, which seats around 60,000 people. Try locating a couple people fighting amongst 60,000 people when you’re given a generic location and the description of, say, a white guy wearing a hat and a red 49ers shirt.

    I’ve been hit with snowballs and had empty liquor bottles thrown at me in the student section at WVU. The stands is a dangerous place for a cop to go by himself, packing a handgun, taser, pepper spray into a crowd of drunken idiots who more often than not don’t even like cops when they are sober.

    Don’t try to judge police response unless you have knowledge of protocol and general dispatch policy.

  49. I remember a Raider vs Ram game in Anaheim. (LA Raiders at the time) and the whole game they showed fistfights in the stands. Attendance was way down but they still reported over 150 arrests and 2 deaths… It MUST be a California thing!

  50. All I can say is I am not surprised this happened at an NFL game, the mentality of some of the people who go to NFL games is the reason I stopped attending. The last game I went to I about got popped for just standing there wearing my Eagles jersey, and I was at Fed Ex, and don’t give me that crap that I should expect the harassment for wearing my teams jersey to an opposing teams stadium, it’s a god damn game not life or death. I will accept a certain level of ribbing, but I don’t need to be threatened

  51. This has nothing to do with football. These TOOLS probably don’t know offense from defense. This is all about what region they “represent” and what colors are worn. What a joke. People like this have nothing to contribute to our country. I’d love to hear one of the goons in a job interview. What a complete bunch of loosers who will never amount to anything.

  52. @ drnoahfishman….do some research. Alcohol is served at most sports venues. This is strictly about Nortenos vs Sudenos and what they represent. You are talking out of the wrong hole…

  53. Such an ironic thing:

    The two Mayors of a government that encourages no God in public, that over-governs making people dependent and causing the breakdown of the family, now cry about violence. What did you expect?

    This is just the first part of Rome falling. Coming to a neighborhood near you. Hmmmm, no religion, no family, no morals, and now you have violence?
    How odd. Yet they keep electing the same govt people that have helped this breakdown, and, helped bankrupt the state. Pelosi, Feinstein, Bauxer…..are you kidding me?

  54. This is a total disgrace. Shame, we are all going to hell in a hand basket. What the hell is wrong with our society??? It’s real sad.

  55. This is what you get when two “storied franchises” with “proud traditions” don’t have a playoff berth between them – let alone a winning record – in eight seasons.

  56. drnoahfishman says:
    This is all about alcohol. It’s not about race, or wealth or gangs or the state of the State of California. It’s about binge drinking. The only way to control this is to ban alcohol at games and eliminate tailgating.

    Bull$hit. I have been to Lambeau to see the Packers numerous times and never saw a single incident of violence ever, and Wisconsin is easily the dunkest state in the union.

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