Titans, Chris Johnson still far apart

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Chris Johnson’s holdout doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt says the team and Johnson are so far apart in their expectations for a new deal that the team isn’t even going to bother making a concrete contract offer.

“We’ve discussed parameters. If we can’t agree on the parameters, there’s no sense making offers,” Reinfeldt said. “If your parameters are different . . . and if you are talking a different language then you are wasting your time. We’ve talked to his agent and will continue to talk to his agent.”

The Titans have said they’re willing to make Johnson the highest-paid running back in the NFL, but Johnson reportedly wants more than just that: He may want something more along the lines of the enormous contract that Larry Fitzgerand got from the Cardinals.

If Johnson is looking for that kind of offer, and if the Titans think the sides are so far apart that even making an offer would be wasting time, then it’s hard to see why Johnson’s holdout would end before the regular season begins. This could take a long time.

62 responses to “Titans, Chris Johnson still far apart

  1. He has less and less leverage as the days go by. Go ahead and sit out two years CJ, see how much you make. Titans should tell him to pound sand

  2. I fully understand a player and a running back to boot to make as much as he can and as fast as he can but the Titans cannot and should not tie up all their money on a running back. The Titans are not going to win the Super Bowl this year and probably will not even make the playoffs and by the time they are ready Johnson will not be the back he is today. The contract should be a good one but they should not put themselves out of business.

  3. You pay for the intangibles that Fitzgerald brings to the Cardinals…you cringe at the lack of leadership and selfishness of Johnson

  4. This is another case of NFL agents, nay, let’s call them lighthouses of morality and guidance, genuinely trying to do what’s in his client’s long term best interests.

  5. CJ, you’re a RB. Chances are you’ll be on the downside of your career in 3 yrs. QB’s and WR’s can last until their late 30’s nobody is giving a RB a $100 mill contract. Glad i drafted Ray Rice instead.

  6. You know, at this point the Titans might as well see what they can get in a trade for CJ. He’s clearly not worth what Fitz got.

  7. Ignore him and let him rack up the fines. He would be a cap hit (small one) but there is no reason to pay this guy like he wants. A better deal, yes; “history deal” no effin way

  8. Why in the world would the best running back in the league make less than below average and backup quarterbacks? He should holdout.

  9. Time to consider trading him. However, I don’t think there are any teams with the cap room at this point in the season. Johnson obviously is trying to set a precedent that is outside the guidelines for the running back position. The league office and other GMs are surely not in favor of that. Let him destroy his career sitting for the next few years.

  10. When CJ had 2500 yfs that was 53% of their offense. Fitz just got paid 15 mil a year and he is not 50% of the offense. Not saying he isn’t one of, if not the best, but if he gets that much per year why shouldn’t CJ. I think the Titans shot them selves in the foot waiting. Now CJ has more ammo.

  11. Make him honor his contract. This is the same guy who was tweeting from the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru last week. Swear to God! I say let him sit and pout. The Titans are light years from a Super Bowl don’t mortgage your future for a pouting player. I hope he doesn’t play this year at all. —yeah I know I’m kinda hating,but its how I feel. Sorry!

  12. All I know is Philly better sign Desean Jackson quick . The more players that get these crazy contracts , the more guys will start expecting them . Chris Johnson is a great RB but its a passing league now and making him the highest paid RB is more than fair . He dont return kicks , punts and hes only ok as a reciever . NO LEVERAGE .

  13. If you’re not in the same ballpark send him the ‘5 day’ letter. Give him five days to reconsider his position then move on if he decides he doesn’t want to play for the amount his contract specifies while negotiating in good faith.

    The guy is incredibly talented, but a RB has such a short shelf life I see no reason for the Titans to mortgage the franchise when they won’t sniff the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl, in either 2011 or 2012.

  14. Dude is so overrated. RB are not a focal point of the NFL anymore. Only franchises that want to stay losers wasting big time money on a guy like CJ or WR like Fitz.

  15. RBs are a dime a dozen. Javon Ringer is capable of 1200 yards and 8 TDs. Sure CJ has the big play ability, but it’s not enough to warrant $40M guaranteed from the RB position.

    Sorry, CJ this 2011…not 1991!

  16. The owners complianed about paying rookies too much and now they have a rookie wage scale so it’s time to start paying the veterans that outperformaed their contract. They can’t have it both ways. Chris Johnson, DeShean Jackson, and I’m guessing Ray rice is underpaid as well. (BTW 2008 was a pretty good draft minus vernon Gholston) Who are the titans paying anways? If they can use 12 million of the cap on Vince young, what is Johnson worth?

  17. No matter how we all feel, we know that that there is no possible way the Titans will succeed without Johnson.

  18. There is just no reason to pay a running back that much money. It is a throwing league, and there is always somebody available to run through the holes if the Oline can make them. Sucks for CJ, but it isn’t 1986 anymore.

  19. help me says: Aug 21, 2011 11:51 AM

    Running backs are a dime a dozen. One good year does not equal 13 million plus. Good for the Titans FO.
    The last 3 years: Johnson over 5600 yards and 38 TDs, rushing and receiving. Fitzgerald, 3600 yards and 31 TDs. PAY THE MAN!

  20. grs27 says: Aug 21, 2011 12:12 PM

    How many playoff wins or Super Bowls has CJ won for the Titans?
    He’s got the same amount of SB wins that Fitzgerald has.

  21. He had 86 more carries than Jamal Charles & 104 less yards. What would Charles #’s have been with 86 more carries?

    He did great with 2000 yds in 09, he had 880 more yds than Charles but 170 more carries & Charles only had 190 carries for 1120 yds. If he doubled his carries he would have had well more than 2000 yds possibly.

    Look at Arian Foster coming out of nowhere to put up monster #’s.

    There are just too many good RB’s to get high $.

  22. shouldbworking says: “If they can use 12 million of the cap on Vince young, what is Johnson worth?” Not being a lame GM, I’d have to say that paying $12M for Vince Young probably shouldn’t be your benchmark.

  23. If I’m in the Titans FO, I’m making sure Javon Ringer explodes in preseason so CJ comes crawling back.

    And if you’re worrying about where he goes in your draft, take him anywhere after 5, but grab Ringer 2-3 rounds later. I’m 100% drafting him if drops to the 8-12 area. Risky, but also a diabolical move if you grab another reliable back the 2nd round, two WR’s 3-4, and Ringer in 5th.

  24. Fitzgerald > CJ

    It’s not even close. Fitz had Skeletor, Max Hall and Derek Anderson throwing to him last year… and he STILL gets 90 catches!

  25. Now you know greed is paramount when even being made the highest paid player at your position is not enough. Greedy turd

  26. Whatever they pay CJ, part of his compensation should include the insurance premium on the contract itself. CJ is not a big back, and defenses will be keying on any player who is 53% of the offense. It is not IF, but WHEN CJ suffers a serious injury or any injury that inhibits his play. The Titans and CJ knows this. RB are disposeable commodities once a good OL is established. Pay the linemen, not the RB.

  27. Let Javon Ringer start the year if he does well it will put pressure on CJ. They both havethe same size and speed,Javon just never seen the field now it’s his turn.

  28. No one told this guy to become a RB.. Everyone knows RBs dont earn the money of a WR or CB..

    He is fast but.. Look who he racked up big yards on in 2009.. The Chiefs very bad team.. and a few other down teams.. Last year he quit on the team towards the end of the year..I say we let him sit..

    I feel like a RB needs to get what they can.. but really they all have about 5 years.. And we are near that now.. The Titans are rebuilding with a new coach. Last thing this coaching staff needs is a turd holding the team back.. If the Titans would have been smart they could have picked up a RB in FA
    but now there is none out there… 8-8 maybe this year

  29. The only RB worth big money is Peterson. Unlike Johnson he doesn’t need a good O-Line to put up great stats. Any other decent back could put up good numbers in Tennessee, without asking for 10+ mil per year.

  30. headhoncho32 says:Aug 21, 2011 12:47 PM

    No matter how we all feel, we know that that there is no possible way the Titans will succeed without Johnson.


    They aren’t succeeding with him either so what’s the point?

  31. help me says:
    Aug 21, 2011 11:51 AM
    Running backs are a dime a dozen. One good year does not equal 13 million plus. Good for the Titans FO.
    one good year? the guy averages 300 touches a year, has rushed for over 1000 all 3 years, and had the 2000 yd season. he is also a good receiver out of the back field. watch football before you make dumba$$ remarks.

  32. I think if he wouldn’t take 7-8 mil a year over about over 3-4 years. I would trade him, if that’s possible and let someone else fight with him. Call the Raiders and trade for D-mack or the jets and get LT and a pick. Hell call Cincinnati and trade him for Carson! One whiner for the other!

  33. I would luv to see Tennessee pay him what he THINKS he’s worth! What’s their record with him as their RB?

    Without CJ
    2008 13-3

    With CJ
    2009: 8-8
    2010: 6-10

    Um…tell us again why you deserve to be paid so well? Your total yardage went down, the team has gone backwards both years you have been there & now you want to further cripple the organization financially for individual benefit! Keep that holdout going CJ…YOU
    ARE Definitely WORTH IT!!!

  34. This is the problem with the current NFL FA structure esp. re: RBs: An RB’s career value goes down very fast. After they have proven themselves in their first or second seasons, these RBs should be allowed to get paid what they are worth. The current system denies them that.

  35. Everyone knows that RB’s usually slow quickly & typically don’t last long enough to get paid the big bucks by the NFL. However, they do get all the name recognition immidiately so they get the advertising endorsement money that compensates for that. They get the fame & money in a shorter career which means less long term risks. He has nothing to complain about.

  36. Lose the braids. Maybe go with the ‘fro. Y’know? Dr. J? Braids are so 2010.

    And just sit. Try and hold ’em hostage. That’ll work.

    Any chance that you realize last year was a one shot deal and are afraid you’ve already topped out?

  37. Fitz has proved year in and year out he can produce, one good year and one decent year doesn’t prove anything, especially Fitzgerald money. I hope the Titans tell him to go kick rocks and come out next year and draft a running back in round one or two and lower his leverage even more. Greed also kills the cat.

  38. Lets see…. No Payton Manning, No Chris Johnson…

    Could it be…. will the Jaguars and Texans be fighting for the AFC South this year? Talk about a messed up strike year.

  39. Hey I was on here a week ago taking up for him. But if they extend there hand out to make him the highest paid RB and he sh*ts in his nest. Let the idiot sit, trade something. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

  40. DeAngelo Williams just signed a 5yr $43 million contract with $21 million guaranteed. Now I like Williams. I think he’s a pretty good back but he is no where near the calibar of a Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, or Arian Foster. All three of those backs perform at a high level. Don’t split carries with another back and are durable. Larry Fitzgerald’s deal was for 8 years $120 million with $50 million gauranteed. Obviously CJ is not expecting a deal the same length as that but I said in a previous post before the Fitzgerald deal came out that he was probably looking for a deal in the neighborhood of 4-5 years at $50 – $60 million with $25 – $35 million guaranteed. Then DeAngelo signed his contract and Larry his and I knew that is about where it should be.

    Also the notion that CJ only had “one good year” is made by those who know nothing about football. I’ve posted numerous times that CJ had one “HISTORIC” year rushing for over 2000 yds and breaking the record for most yards from scrimmage and 2 good to great years. Even last year his sopposed down year playing as the lone offensive focal point for the Titans (who had a laughable passing game) CJ rushed for 1364 yds (4th in league), carried 316 times (6th in league), had 13 carries that went for 20 or more yards (2nd in league) and scored 11 rushing tds (6th in league).

    My very last point to make. This rediculous notion that because CJ hasn’t lead his team to the playoff or Super Bowl he doesn’t deserve a large contract can also apply to Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald. Larry wasn’t the player that “Lead” the Cards to a super bowl that honor goes to Kurt Warner. This is obvious because as soon as Kurt retired the Cards where out of the playoffs and terrible again. Larry was still great but the Cards sucked. Same with Peterson who required one of Brett Favre’s greatest season in his career in order to get anywhere in the playoffs.

  41. Of course CJ is not going to make anything like Fitz’s contract, and never would have. But if the NFL’s FA rules were structured differently, he would not have to wait until after his 4th year, when RB’s value have pretty much gone. When CJ hit 1,400 and 2000 yards in his first two years he should have been able to cash in. That is obvious.

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